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business owners quarterly and discuss challenges and suggestions for moving our businesses forward. Knowledge is a crucial tool for success, and it’s something you have to constantly seek out as a business owner. 4. POWER OF COACHING I’ve had a business coach since 2012 who works with me to achieve my goals. Perhaps most importantly, they hold me accountable. It started when I was creating our Access Plan. I needed someone to turn to, and after trying a few avenues, I reached out to a friend who referred me to his coach. Working with a coach gave me a map to achieve what I was setting out to do. He helped us build many of the systems we have in place today. A “solo-preneur” can achieve a lot, but it’s really tough unless you have other people helping you. 5. POWER OF EXECUTION The main problem most business owners face is a failure to implement. We know what needs to get done, but we just don’t do it, usually because there are so many other little tasks that need to get done. The antidote is to take massive action . That’s my mantra this year. It’s also the opposite of what we’re generally taught to do. We’re often taught to take small steps to achieve a big goal. You can do that, but the going will be slow. Since it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed, narrow your focus. Pick three goals to focus on, and take massive action to reach them. Every night, I write down my three goals and plug them into my tasks for the following day. For example, I was having trouble getting some of the audio recordings done for our podcast. I needed space at home to work on them. So, I set that as a goal. In January, I called a contractor and had them start the following week. They quickly converted our bathroom into a studio office. This is something I’d talked about doing forever, and until I made it a priority and took massive action, it didn’t happen. Now, I have a comfortable space at home — essentially a replica of my office — where I can focus and work. I hope you find these superpowers helpful; they’ve been crucial in my journey as a business owner. Let me know what you think, and until next time, –Scott


While building my business, I noticed five powerful factors have been key to getting Reib Law where it is today. I like to think of them as the superpowers that have allowed us to achieve some level of sustainable success. Implementing and utilizing each power has been crucial for overcoming challenges and continuing to move our business forward, so I want to share them with you. 1. POWER OF SYSTEMS Having systems in place allowed me to recover from a huge setback in 2014. I lost my entire staff, and the company whittled down to just me. Four years later, we doubled our revenue, and this was only possible because of our systems. From logging calls to software and communication with our Access clients, everything either has a system in place or has one getting established. If a challenge comes up, we create a system to manage it. They’re a series of parts that work together to solve a problem. 2. POWER OF STRUCTURE Having the right legal structure in place has allowed my business to survive. In writing, we have the right business entity with all of our preferred providers and what they’re supposed to do, which has been essential for protecting us and creating a secure foundation from which we operate. 3. POWER OF KNOWLEDGE Every month, I read at least two books related to business. I listen to podcasts daily, and I attend conferences quarterly. Why? Learning from others is essential for my growth and my business’s growth. No one can develop if they remain stationary. I also joined a mastermind group to get together with other

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