2019 January CityScape

streetcar has had a positive impact on downtown investment decisions and will continue to do so in the future,” Williams added. “Businesses and developers see the short- and long-term benefits of being located in close proximity to this incredible downtown asset. Tracking that investment over time will be a valuable tool for future development.” Streetcar safety tips While downtown drivers and pedestrians have already interacted with the streetcars thanks to many hours of safety training and testing, there are some safety considerations to take into account when traveling near the route. The following tips were compiled by EMBARK and used here with permission to help ensure that Oklahoma City is streetcar safe. • Be prepared to stop. Streetcars travel at or below the posted speed limits and make frequent stops. • Be aware of your surroundings. Streetcars are extremely quiet and there are no fences or barriers that separate you and the streetcar. • Listen for warnings. Streetcars use bells and warning horns to alert you of their presence. • Don’t dart in front of a streetcar. They can’t make abrupt stops or move off the tracks to avoid obstacles. A streetcar traveling at 20 miles per hour takes almost 60 feet to stop. • Follow your own traffic signals. Streetcars have their own traffic signals that are not intended for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians. EMBARK also created a set of safety reminders for motorists, since streetcars run along a designated path that impacts parking and driving downtown.

• Don’t overtake and/or pass any streetcar, even if it isn’t moving.

• Park your entire vehicle within the white lines to avoid bumps, scrapes or damage to your mirrors.

• Watch for approaching streetcars before turning.

• Look before you open your car door to see if a streetcar or cyclist is approaching. • Never stop, idle or park your vehicle in the streetcar’s path or in bike lanes. This applies to all vehicles, including delivery and service vehicles.

Read the full list of safety tips, including specific guidance for pedestrians and cyclists, at www.okcstreetcar.com/safety.


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