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Providing quality education within its community is a long standing commitment for any Hiranandani township. Hiranandani Schools have carved a niche for themselves and in doing so, have guided scores of students into the world of academia and achievement.

• To develop children as a whole, encouraging verbal skills and fostering service to the community and aim at their overall holistic development. • To develop the child in an orderly manner through stages of development, occurring in a predictable sequential fashion according to his or her physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth • To provide experiences in dramatic play, maths, art, science, music, language, pre-reading and pre-writing skills for the holistic development of the child • To enhance the verbal skills through group discussions and through one-on-one conversations between the teacher and the child and amongst the children in order to develop interest and critical-thinking skills necessary for further learning Our Aspirations

The schools, an initiative by The Hiranandani Group is an institution by itself. Currently located in the cities of Mumbai and Thane, they have been an epitome of quality education amongst its peers. Introducing Schools at Hiranandani At the same time, Hiranandani Schools have always valued its commitment towards the community, thus carving a niche for itself and setting a new benchmark, ultimately striving to achieve the highest echelons of success.

Hiranandani Schools are a pillar to the future of the community. Here the future are dened by the students who; ‘is a learner and thrives within our culture to become an achiever’.

At Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel a Daycare and Activity Centre, a Pre-school and the Hiranandani Trust School (HTS) will form the core schooling for the children. Hiranandani Trust Panvel

Through the Daycare centre and the Pre-school, we aim at nurturing the babies with utmost love and care and also providing them with a conducive environment for holistic development of the children by tapping their innate potential in a child friendly environment. Kidz Care Kastle - Daycare At Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, we work to bring this culture and ethos through play, under the aegis of Hiramont. Our students, from across their studying years shall hone their skills, through our motto, “ Catch Young Whet Curiosity Through Play ”, thus enabling them a secured future. We believe that the best way to make children a lifelong learner is to develop curiosity in them at a very young age. Hiramont - Preschool Hiranandani Trust School , Panvel (HTS) The school will be led by a group of experienced teaching and professional sta operating under the aegis of Hiranandani Trust. The school will be designed for the students from the Play group, the Nursery, the Jr. KG, the Sr. KG to the higher schooling. The school will Commence with the Pre-School and Grade 1 from June 2019 onwards. It will follow the ICSE curriculum that aims at holistic development of the children.

• To evolve an egocentric child into a socio centric human being

• To emphasize on play, thought and activity that will create interest in children and thus the curiosity to learn

Pre-school education aims to encourage children upto 5 year olds to learn, play and develop. It builds on the learning that takes place in a child's home and also prepares the child for Primary school.

HTS: Proposed Methodology

Multiple Intelligence

Basis of the Curriculum

Sensory Education

Enquiry Based Learning

In order to achieve the above objectives we have designed a curriculum based on the following principles ensuring and focusing on play way method of teaching and using KWL chart which will help in organizing new information and connecting new learning to prior knowledge in order to make learning fun lled and interesting, thus, promoting holistic development amongst the children….

Curriculum Basis

Learning By Doing

Play Based Learning

Project Based Learning

Child Centric

Yoga Based Learning

In pursuing these aspirations, the major task and calling of the teacher is to nurture the self-esteem of each child. Through this our students will develop a strong sense of self-worth and will be transformed into a complete person who is ready to tackle any future learning activity.

Kidz Care Kastle - Day Care Centre

At Hiranandani Fortune City, Panvel, we shall soon be starting our very own Daycare centre named Kidz Care Kastle.

Play Way Method Of Teaching

Daycare centre, popularly known as a day nursery, or crèche is an institution that provides supervision and care of infants and young children during the daytime, particularly so that their parents can hold jobs. Daycare teachers develop lesson plans that include a variety of activities revolving around a theme, whether it be numbers, food, animals, the alphabet or any other idea that encourages academic development. At Panvel, the Daycare Lesson Plan will also include, learning through play, organizing activities related to academics and extra curricular activities.

Play-way method of teaching is a means of the subjective and emotional development of the child, that is, development in terms of intellect, skills and feelings. Play-way method is structured on activity-based learning. It encourages creative skills and self-expression. Playing is the predominant factor in this method.

Enquiry Based Learning and the KWL Chart

The chart is a comprehension strategy used to activate background knowledge prior to reading and is completely student centred. The teacher divides a piece of chart paper into three columns. The rst column, 'K', is for what the students already know about a topic. This step is to be completed before the reading. The next column, 'W', is for students to list what they want to learn about the topic during the reading. The third column, 'L', is for what the students learned from the reading. This step, of course, is done after nishing the reading. The KWL chart can also be used in reading instruction at the beginning of a new unit.

Our Day Care Phi losophy

• The early childhood sta at the centre is committed to a life-long learning.

• Sta members will be encouraged to be active leaders in the eld through continuous training.

Here is what the KWL chart can look like:

• A value-centred curriculum will be followed.

• Family is respected as the most important teacher in a child’s life; therefore, communication, cooperation with families and meeting children’s individual needs will be of utmost importance. • The early childhood sta at the centre will serve as an integral part of each child’s family by recognizing the need for nurturing and respecting children’s own level of development. • Playing outdoor every day in the fresh air and encouraging the children to respect nature will be a mandatory activity. This will promote adventurous and imaginative play.


What we know What we want to know

What we learned

• Evolution occurs very slowly, taking thousands or in extreme cases, hundreds of thousands of years • Yes, humans have greatly aected the process of evolution

• Are humans inuencing the process of evolution?

• Charles Darwin developed the theory

of Evolution and natural selection

• How long does evolution take?

• Organisms come from a common ancestor • Fossils are a part of Evolution • An adaptation or variation in organisms can help them survive and reproduce in the struggle of survival

• How can the evolution of one species aect the evolution of another? • Can humans evolve into a new, separate species?

Daycare Services

• Prompt Medical Assistance and care will be extended towards the children as and when required. • Meals will be cooked and served hygienically. The menu for each day will be planned considering the nutritive value of the food served , also ensuring wholesome food is oered hygienically. • A rich play area with the best layout and furnishings is of utmost importance for us, ensuring a wide variety of materials used in all our indoor and outdoor areas. The area will be safe and challenging, arousing curiosity and creativity amongst the children. • A weekly programme will be planned for dierent activities. A dance teacher, a music teacher and an artist will be conducting classes at the centre alternately for the children. • The children who will be spending long hours at the centre will be encouraged to complete their homework at the centre itself. Activities And Routines At Daycare • We will have xed timings for the activities. • No child will be forced to participate, but we do encourage the children to try out new things. The child has the liberty to leave the group at any point of time for a specic activity. • We organize games and activities that stimulate them to learn actively and work out solutions for themselves, thus, strengthening their motivation, self-condence and independence. • Depending on the age of the child, we will organise trips, drama and dance lessons, musical activities or yoga sessions. • Routine provides structure to the day and gives the children a sense of security. Starting the day together with a game, a story or a discussion, washing hands and singing a song together, eating, and a set pattern to saying hello and goodbye; are all routines that form a part of each day.

The Management

Ms. Rupa Choudhury

PRINCIPAL Hiranandani Trust School Panvel


Ms. Rupa Choudhury is the Principal of Hiranandani Trust School, Panvel, Navi Mumbai. She has over 25 years of experience in the eld of education.

She started her career as the Vice Principal and the In-charge Principal for Mansura Public School, Hyderabad. Under her leadership the total strength of the school increased greatly, across all the various standards. She shifted to Mumbai, joining Bunt Sangha’s S. M. Shetty High School, Powai. There, she was the rst teacher of a newly set up school but soon she was appointed as the In-charge Principal and Secondary Supervisor within a span of a single year. Later, she joined Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane and soon she was promoted as the Pre-Primary Supervisor. She was responsible for setting up & implementing the entire curriculum and activities for the Pre-Primary section of the Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane. Also, the subject; Psychology was introduced in the ISC section of Hiranandani Foundation School, Thane under the guidance of Ms. Choudhury. Since the rst batch of Psychology in the ISC section of Hiranandani Foundation School, the students were taught and trained by Ms. Choudhury and have come out with ying colours in the XII Board Exam under her guidance.

The number of students who have opted for the subject Psychology in the ISC section as an optional subject, has increased from 6 to 50 students within a span of 4 years since the rst batch.

Ms. Choudhury was appointed as an External examiner for the Board paper corrections. She has also been conducting Viva, as an external examiner for the XII Board Examination.





Hiranandani Fortune City, Bhokharpada, Taluka - Panvel, District - Raigad, NH-4, Maharashtra - 410206.

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