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AICC Recyclers To Ride (CONT’D FROM PAGE 12)

The AICC Recyclers group launched before Covid with just a handful of people and grew to the point that there were not enough bikes to rent for everybody and they needed several vans to get them to their starting points. But Young always “works his magic” with the bike shops so that everything works out, Ockerlund said.

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While the group shrunk during Covid, it has since bounced back. “Part of that is due to some of the folks coming from Canada. The Canadians tend to be avid cyclists. When we get the Canadians involved, you tend to get a bigger group,” Ockerlund said. “It’s fun having them.” Joshua Tree National Park will be the setting for the AICC Recyclers’ next adventure. The 2024 Spring Excur- sion takes place on the Saturday before the AICC Spring Meeting April 8-10 in Palm Desert, California. At Joshua Tree National Park, April 2022, from left, are Jim Silianoff, Arden Software; Bob Schuelke, Viking Paper; Diane Winchell, Viking Paper; Eric Paradis, Cascades; Steve Young, AICC; Guy Ockerlund, OxBox; and Guy Roy, Cascades. Not pictured: Aleks Zlatic, eProductivity Software (ePS); and Mike Williams, ePS.

The AICC Recyclers on a ride in Miami, Florida.

The particular area where they will ride is high desert, which is windier and 10 to 12 degrees cooler than low des- ert, at around 3,500 feet in elevation with long stretches of gradual descent and ascent. There is not a lot to block the wind, which is challenging, but Young said it is a beautiful ride, and there will be two: a 35-miler and a 60-miler de- pending on one’s abilities.



February 12, 2024

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