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collection systems along with their high maintenance costs. These savings are delivered year-over-year, and in some markets, may qualify the end user for utility rebates. “NFPA compliance for combustible dust continues to be an important part of plant safety, and we’ve helped many customers navigate the complex process of identi- fying and mitigating their risks in this area. AES makes this process easier by applying our decades of experience and deep resources to deploy efficient dust management solu- tions. We pride ourselves in designing creative and eco- nomical solutions to help customers achieve compliance while staying on budget. “AES invested in hiring and training in 2023, and we were fortunate to be able to add a number of talented in- dividuals in both the project and service teams. The addi- tional staff allow us to renew our focus on providing single source solutions for our customers’ conveyance needs,

designers. The AirShark’s technology and versatility is well suited to many new and novel applications, such as right- sized packaging on demand. It has truly become our flag- ship product and we have some exciting developments in the works designed to make it even more cost effective to use and maintain. “Two areas of great importance to our customers are energy efficiency and sustainability. We’ve been able to help on both fronts with our Fresh Air Intake systems, an auxiliary component that can be integrated into most pneumatic conveyance systems. Fresh air systems serve to mitigate negative pressure conditions in the plant. The benefits are two-fold and ongoing: Utility savings by elimi- nating the loss of conditioned air in the plant, and reduced capital equipment costs by eliminating the need for dust

from turnkey scrap conveyance and bal- ing systems through after sale service and support. We are thankful for the trust placed in us by our customers and look for- ward to continued service to the industry.“ Visit ARC INTERNATIONAL Charlotte, North Carolina: Barry King re- ports, “As ARC International has entered

Two brand leaders, C&M Conveyor + Ohio Blowpipe, have come together to deliver the most dependable, comprehensive customer-engineered solutions in material and scrap handling.

its 40th year of ser- vicing the corrugated industry, it continues to be on the cutting edge of engraving technology, with both laser and mechanical engraving. While ef-

Barry King

ficient ink application with laser engraved anilox rollers on converting equipment is always important, the same applies to starch application on the corrugator. “The attention to efficient starch ap- plication on single facer and double glue unit applicator rollers is very critical. This is especially the case on E-flute, F-flute and other micro-flute applications. To help in achieving the precise application, ARC International introduced their Starch Sav- er line of hexagonal tooling with thinner cell walls and less depth than convention- al quadrangular tooling. These engraving tools, the SS100, SS200 and SS300, are becoming more popular in the corrugated industry. “On quadrangular tools, there are four walls that intersect at the ‘post’ area. As a result, as the roller wears, this post enlarg- es, and no starch is transferred in this area.

Innoveyance is your one-stop- shop for all material handling, from corrugated roll handling, to scrap handling, to shipping.

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February 12, 2024

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