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“To achieve this ambitious goal, 4evergreen has devel- oped guidelines designed to assist the packaging indus- try in adopting more efficient and eco-friendly recycling methods. These guidelines set the bar for assessing the recyclability of packaging materials, fostering a more transparent and effective industry practice. “A recognized player in this movement is Baumer hhs, a founding member of 4evergreen. As a leading force in the packaging industry, Baumer hhs demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and environmental aware- ness through its active participation in the initiative. The company leverages its extensive expertise and experi- ence to support and realize the objectives of 4evergreen, showcasing a model of industry leadership in sustainable practices. “Watch this concise video for a quick overview of 4ev- ergreen's objectives and journey, offering valuable in- sights into our mission and goals: . “Discover the latest advancements in sorting and recy- cling technologies, including innovations in barrier layer recycling, through this brief video featuring the 4ever- green innovation workstreams: . “Thomas Walther, responsible for Strategy & Innova- tion at Baumer hhs, also co-leads with Lars Axrup from Stora Enso the 4evergreen Innovation workstream, driving forward these critical environmental initiatives. “Baumer hhs is an adhesive dispensing and verifica- tion equipment manufacturer and solution provider for the folding carton, corrugated, print finishing, end of line and tobacco industries.” Visit . COPAR SOLUTIONS Burbank, Illinois: Jim Burrows reports, “We have carried a very strong backlog for the past two years and I’m very

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pleased to announce the trend con- tinues as we enter 2024. Our corru- gating and converting systems re- main the mainstay of our business, with wet-end controls being the cor- nerstone. “We have dedicated a substan- tial amount of time to improve and

Jim Burrows

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expand our corrugator process control system. Many systems today are at best open-loop and at worst, ‘best- guess’ systems. With such high employee turnover at many plants, it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep fully trained crews on board. ‘Hand-me-down’ knowledge is not what it used to be as senior operators, who may have only a few months of experience themselves, often end up being responsible for training new hires. “Even the best trained, most experienced employees like to modify process settings to their personal prefer- ence, especially after shift change. Adjustments are made

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February 12, 2024

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