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with the intention of improving product quality or increas- ing production speed. Lack of experience, however, often leads to unexpected results and substandard board to be manufactured. On the other hand, failing to adjust process values when required can lead to unexpected waste. “SyncMaster AI, our most recent innovation, resolves the issues associated with open-loop process controls by ‘closing the loop’. SyncMaster AI retains all the features and capabilities of the SyncMaster system, but now imple- ments artificial intelligence in real-time, greatly reducing the need for operator intervention. Process variations are anticipated ahead of time, allowing for faster, automatic corrections. “By utilizing machine learning, the system remem- bers the values necessary to produce high-quality board. Speed changes, changes in paper temperature, changes in paper moisture, roll splices, and width changes are all considered. SyncMaster AI understands what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and how everything downstream will be impacted. Precision adjustments are carried out automatically, improving product quality while reducing waste and increasing throughput. “SyncMaster AI supports optional features such as 3D facial recognition, which ensures only authorized employ- ees can make manual adjustments, perform calibrations, or make configuration changes, which are recorded for accountability purposes. “The system enables a means for open communication between plant operators and maintenance, and our engi- neering and technical departments directly via the HMI. Employees on the plant floor can create a list of need- ed parts, request an estimate, and place orders with the proper plant approval. We can troubleshoot operational problems remotely and often resolve them quickly without the need for a plant visit. “Copar Electric, our electrical installation division, en- joyed a successful 2023 as well. They saw an expansion in crew size which helped to not only keep up with our rigorous installation schedule, but also supported an in- creased demand for other installation services. The divi- sion has also expanded its fleet of trucks and trailers, al- lowing us to deliver complete systems when the installers arrive. “Copar Electric installs and upgrades virtually every component of a corrugator including drives, preheaters, splicers, and singlefacers, all the way through the dry end. They provide electrical installation services for full corru- gator and converting lines and can address almost any electrical need a plant may have. “That’s just a peek at what has been happening at Co- parSolutions in 2023. We’ve had a successful year, and I’d be remised if didn’t take a moment to thank our customers and partners who made it possible.” Visit .


Advantzware provides a comprehensive system to address the business management needs of the independent box business, as well as the ERP requirements of full scale pack- aging plants and integrated companies. With modules for estimating, scheduling, production, inventory and account- ing, this scalable system supports companies that produce corrugated boxes, folding cartons, point of purchase dis- plays, assembled partitions, and paperboard products. AIR CONVEYING CORPORATION Air Conveying Corporation is a leader in the industry of Pneumatic Conveying Systems and has been in business since 1968. As an equipment manufacturer rather than sim- ply a sales organization, we have complete control over the quality of material and products which make up your pro- posed system. Our equipment is found in printing, folding carton and corrugated plants throughout the world. We've been designing, manufacturing and engineering pneumatic conveying systems since 1984. We partner with our customers to ensure they operate efficiently and guar- antee our systems meet or exceed their specifications. ASDI specializes in full pull-through systems trim separators, and NFPA compliant systems with full electronic controls. AMTECH SOFTWARE AIR SYSTEMS DESIGN, INC. Amtech offers the industry’s most innovative and com- prehensive corrugated and packaging ERP, integrated scheduling software, and engineered automation technol- ogy. For over 30 years, Amtech has kept our customers competitive in an ever-changing economy with customer digital storefronts and workflows, business intelligence, automated scheduling for corrugators, converting and shipping, proactive roll stock and inventory management. APEX INTERNATIONAL World’s largest Anilox and Glue & Metering roll manufac- turer, providing the widest selection of corrugated engrav- ings and complementary services. Anilox engraving options available from our North American manufacturing facility include elongated 75°, 60°, 45°, plus Apex’s patented GTT technology. Glue rolls are produced with Hardened Stain- less Steel and a max TIR of 10 µ for Single, Double Facers.


Albany International has a corrugator belt for every appli- cation. Our reputation for durable performance is the trade- mark of the most dependable belts in service today.



February 12, 2024

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