The Fundamentals (1910), Vol.1

122 Appendix. The following works also, although they are not exactly along the line of the Higher Criticism, are most valuable and suggestive: SAPHIR. “Christ and the Scriptures.” (Revell.) A little book, but a multum in parvo. To my mind for its size the best thing ever written on the subject

“The Divine Unity of Scripture.” (Revell.) A great book. Full of well cooked meat. Most scholarly, deeply spiritual, always suggestive. “Many Infallible Proofs.” (Revell.) Earnest, full, illustrative; most helpful “The Inspiration and Accuracy of the Holy Scriptures.” (Marshall Bros.) Excellent and scholarly. “The Ages before Moses.” (Oliphant’s, Edin­ burgh.) A most valuable and suggestive work. Especially useful to young ministers. “The Mosaic Era.” (Randolph, New York.) Spiritual and suggestive also.






A scholarly friend suggests also the following : Rev. Thos. Whitelaw, M. A., D. D., LL. D., on “The Old Testa­ ment Problem.” _ , , „ Tames W. Thurtle, LL. D., D. D., on “Old Testament Problems. C H. Rouse, M. A., LL. B., D. D., on “Old Testament Criticism in New Testament Light. Rev. Hugh M’Intosh, M. A , on “Is Christ Infallible and The Bible True?"

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