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A Killer Idea-Starter for Your Content

Create Content Targeted at Your Audience With Help From AnswerThePublic We’ve all heard it over and over and over again: Content is king. While there’s no denying the truth of that statement, it’s equally true to say that not all content is created equal. You could create all the content in the world — articles, videos, podcasts, etc. — but it’s useless if nobody wants to engage with it. How do you know if the content you’re producing is relevant to your audience? AnswerThePublic, a revolutionary keyword tool for SEO, can be a huge help. In the past, you probably relied on keywords to generate topic ideas. While that’s not a bad starting point, very few people input a string of keywords when they use a search engine. AnswerThePublic lets you know what people are actually searching for. When you input a term into AnswerThePublic, it will generate web-like visualizations of the most common searches based on three categories: questions, prepositions, and comparisons. Basically, it aggregates Google autocomplete responses in a matter of seconds. To help illustrate how AnswerThePublic works, let’s use the example of searching for “newsletters,” something near and dear to our hearts. The web-like "questions" category is divided by terms like “how,” “are,” can,” and “why.” Around

those major terms you’ll find results like “How do newsletters make money,” “Why send newsletters,” and “Are newsletters worth it?” The same goes for the other two webs. These are phrases that are searched the most frequently, giving you direct access to the most-sought-after content topics. Using these results, you can reverse engineer content tailored precisely to what people are searching. Instead of titling your article “The Value of Newsletters,” you can opt for “Why Newsletters Are Worth It.” The importance of landing on the first page of Google is paramount, and tailoring your content to common search queries is the best way to do that. Of course, your content still has to be killer, but AnswerThePublic will help you ensure that killer content doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Content marketing is a great way to catch the attention of your desired audience. AnswerThePublic helps laser- focus your content marketing based on reams of data and millions of searches. And it’s totally free! If you’re not using AnswerThePublic, it’s time to start. You’ll be shocked at how quickly it starts reaping benefits for your SEO, and the increase in engagement with your audience will be well- worth the extra effort.



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