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from house to house. I have to say, I’m a big fan of the vehicle. It was custom-built by Easy Go, and it’s jacked up off the ground with big, all-terrain tires. It also sports a silver top with a nice radio system. With this ride, the kids can’t complain about their feet getting tired, and we have a lot more room for treats. Needless to say, they love it. Last year, we looked like some kind of budget crime- fighting team, with each of them dressed up as superheroes and our huge golf cart zooming around. Halloween’s a big deal in our neighborhood. Everybody goes all-out, turning their yards into spooky cemeteries and haunting displays that put the kids on edge as they walk to the front door. Hordes of kids migrate from house to house demanding candy — though they won’t get much from us, as we’re all out on the town ourselves. Our kids usually collect quite a haul, and they collapse on the carpet at the end of the night to swap their goodies. The weekend before the big night, we’re usually out at Southern Belle Farm exploring their extravagant Halloween setup. We’ll find a couple pumpkins and carve them with the kids, take a fun hayride around the property, or watch the pig races. They’ve even got this big corncob gun that launches the cobs hundreds of feet into the air. I’m not sure which event gets my kids more excited: the gun or the corn kernel pit, which is just like it sounds — a ball pit but with dried corn instead.

“Last year, we looked like some kind of budget crime-fighting team, with each of them dressed up as superheroes and our huge golf cart zooming around.”

Every Halloween, you can find my wife, my three young kids, and me decked out in costumes, cruising around the neighborhood while we gather as much loot as our kids can carry. For a long time, our big Bernese mountain dog would accompany us on the journey, but not as a freeloader. No, we’d hook him up to a cart and have him pull it around, with our 2-year-old snuggled inside a nest of pillows and blankets. He never whined about his job as the Halloween pack mule, always eager to join the hustle and bustle that permeates our neighborhood on the holiday. If he had it his way, he’d still be dragging the little one around, but the past couple years, we’ve had to leave him at home despite his protests. That’s because these days, we’re traveling the night in style. For the past couple years, we’ve tricked out our six-seater golf cart, covering it with orange lights, jack-o’- lanterns, and cobwebs, and used it to zoom

contagious. And, of course, there’s the benefit of sneaking a few pieces of candy from the kids here and there. With as much as they get, they’re not going to miss a Reese’s or two.

The kids always look forward to the Halloween season, and I have to say their spirit is

—Bryce Angell

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