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Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

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The original thanksgiving celebration was held by the Pilgrim settlers in Massachusetts during their second winter in America in December, 1621. The first winter had killed 44 of the original 102 colonists. At one point their daily food ration was down to five kernels of corn apiece, but then an unexpected trading vessel arrived, swapping them beaver pelts for grain, providing for their severe need. The next summer ’ s crop brought hope, and Governor William Bradford decreed that December 13, 1621, be set aside as a day of feasting and prayer to show the gratitude of the colonists that they were still alive.

These Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom and opportunity in America, gave thanks to God for His provision for them in helping them find 20 acres of cleared land, for the fact that there were no hostile Native Americans in that area, for their newfound religious freedom, and for God ’ s provision of an interpreter to the Native Americans in Squanto. Along with the feasting and games involving the colonists and more than 80 Native Americans (who added to the feast by bringing wild turkeys and venison), prayers, sermons, and songs of praise were important in the celebration. Three days were spent in feasting and prayer. From that time forward, Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a day to give thanks to God for His gracious and sufficient provision. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln officially set aside the last Thursday of November “ as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father. ” In 1941, Congress ruled that after 1941, the fourth Thursday of November be observed as Thanksgiving Day and be a legal holiday. Scripturally, we find things related to the issue of thanksgiving nearly from cover to cover. Individuals offered up sacrifices out of gratitude in the book of Genesis. The Israelites sang a song of thanksgiving as they were delivered from Pharaoh ’ s army after the crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 15). Later, the Mosaic Law set aside three times each year when the Israelites were to gather together. All three of these times Unleavened Bread (also called the Feast of the Passover) (Exodus 12:15 - 20), Harvest or Pentecost (Leviticus 23:15 - 21), and the Feast of Ingathering or Tabernacles (Leviticus 23:33 - 36)] involved remembering God ’ s provision and grace. Harvest and Tabernacles took place specifically in relation to God ’ s provision in the harvest of various fruit trees and crops. The book of Psalms is packed full of songs of thanksgiving, both for God ’ s grace to the Israelite people as a whole through His mighty deeds, as well as for His individual graces to each of us. In the New Testament, there are repeated admonitions to give thanks to God. Thanksgiving is to always be a part of our prayers. Some of the most remembered passages on the giving of thanks are the following: "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thessalonians 5:16 - 18). "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God"(Philippians4:6).

"Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men" (1 Timothy 2:1).

Of all of God ’ s gifts, the greatest one He has given is the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. On the cross of Calvary, Jesus paid our sin debt, so a holy and just Judge could forgive us our sins and give us eternal life as a free gift. This gift is available to those who will call on Christ to save them from their sin in simple but sincere faith (John 3:16; Romans 3:19 - 26; Romans 6:23; Romans 10:13; Ephesians 2:8 - 10). For this gift of His Son, the gift which meets our greatest need, the Apostle Paul says, "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" (2 Corinthians 9:15). We, like the Pilgrims, have a choice. In life there will always be those things that we can complain about (the Pilgrims had lost many loved ones), but there will also be much to be thankful for. As our society becomes increasingly secular, the actual “ giving of thanks to God ” during our annual Thanksgiving holiday is being overlooked, leaving only the feasting. May God grant that He may find us grateful every day for all of His gifts, spiritual and material. God is good, and every good gift comes from Him (James 1:17). For those who know Christ, God also works everything together for good, even events we would not necessarily consider good (Romans 8:28 - 30). May He find us to be His grateful children.

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

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Message from the State Deputy

Knights of the Eucharist!

So Much Good News!

State Deputy Ray Prom


State Deputy Ray Prom Council 1307 Astoria

I wanted to share with you some of the really good things that have happened this past month. Most exciting for me is the recognition of a new Council, Council 18062 which is in Sandy, Oregon. This has been the result of the fruits of all the hard work of Tom Burns, DD02, and Mike Hanley, our Special Olympics Chairmen, and the East Multnomah Council 3179 in Gresham. They have been working for more than a year for this and it is finally paying off. The new Council will be centrally located at St. Michael ’ s in Sandy and also draw members from St. Aloysius in Estacada and St. John in Welches. All three parishes are served by Fr. Greg Bronsema, who has been extremely helpful in asking men to join the new Council. This has been a special bonus for East Multnomah Council 3179, as they had formed a new roundtable at St. Michael ’ s and brought interested men into their Council at St. Henry ’ s (Gresham), until there were enough men to form their own Council in Sandy. This has enabled Council 3179 to easily reach their membership quota this year and last year. It also enabled District 02 to lead all Oregon Districts in recruitment this past Fraternal Year. Thank you all involved for the many hours you put into this project. I wanted to share some other good news. For the past year or more, your State Council has looked at ways to get information out to all the many Councils in Oregon and in turn to get out your information about projects and activities available to everyone. We were also looking for ways to get Knights of Columbus information out to the general public and to get information from both of the Oregon dioceses to our membership and the public. We have been working many hours with a Catholic website company with Oregon connections to do all this. The new website has been specially put together for ease in navigation and will have links for many of the sites we want access to. We are almost ready for the big gala launch—which will probably be later this month. We want every Council to brag about what they are doing and let everyone know abut the work of the Oregon Knights of Columbus. At this time, I would like to thank Dan Ramirez for all his work over the years for our current Uknight website. Dan has done a great job for many years on this website, and will be working with us as an advisor for the new one also. We are also looking for a couple of Brothers who would like to help with the administration of this new site. As we get ready for Thanksgiving, I want to express my thanks to all the members of the Oregon State Council, including State Officers, Directors and Chairmen, and District Deputies for all their hard work and dedication to Oregon Knights of Columbus. Most, if not all Brother Knights have given a considerable portion of their lifetimes to the Knights. I also want to thank all the Grand Knights and Council Officers, Directors and Chairmen of the Councils for the work they do in keeping their Councils active and vibrant as well as for serving so many of the unfortunate in their communities. Without the Knights of Columbus, this world would be a much darker place.

State Chaplain Fr. Theo Lange Council 15595 Mt. Angel Abbey Imm. Past SD/ Charities President Ron Boyce Council 3591 Tigard State Secretary Kenneth J Anderson Council 15605 Tigard

State Treasurer Robert Adams Council 15640 North Bend State Advocate William Geary Council 8129 Dallas State Warden David Judy Council 14802 Beaverton

Executive Secretary Patrick J. Rice Council 6602 Newberg

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Vol. 119 No. 5 Page 3 Lastly, I want to congratulate all of you for your efforts so far this year in helping to drive membership for Oregon. We are well ahead of last year at this time, but we are not yet where we want to be. We do so much good in this world and we get so much out of it. Think of what more we could do if each of us asked another man to join the Knights. November 2022

With that, I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a Blessed upcoming Advent season.

Vivat Jesus!

………………. — Because— ........................ If not us, then who?

Ray Prom, State Deputy Oregon Knights of Columbus C: 503 - 440 - 2382

4th Degree Exemplification

A 4th Degree Exemplification at Holy Trinity in Bandon on October 22nd with 8 new Sir Knights.

November 2022 State

Vol. 119 No. 5

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By Fr. Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P. Director of Chaplains and Spiritual Development

On the Church ’ s calendar, the month of November is traditionally a time to reflect on the four last things and to pray for our beloved dead. Since 2021, we also celebrate World Youth Day in November, on the feast of Christ the King. What to make of the sober realities of death, judgment, heaven and hell, paired with the exuberance of joyful youth? Even in practicing Catholic circles, the Church ’ s rich teachings on death, judgment, the afterlife and the mystery of the “ exchange of spiritual goods ” ( Catechism of the Catholic Church , 955 ) between those who have died and those still on their way to eternity are increasingly unknown. More and more, Catholics face a secular pressure to obliviate the funeral rites. “ It ’ s too much [emotional toll, financial cost, time] to have both a wake and the Church ’ s rites ” is an often - heard refrain. Now is a good time to catechize our Brother Knights and their families on the beauty and importance of all the Church ’ s teachings on death, including the respect due to the body and the need for a proper burial. We can encourage them to make known to their families their desire for a Catholic funeral Mass and Christian burial of their remains and to make cemetery plans. At the same time, how often do our Brother Knights lament the lack of practice of the faith by their own children as well as grandchildren? The Church ’ s celebration of World Youth Day on November 20th provides an opportunity to reflect on the eternal youth of the Church and our Lord ’ s invitation to every generation to follow him. As Pope Francis writes in Christus Vivit , “ However far you may wander, he is always there, the Risen One. He calls you and he waits for you to return to him and start over again. When you feel you are growing old out of sorrow, resentment or fear, doubt or failure, he will always be there to restore your strength and your hope ”. As parishes and dioceses around the globe prepare to send young adults to next summer ’ s international World Youth Day celebration in Lisbon, Portugal, let us urge our Brother Knights to support them through prayers, fundraising, and invitations to young adults from our families and parishes to participate, either in Portugal or at a local diocesan gathering. Our Brother Knights are called to pass on a rich heritage to their children and grandchildren — the timeless and life - giving teachings of our faith. In Christus Vivit , Pope Francis cautions the Church against the temptation of “ thinking she is young because she accepts everything the world offers her, thinking that she is renewed because she sets her message aside and acts like everybody else ”. “ No! The Church is young when she is herself, ” the Holy Father continues, “ when she receives ever anew the strength born of God ’ s word, the Eucharist, and the daily presence of Christ and the power of his Spirit in our lives. The Church is young when she shows herself capable of constantly returning to her source. ” May we instill in our Brother Knights the truth of our faith ’ s teachings and inspire them to continue to share these riches with others.

Vivat Jesus!

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

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Each month, Archbishop William Lori – Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus – selects a brief passage from the Gospel reading of one of the Sunday Masses of the month.

Archbishop Lori shares a brief reflection on the passage and issues all of us a challenge for us men to live for the month.

Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori

The next month, men undertaking the challenge as a group gather and share their experiences living the challenge.

The Supreme Chaplain ’ s Monthly Challenge is ideally done during monthly Knights of Columbus meetings, but can be done in a separate group or individually.

By taking up the Supreme Chaplain ’ s Monthly Challenge, men take direct, concrete action to grow in their faith and help their brothers do so as well . THIS MONTH'S CHALLENGE NOVEMBER 2022 “ By your perseverance you will secure your lives. ” (Gospel for Nov. 13, Lk 21:19) In this Gospel reading, Jesus speaks about the trials and persecution believers will face. We may suffer for our belief in Christ, but we will be saved if we persevere. Suffering is an inevitable part of the human condition. We see it in the faces of the poor, the afflicted and those in need all around us. May we seek to remain faithful to Christ, whatever suffering we encounter in life and may we seek to alleviate the suffering of others. Challenge by Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori: This month, I challenge you to fast (defined as eating no more than one full meal and two smaller meals that don ’ t equal a full meal) one day a week and offer up this sacrifice to grow in perseverance. Second, I challenge you to help with the Food for Families or Coats for Kids Faith in Action program. Questions for Reflection: Do you suffer well? How do you act and treat others when you are suffering? Have you ever met someone who had suffered greatly and been inspired by how they handled it?

Food For Thought

Disciplinary Suffering: God chastens believers in order to mature them. Examples can be found in such places as the Wisdom Literature, the Prophets, and the New Testament. The Scriptures are clear that discipline comes from God, who loves us and is like an honorable father who corrects us to mature and save us from the harm that sin causes. While this kind of suffering is not pleasant at the time, we later see the effects of God ’ s work and thank him for continually working for our growth in holi- ness and fruitfulness. Empathetic Suffering: This is the suffering that comes when someone we love is hurting. The Bible says this will be common in the church because when people we love suffer, we suffer as well. Consequential Suffering: Sometimes we suffer because of foolish decisions. We see examples of this throughout Proverbs: the lazy become hungry, adulterers reap what they sow, fools suffer harm, and poor financial stewards are impoverished. Practically, much of life ’ s suffering is consequential, resulting from our decisions.

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022 Sta

Page 6

State Advocate Report

My Brother Knights,

Safe Environment (S/E) It appears that several Councils have now been acknowledged by Supreme, to be compliant with the S/E program. My thanks, to all of the Brothers who have taken the time to do their duty and see the course through, to completion. Over the next few weeks, we will address the Councils still remaining on Supreme ’ s

State Advocate William Geary

non - compliant status list.

Ceremonials To steal a phrase from our October newsletter, great strides toward our supreme goal, for new membership, were made during the month of October. Our State Deputy and Membership Director will elaborate in their articles the great progress that has been achieved. It has been a wonderful experience to participate and continue toward our membership goal as are all the members of the state team. Let ’ s keep up that work. Vocations Another well attended seminarian appreciation BBQ at Mt. Angel was hosted by the Oregon Council. On hand were several past and present state deputies and others from our Knights ’ family. Led by our organizer, Past State Deputy Pat and his wife Cindy Rice, were PSD Ron Boyce, PSD Sid Theil, current State Deputy Ray Prom, Joe Schaecher Vice Supreme Master and myself as State Advocate. VSM Joe Schaecher was on hand, not only to assist with the festivities: he also presented a gift check to Monsignor Betschart on behalf of our late Brother Tom Gilsdorf. Brother Tom passed recently due to cancer. All the seminarians we had the opportunity to speak with have nothing but admiration and thanks, most gracious, to send on to all of Oregon ’ s Knights. Thank you to all our Brothers for your very generous work on behalf of seminarian support. State Advocate Duties The holiday season is now upon us. With that beginning, we also begin the count down, approximately six months to our next annual convention. We will convene in Hermiston the weekend of April 21st through the 23rd. Our State Deputy has approved the members of our resolutions committee and permission to proceed was received on October 20 th . Therefore, the window of opportunity, for resolutions, is now open, until the closing on March 1 st , 2023. No resolution received after March 1 st , 2023, will be considered. Your District deputies and Council Officers should have received emails announcing this beginning. Please, submit all resolutions in the following manner. Resolutions for State Officer positions and resolutions for the additions, changes and deletion of state by - laws must be submitted in triplicate. One copy each signed by the Councils Grand Knight and financial secretary, with the official seal of the Council on each document. It must state clearly, the purpose of the resolution and be sent via US mail to the State ’ s Deputy, Secretary and State Advocate. A prima facie (first copy) may be emailed to the State Advocate in advance for preliminary consideration by the resolutions committee and our advisor. If your Council is considering multiple resolutions, each must be submitted separately and will be so numbered individually, for consideration of submission.

At this time, allow me to wish all of our Knights and families a bountiful and joyous Thanksgiving and if you ’ re traveling over the holidays, the safest of journeys.


William E Geary William E Geary State Advocate C: (971) 998 - 5233

November 2022 State

Vol. 119 No. 5

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Fr. McGivney Guild Report


Two years ago on October 31, 2020 Father Michael Joseph McGivney was beatified by Pope Francis.

Charles Northup Fr. McGivney Guild

On August 13th we celebrated Blessed Father McGivney's second ever Feast Day with public Rosaries. We have a recording on our State Council ’ s YouTube page of the Rosary we prayed at St Philip Catholic Church in Dallas.

As we enter November and as Thanksgiving approaches, I reflect on what I am most thankful for in my life:

 I am thankful for God and his blessings in my life.

 I am thankful for my wonderful wife and my son.

 I am also thankful for our Blessed Father Michael McGivney. Because Father McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus I have brothers I can rely on, not just in my parish but around the world. Because of Father McGivney I also have a great life insurance policy that will provide for my family if I'm no longer around to do so. Father McGivney lived an inspiring life of service that we should all do our best to emulate. This coming holiday season, live out his plan for us by helping those in your community in need. Pray for orphans and widows especially those left behind by the devastating violence in Ukraine. Pray for Father McGivney ’ s intercession daily if you can.

Vivat Jesus,

Charles C Northup Oregon State McGivney Guild Chairman PH: 503 - 983 - 4120

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 8

Dear Grand Knights & Members: Tis ’ the Season to Respond!!

As Knights we know promotion of the Message of Christmas starts at home, but we can ’ t stop there! As Knights we are called to evangelize that message in whatever creative way we can in our Parish and throughout the community. I know several Councils are doing great activities with use of religious cards, yard Signs, and 4’ x 8’ signs along their Parish and Catholic School areas. I have contacts for this type of KCIC items. But have we thought of the thousands of citizens commuting to work, errands or other events that daily travel the highways?. This State Activity is not a budgeted item. It depends on your contribution. It has existed in Oregon for almost fifty years, but only about one - fourth of the Councils have been loyal supporters for this activity. The Nativity scene of Joseph, Mary, and the Christ Child may only be seen a few times by the commuting public, but it may be that quick reminder for a person or maybe the phrase that initiates discussion among a carload of passengers. The message could be the means that creates interest for a person to start inquiring about being a Christian? It maybe the interest to inquire about this group called Knights. According to the billboard company statistics, the billboard locations we have used during November and December provide nearly three million “ viewing impressions. ” BUT this activity needs your assistance . The usual range of Council contributions has been $300 to $600. Let ’ s express unity and sponsor 2 - 3 billboards this year. Cost per billboard is $1300 - 1500 per month. Christianity in general is being challenged today! Let ’ s respond!! And evangelize the true message!

Call me with any questions— 541 - 519 - 6606. Please mail your Commitment & check to KCIC Billboards, State Secretary Kenneth Anderson, 11863 SW Greenburg Road, Apt. 8, Tigard, OR 97223.

Fraternally yours, Francis Francis Mohr, Chairman, Keep Christ in Christmas Program

***************************** COMMITMENT NOTICE *****************************

Council Name: _____________________________ No. ____________ Date: ____________

Enclosed is: ___________________________ OR we pledge $ ___________________

Officer ’ s Name: _______________________________ Position: _________________________

MAIL TO: State Sec. Ken Anderson, 11863 SW Greenburg Rd., Apt. 8, Tigard, OR 97223

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

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Family Director Report

Hello, Brothers.

Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving will soon be here. It is time to plan and implement your Keep Christ in Christmas program. Keep Christ in Christ is a broad array of activities, so every Council should be able to do something to promote the proper spirit of the season.

Joseph Keller Family Director

The Keep Christ in Christ Poster Contest involves youth ages 5 to 14 to use their creativity to express their faith. Poster contest kits should be ordered immediately if not already on hand. Check the Faith in

Action program resources on the Supreme web site for much more information.

Journey to the Inn or La Posada is an Advent celebration that reenacts the search of Mary and Joseph for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The celebrations are popular in Hispanic communities, and program booklets can be purchased in both English and Spanish. Working together, a multicultural event can be created for everyone to participate with prayers, readings and songs. Other Keep Christ in Christmas programs include lighting and blessing a Christmas tree, blessing a creche, caroling together as a community, helping spruce up the parish grounds or decorate the church, a food or clothing drive or serving some snacks and refreshments for a parish social. Encourage your members to display Keep Christ in Christmas yards signs. Yard signs can be ordered from the following site: . Also, have your Council consider contributing to the state Keep Christ in Christmas billboard fund our worthy PSD Francis Mohr promotes. Send KCIC billboard donations to the State Secretary Ken Anderson noted for billboards. Thank you to the Councils that are selecting Families of the Month and special thanks to those who are reporting to Supreme using the 10784 online report. Family of the Month is an easy program any Council can do. So, by using the 10784 online reporting, Supreme obtains valuable program information to help focus their efforts where Councils can benefit the most.

I also appreciate the Councils that send me their

monthly Family Activity reports. Keep up the good


Vivat Jesus

Joseph Keller Family Director Oregon State Council C: 503 - 702 - 9657

Brothers a message from our Worthy State Deputy

For all those who say "We Can't" - Ukraine currently leads the entire Order of the Knights of Columbus, at 67% of their yearly membership goal. Oregon, while we are doing very well, sits at just over 30% of our goal. The Knights of Columbus is really something special. Let's not keep it to ourselves. If they can do it, in the middle of a war, there are no excuses !

Ray Prom State Deputy Oregon Knights of Columbus

Be Bold, Be Catholic, Be a Knight!

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

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Life Program Report

November 8th is an important day for life in Oregon. The outcome of this particular election is critical to the thousands of children who are losing their life every day in Oregon by abortion.

I want to send a special “ thank - you ” to our State Deputy Ray Prom for sending out the timely reminder to all Knights in Oregon of the importance of voting for pro - life candidates.

Eric Walter Life Director

With our current state administration, it was predicted we would see an increase in abortions in Oregon following the over - turning of Roe - v - Wade. Tragically, this prediction has become reality. The current reports indicate there has been an 18% increase in abortions in Oregon since the over - turning of Roe - v - Wade, many of which are coming from out - of - state. Planned Parenthood has reported, since June 2022, that they have provided abortions to mothers from California, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Following the overturning of Roe - v - Wade and new state laws restricting abortion, many states throughout the nation have witnessed a dramatic drop in abortion while our state is not only increasing in the number of abortions, but has become an abortion hub to the entire nation. Our state is welcoming all other states throughout the country to come to Oregon to murder their child. Our neighboring state of Idaho has seen a 48% drop in abortions. Planned Parenthood reported that the majority of out - of - state children they aborted are from Idaho since their 6 - week ban went into effect.

I would like to thank all the Knights in Oregon who have been leading various pro - life activities and working hard to change hearts leading up to this election. The most important thing we can do at this point in time is pray. With God, all is possible as we all have witnessed the over - turning of Roe - v - Wade. By the Grace of God, we could also see Oregon become a pro - life state. With God, all is possible. Please pray to our dear Lord Jesus for His Love and Mercy to be upon our country and particularly our state of Oregon. Please also pray to our Blessed Mother, Patroness of the Unborn. Prayer Changes Things. Prayer to Virgin of Guadalupe, Patroness of Unborn Children Virgin of Guadalupe, Patroness of unborn children, we implore your intercession for every child at risk of abortion. Help expectant parents to welcome from God the priceless gift of their child ’ s life. Console parents who have lost that gift through abortion, and lead them to forgiveness and healing through the Divine Mercy of your Son. Teach us to cherish and to care for family and friends until God calls them home. Help us never to see others as burdens. Guide our public officials to defend each and every human life through just laws. Inspire us all to bring our faith into public life, to speak for those who have no voice. We ask this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who is Love and Mercy itself. Amen.

Vivat Jesus

Eric Walter State Life Program Director Oregon Knights of Columbus C:541 - 554 - 2074

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 11

Current & Upcoming Life Events in Oregon: Special Olympics

Eric Walter Life Director

Various Dates in November 2022 The fall sports regional and state games competition schedule is in the hyperlink at the end of this paragraph*.

Please consider volunteering for Special Olympics in Oregon.

The athletes train and compete in bowling, soccer, swimming, and volleyball.

Many volunteers are still needed for November and training is available.

Volunteer registration link: - an - impact/volunteer/gameday - copy - 2/ *

March for Life is Saturday, January 28, 2023 Join thousands of Oregonians on January 28th, 2023 at the steps of the Oregon State Capitol for the first March for Life since the overturning of Roe - v - Wade. The band will begin playing at 2:15pm with speakers starting at 2:30pm. The Oregon March for Life will begin immediately following.

Please consider having your Council sponsor and coordinate a bus to transport folks to and from this event. Also, the State Life Director has reserved an “ Oregon Knights of Columbus Pro - life ” table.

Please contact me if you are interested in assisting at this table. March for Life link: https://

Vivat Jesus

Eric Walter State Life Program Director Oregon Knights of Columbus C:541 - 554 - 2074

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 12


It has taken a while for the Special Olympics to get up and running again post - Covid, but they are now hosting events and many activities all over the state. I am currently over in Europe with work but here is the link that we can use to register to volunteer for all of the different activities with the Special Olympics in Oregon: - an - impact/volunteer/gameday - copy - 2/

Thank you Vivat Jesus Mike Hanley Chairman, Special Olympics 503 310 2812

Our athletes train and compete in bowling, soccer, swimming and volleyball. The best Event Volunteers are ones who are enthusiastic, flexible and have a positive attitude! Your attitude enhances the athlete's experience and there is nothing more important.

You will also have FUN and be INSPIRED! Guaranteed! We provide training and support for your role at the event.

We look forward to seeing you as part of our team! Questions? Email

Council In Action 40 Days for Life

Teresita and Patrick Parson, Life Couple for Albany Council 1577, held a prayer vigil each week at Planned Parenthood on Wolverine Street in Salem from October 4 th through November 1 st (All Saints Day). During the October 11 th vigil they were quite privileged to meet Steve Karlen, National Campaign Director of the 40 Days for Life organization. According to the Oregon Health Authority, an average of over 8 unborn children each week in Marion and Polk counties are being sacrificed to abortion. We are aware of at least 1 saved child in Salem during the fall campaign, and believe there have been more. According to the 40 Days website, it is well known 261 lives have been saved worldwide since September 28 th .

Pictured are Patrick Parson, Steve Karlen (40 Days Campaign Director), and Teresita Parson

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 13

Worthy Financial Secretaries & Brothers,

Please pass the Green Sheet to all your Council member and Catholic Business owners who wish to have a tax write off.

The State Charities is a 501 - 3C Non - Profit and can give donation receipts to those who wish to have one. If you could also include this in your next Council dues notice either mailed or emailed.

To see more information, go to: - us.html

Vivat Jesus,

Ronald J Boyce Ronald J. Boyce, Immediate Past State Deputy & Charity President

FRATERNAL YEAR 2022 - 2023

Name: ________________________

Council Number: _____________________ CHARITABLE "GREEN SHEET"

Help for the unwed mothers ’ homes in Gresham, Medford, Bend, & Baker City.

Oregon Homes for Unwed Mothers


Support to help bring evangelization to the air waves

KBVM Mater Dei Radio


The Board can choose to add support to those that are now listed. support to those that are now listed.

General Fund


Support of Special Olympics Oregon

Special Olympics


This allows us to help fund ultrasounds machines in pregnancy centers.

Ultrasound Initiatives


This fund helps support needed Priests to become Chaplains in our armed forces.

Military Chaplain ’ s Scholarship


Support Portland and Baker Diocese Youth Programs

Diocesan Youth Programs


Assist Food Banks and Distribution Centers dur- ing natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Assistance


Assist Pre - Seminarian Program to help those who are entering the Seminary.

Pre - Seminarian Program




Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 14

Council In Action

Completion of St. James Pew Project Mollala Council 3509

The Knights recently completed a project refurbishing the pews in use, at St. James Church in Molalla, Oregon, since the parish opened in 1962. Over the 60 years, legs had loosened from the floor and some split creating a safety concern and need for repair. Faded seat backs, and chipped veneer needed repair and staining to restore appearance and extend life. Original quotes to rebuild the pews were over $90,000 and prompted consideration of new pews at a cost quoted at more than $120,000. Knights in conjunction with the local Furniture Doctor provided a repair and refurbish alternative resulting in a final cost under $8,500. The refurbishment project was started in April and finished before October 5 th . During the project the local Furniture Doctor worked on veneer, unique repairs and provided consultation for Knights to complete their refurbishment efforts. All screws securing the pews were replaced with a corrosion resistant alternative. Faded seat backs were completely sanded down and stained. All surfaces received multiple applications of a protective top coat sealer. As of the end of July this year, all legs were securely fastened, with the new screws, to the Church floor. The refurbishment began in July and was completed by October 5, 2022. With proper ongoing maintenance these pews will provide many years of worship service for our St. James Parish.

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 15

Council Exemplification Council 1748, St Joseph's, Salem recently completed a fall membership drive and Exemplification of Charity, Unity, & Fraternity.

Pictured are the exemplification team and 4 new members.

Council In Action Lebanon Life Chain

On October 2 nd four Knights from Lebanon Council 3184 and the Life Couple from Albany Council 1577 took to the sidewalk in front of St. Edward Church in Lebanon to participate in the Life Chain, joining eight other people in holding signs to help promote the protection of unborn children from abortion. Negative response from traffic was up considerably from any previous year, emphasizing the need to remind this world about the sacredness of human life.

Pictured are Knights Patrick Parson, Roger and Paul Nowak .

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 16

Remember—In Solidarity With Our Priests?

Some of our youngsters under the age of 60 may not remember when Supreme really pushed the Solidarity With Our Priests. It was and has always remained a viable means of all Brother Knights strongly supporting all our priests and especially those who are our pastors. Nothing has changed. Read on with the request made by our State Deputy Ray Prom:


There is a need growing in the Catholic Church and in our Parishes, and that is we all need to do a better job of caring for the well being of our Priests.

I for one can't even imagine how difficult of a job it must be given the current political climate we deal with day to day.

Brothers, we need to step up as leaders in our own parish, and show genuine appreciation for them, remember their job is to get our souls to heaven.

Let's give them the spiritual lift they deserve, with simple acts of kindness that go a long way.

When was the last time you put in a prayer request for him, or the soul of a priest who has passed away? I am sure they would like to think someone will remember them and say an occasional prayer.

When was the last time a group of Knights took the priest out to lunch or had a social meeting with him?

Do you thank him for his sermon? Let him know it was helpful and great information.

Very simple acts of charity go a long way.

Thanking God, that we have a priest to guide all of us.

Sent by Executive Secretary Patrick Rice on behalf of Ray Prom Oregon State Deputy

Council In Action Options Pregnancy Fundraising Banquet

Albany Council 1577 Grand Knight Al Correia and the Council Life Couple attended the Fall Banquet of the Options Pregnancy Care Centers on October 21 st at Calvary Corvallis Church. The Grand Knight presented a check of $707.49 to Karen Tameling, Options CEO.

Pictured are Teresita Parson, Options CEO Karen Tameling, Albany Grand Knight Al Correia and Patrick Parson .

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 17

Council In Action Hillsboro Council 1634

34 Knights and Family members volunteered at the St Matthew Fall Festival on October 15 - 16th

On the leadership teams, in the main kitchen, dining room, parish hall kitchen, and handling security, serving over 700 dinner meals, selling out breakfast burritos & flautas and selling about 9,000 basket tickets

Council In Action Council 15773 Florence

Council 15773 Knight Family Director Seth Loomis and Siuslaw Middle School Counselor Parma Roe shared a photo op today when Council 15773 delivered two dozen sweatshirts.

The hooded and lined sweatshirts were requested by the counselors in lieu of traditional jackets.

Sincere gratitude was given by them for our support. Several counselors said they have been asking for this type of garment and the timing could not have been better. Also, our sincere Thanks to all the Knights members who have been involved in our fundraising efforts.

Vivat Jesus.

Thomas Zahara, PGK

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 18

Council In Action Life Support in the Fourth Degree Story and photos by Joe Schaecher

Support for Medford's Pregnancy Center annual fundraising banquet has become an annual occurrence. Beth Sheets, the Pregnancy Center Executive Director called and asked if the Knights of Columbus would provide escort duty for the 250 expected to support this year's event? "Of course," was an easy answer. Very Reverend Francis W Black Assembly 905 also sponsors a $500 table for the event. This year ’ s keynote speaker was Diane Ferraro who is the Chief Executive Officer for Save the Storks ( She shared her story of HOPE, and how we can be a shining light in a dark world. Diane took the supporters along her personal life journey of adoption, losing her adopted mom when she was eight years old, infertility, being a foster and adoptive mom, becoming a widow at age 44, her boogie board accident at age 50 that almost made her a quadriplegic, and how, through all the trials and tribulations, God opened up a role for her to serve at Save the Storks. Then Angel Crumpton spoke her inspiring story. Beth Sheets said, “ You truly are an angel who is using your story, and your art of the hula dance, to inform and inspire others. ” Angel has transitioned from her native Hawaiian home to Grants Pass, a life changing event in itself.

Finally, a lady who was 12 weeks pregnant had an ultrasound performed while we all watched on the big screen. Wow, such an amazing event.

Beth Sheets

One of our Knights commented, "Supporting the Culture of Life is why I stay a Knight."

Blessings to all who support life in all stages from conception to nature death.

Angel Crumpton

Diane Ferraro

Angel Crumpton

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 19

Council In Action Knights Love a Purposeful Breakfast Photos and story by: VSM Joe Schaecher

When the Medford Knights prepare and serve breakfast at Sacred Heart Church in Medford they have a reason and purpose for being there.

On this October morning, Kathleen Wilson stands at the grill with Past Grand Knights Ramon Renteria and Dennis Kantor while serving French Toast, Pancakes or Biscuits and Gravy, with each entree receiving a healthy portion of diced ham and scramble eggs. Orange juice and coffee top off the menu items.

Kathleen Wilson is the Executive Director of Magdalene Home. Magdalene Home is the ONLY home of its kind in Southern Oregon and has dramatically improved the lives of over 500 young mothers and their babies since 2001. They provide a safe and nurturing home for homeless pregnant or parenting young mothers and their babies as they work toward a brighter future. Learn more or donate to Magdalene Home:

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 20

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 21

DD02 Districts 2 Report October 2022

District 2 is proud to report the birth of our brand - new Baby Council 18062 for the Men on the Mountain. We named her the Mt. Hood Council and she is going to serve the parishes of St. John of the Woods in Welshes, St. Michael the Archangel in Sandy and St. Aloysius in Estacada.


Tom Burns DD02

I believe the Veneta Council is harboring the New Council Buggy or perhaps it ’ s still hidden in the Chambers of

St. Rose waiting to present it at our next Annual Convention.

Congratulations to Chaplain Father Gregg Bronsema, who is transferring from our Lady of the Lake Council, to lead his new Council as Chaplain and our interim Grand Knight and District Deputy of the College Councils, Michael Hanley, along with Brother Craig Calvert, in their unswerving efforts to accomplish this. Kudos to all the men who worked so hard to make this happen especially the men of East Multnomah Council 3179 who spent the last year supporting and forming them. Grand Knight William Keller, along with other members of St. Therese Council 7828, will be meeting Father Tetsel of Sr. Rita ’ s Parish on Thursday Nov. 3 rd to discuss holding a Delta Drive with the intention of forming a Council in that parish. St. Therese will act as a receiving Council during the time these men are in formation. Grand Knight Kevin Seed will be inviting Father Patrick Neary of Holy Redeemer parish likewise, as Father has indicated he would entertain a Council. St. Rose will volunteer to receive the new men.

The parishioners at St. Henry ’ s seem to be back at full strength from my observation at last Sunday ’ s Mass. The time is ripe to do a Delta Drive there. I obtained the names and information from six of the seven men I approached.

I have not had the opportunity to visit Council 13700 St Joseph the Worker recently, but I do know they are fully focused on Recruitment.

I am waiting for a date from St. Rose for the next Exemplification which I hope to be able to announce soon.

Vivat Jesus

Tom Burns DD02 H:503 - 740 - 3711

Exemplification Of Sir Knights In Keizer

We had an exemplification of 12 Brothers as new Sir Knights on Saturday October 9th at St Edwards in Keizer.

Duane Morris Oregon District Master Archbishop Blanchet Province

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 22

DD12 District Deputy Report

Coos Council 1261 in Coos Bay/North Bend is getting ready for their annual Christmas basket program. They already secured several grants and are well on the way to provide food coupons, cans and vegetables to over 900 families. They also had an exemplification for one new Brother Knight.

Mike Hahn DD12

Joseph Sidle Council 5511 in Brookings : Having had a successful breakfast asked for by their Pastor and Council Chaplain Fr. Justus made an impact on the Brother Knights. 14 showed for their October meeting almost twice

the number they have had in previous meetings.

Our Lady of the Dunes Council 15773 in Florence has been very actively recruiting after every mass with the support of their Pastor. According to their GK Brian Girard this effort should bring fruit soon. They held their first monthly Bingo on October 7th. There were 30 Parishioners and residents of Florence attending. It was a successful evening. The proceeds were designated for the Coats for Kids Program to be distributed to Florence and Mapleton Schools.

Most Holy Trinity Council 17396 in Bandon : Instead of purchasing coats for kids jackets and/or hoodies, the superintendent after consultation asked if the Council could provide funds for their “ Angel Clothing Closets ”. She stated that the principals and teachers find that there are so many different needs and they do not want to highlight a uniform approach. Rather as they see a need, i.e., the student might need shoes or there is a need for pants, they take the student aside find out the size and wants and purchase it. Based on this the Council opted to support this along with the Rotary Club and provided $1,000.00 to their clothing closet. The superintendent on behalf of the three schools sent a very sincere thank you letter.

As was noted from the Florence notes, not all communities have the very same needs!

Council Family Director Seth Loomis and Siuslaw Middle School Counselor Parma Roe shared a photo op today when the Council delivered two dozen sweatshirts. The hooded and lined sweatshirts were requested by the counselors in lieu of traditional jackets. The school counselors were very appreciative.

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 23

Brother (Advocate) Ray Ahumada with his youngest. Our Chaplain Father Anthony is in center back It should be noted, this is the greatest number of children for religious education. In large part thanks to our Brother Kim Graves who brought a young family into RCIA.

On 28 and 29 October, Holy Trinity parish and the mission parish had a joint ministry fair. Our Pastor and Chaplain Father Anthony thought this was a good opportunity for the council to take part. As a matter of fact, Father recruited one candidate who unfortunately could not attend the exemplifica- tion the following week because of a funeral; however, one could and it should be noted, Father was instrumental convincing him as well. Even be- fore the exemplification, Brother Dan asked when he could join the 4 th degree. Brother Bill Phillips (pictured) has been busy recruiting several parish mem- bers. The letter pictured on the lower right is the letter of Thanks from the School Superintendent.

When an elderly parishioner required the use of a wheelchair due to a serious injury to her hip requiring surgery, Brothers Bill Phillips and Frank Roeder (right kneeling) built a ramp with materials donated by the Council

Brothers Bill Phillips (in back) Frank Roeder and Mark Lane serving some hungry youngsters.

GK Greg Daigre in back on left making sure everything is ok.

Vol. 119 No. 5

November 2022

Page 24

Membership Director Report

Worthy Brother Knights,

Please join me in congratulating Tom Burns DD2 and Michael Hanley GK/ DD27 for their work in establishing the Mount Hood Council 18062. The dedication they have shown to bring men into the order to get the Council start has been extraordinary.

Chris Cummings Membership Director

A special shout out to Fr Gregg Bronsema for his help in recruiting men in his parish to join the Council. The new Council endeavor could not have been achieved without his prayers, support and encouragement.

Lastly, thanks to all the men who joined the Mount Hood Council and the work they are going to be involved with in years to come. It is now up to the men of the Council to work together for the betterment of the Parish.

** Tom and Michael brought in 7 new members over the weekend to make this possible! Well Done!

More About Membership

Brothers— a big shout out to Lake Oswego for adding 2 new members and becoming our 3rd Council to be at goal for 22/23, WELL DONE! That should not take away from the great work of Portland Holy Family and County of Lincoln for adding 1 each as well. Well done to all those who are contributing to growing the Order in Oregon! Oregon added 4 new members for the week. We are currently ranked at 25 in the Order at 25% to goal. That's nice and all but the work is not done. Many Councils remain at "0" for the year. What can I do or what can the State Team do to help? Some of the Councils at zero are traditionally very strong in recruitment, Canby, Medford, Corvallis, Mt Angel, Sherwood, etc. The list is long. We need to get back to basics and invite men to join the order.

Newport 7246

BLESSEDMCGIVNEY is the code for free membership for 12 months PERSISTENCE PAYS - In today's reading at Mass we see you need to keep talking with your prospects, keep inviting them to events, keep asking them to lunch or coffee, Keep asking your Priest to allow Delta Drives! Don't give up! Eventually they will see through your Faith and Charity why KofC is the right place for Catholic men! A special thanks to Sid Theil and District 21 for inviting me to their District meeting. I enjoyed meeting with the District and spending some time with the Team. St Joseph - Pray for us. Blessed Michael McGivney - Pray for us Vivat Jesus

Chris Cummings Knights of Columbus Membership Director - Oregon 541.543.7596

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