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MAN’S INSTINCTS ON IMMORTALITY ......... 3 Lloyd T. Anderson THE BELIEVER’S RESURRECTED BODY ........ 5 Lloyd T. Anderson PANEL DISCUSSIONS.............. 9 PARABLES AND PEARLS . . . .15

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ON THIS MONTH'S COVER The Biola Collegians, more recently called “The Other Side,” will represent the school this summer a t various camp and conference ministries and in local churches. Directed by Prof. Loren Wiebe of Biola’s music faculty, their presentation is of special interest to youth, and the message is pertinent to all ages. Copies of the itinerary are available from the music department at Biola. Second Class postage paid in La Mirada, Calif. Printed in U.S.A. by Church Press. Glendale, Calif. Address: Biola Broadcaster. 13800 Biola Ave.* La Mirada, California 90638.

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MAN’S INSTINCTS ON IMMORTALITY b y U o y d T . A n d e r s o n

I N t h e W o r d o p G o d we find many- wonderful prophetic truths con­ cerning the closing age of the New Testament Church. As an example, Paul had to write to the Thessalonian believers who were greatly troubled about their loved ones who, although they had believed in Christ, they had experienced physical death. In I Thessalonians 4:13-18 we have this wonderful treatise on the rapture of the saints. I would urge you to study this portion very carefully, and com­ mit it to memory as you seek to help others in our own day and age. We need to keep in mind that man is a trinity just as God is a Trinity. We are made in the moral image of the Lord. We have body, soul and spirit. This is what Paul means in I Thessalonians 5:23, written under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. While the spirit gives man his God- consciousness, the soul gives him self- consciousness and the body world­ consciousness. While body is the out­ ward man, the spirit and soul togeth­ er constitute the inward man. The spirit is the seat of the intellectual being which is a distinct entity. The soul is the seat of man’s emotional nature including will, personality, and ego. These two, spirit and soul, are never separated even though man is a trinity. Scripture alone distin­ guishes them. Man was characteristically, in his initial creation, the perfect manifes­ tation of innocence. In the first and second chapters of Genesis we see that he was perfect in intelligence.

He gave names to all the beasts of the field. He was placed in the best earthly environment possible, a repli­ ca of the paradise of God. He was the ruler over all the things of the earth. Adam found superb satisfac­ tion in Eve, the helpmeet whom God gave him. In his spiritual life, he was in touch with the Lord. Having said all of this, it is quite evident that man is not what he once was. Because of his sin, iniquity has passed on to his posterity so that every human being born into this world has been born in a condition of sin (Rom. 5:12, 19). The wages of sin is death. Now comes the question, “Can we really believe in life after death?” Wherever man has appeared, instinc­ tively there has been the idea of a longer span of life than that which is between the cradle and the grave. “If in this life only,” Paul says in I Corinthians 15:19, “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.” The true believer in Jesus Christ has the hope of a future life in glory. The only Book that tells us what we can know of the future is the Bible. When this life is over, there is some­ thing that follows! For the one who has placed his faith and trust in Christ, he can say, “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens” (II Cor. 5:1). The unbeliever, however, must face 3

the certain judgment of God, and condemnation to eternal death. How interesting that the immortal soul of saint and savage alike has voiced the hope in life beyond the grave. Egypt, the classroom of the early world’s arts and sciences, had a strong belief in the certainty of im­ mortality. I’ve witnessed that first­ hand. Their view was erroneous, but it was there nonetheless. Very often the coffin was referred to as “the chest of the living.’’ You see, God intuitively places in every human breast a belief in immortality. Athe­ ism has to be taught to a man. It isn’t natural for him to believe it. Death does not interrupt life at all, not even for one moment. Only the place of living and the form of life are changed. Through thousands of years of human history man has looked upon immortality as a reality. To be sure, he may not have had the right idea, but it has been there nonetheless. Without question it is now apparent that belief in the future state was derived from a revelation made to our first parents Adam and Eve by their Creator. It doubtless travelled from tribe to tribe and from people to people down through the ages. It was planted within man by God who has no beginning and no end.

The tree of liberty won’t stand any grafting. Children may tear up a house, but they'll never break up a home.

YOUR FATHER KNOWETH Precious thought, my Father knoweth, In His love I rest; For whate’er my Father doeth, Must be always best, Well I know the heart that planneth Nought but good for me; Joy and sorrow interwoven . . . Love in all I see. Precious thought, my Father knoweth, Careth for His child; Bids me nestle closer to Him, When the storm beats wild. Though my earthly hopes are shattered And the teardrops fall. Yet He is Himself my solace, Yea, my “all in all!” Sweet to tell Him, all He knoweth, Roll on Him the care, Cast upon Himself the burden That I cannot bear; Then, without a care oppressing. Simply to lie still. Giving thanks to Him for all things, Since it is His will. Oh, to trust Him, then, more fully! Just to simply move In the conscious, calm enjoyment Of the Father's love; Knowing that life’s checkered path­ way Leadeth to His rest; Satisfied the way He taketh, Must be always best. One becomes a Christian not by trying but simply by trusting. No man ever got lost on the straight and narrow road.

Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Hooker have been associated with Biola for more than UO years. They attended the farewell re­ ception held recently in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Al Sanders, at which time this photo was taken.



b y L lo y d T . A n d e r s o n

Keep this in mind that the Chris­ tian doctrine of the resurrection is that not only do the soul and the spirit live after death, but also that the body will one day rise up and rejoin both soul and spirit. Basical­ ly, this is the supreme difference be­ tween Christianity and all of the oth­ er religions and philosophical ideas of past, present, and future ages to come. After death, this body of mine will be preserved by the power of God. One day it will be gathered and made into a new body. I t will not be a vapory, intangible, ghost-like sub­ stance, but rather a body that can feel and be felt, a body that can see and be seen, a body as real, as active, and as substantial as the body in which I am now residing. This res­ urrection takes place at the coming of Jesus Christ for His saints (I Thess. 4:13-18). This clones the age of the New Testament Church. Jesus Christ said, “I am the res­ urrection and the life.” The redemp­ tion of the believer’s body was pur­ chased by His own death on the cross. We are then raised in His likeness to His throne, and will ap­ pear when He comes again in the first phase of the Second Coming. This is not in any sense speculation on the character of the resurrection body. It is a simple presentation of the teaching of the Bible. While the Bible teaches us that there is a nat­ ural body and a spiritual body, that does not mean that the natural body is real, tangible and substantial while the spiritual body is not. 5


I N t h e w o n d e r f u l teachings of the Word of God, we find tremendous insight into the future, especially concerning life after death. The glo­ rious truth of the resurrection of the believer, whether living or dead, should thrill all of our hearts in eager anticipation. Certainly t h e coming of the Lord should mean a great deal to the wonderful army of God’s people, especially those whose bodies sleep in the dust of the earth, although their spirits and souls are now with Christ in Heaven. Some of these faithful were martyred while others died a natural death. All of us have loved ones who are among the millions of Christian people who are physically dead. If Christ comes in our life time, we who are believers will not die physically. We shall be changed from mortals into immortals. In a moment we shall be caught up alive, without dying, to find ourselves standing before the Son of God. But, what about us if, as believers, we die before He comes for us in the Rapture? What about the born-again saint whose body now lies in the dust of the earth? True believers believe that the soul lives on after death. Redeemed souls are in Heaven with Christ. But there should be more than that. Even Plato and Socrates believed that the soul lived after death in conscious joy or misery de­ pending upon how the person lived during his life. This is not the res­ urrection of the dead.

unto His glorious body. There is the same vital connection between the body that is buried and the body that is resurrected. It is like the seed planted in the ground and the flower that springs forth from it (I Cor, 15:54). It was the body of Jesus Christ that was raised from the dead. It wasn’t a case of the spirit’s being raised and clothed with a new body. It was the same body that died and was buried. The actual literal body of Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. The new body will far sur­ pass the old body. When we place a shriveled seed in the ground, what do we receive in return but a full grown head of wheat or a beautiful flower, far su­ perior than the mere grain placed in the ground. When an individual dies, it is sometimes very pitiful be­ cause, through illness, the body wastes away until there is hardly anything left. Death is an awesome thing! I Corinthians 15:42 reminds us that when a believer dies, he is literally sown in corruption but raised in incorruption. It’s a fact that this present body is like a shriv­ eled grain of seed. It’s decaying all the time we draw a breath of life. As we get older, we only find more pain and distress. We have wrinkles in our faces that weren’t there years ago. Everyone goes through the same experience. This is a body of “dis­ honor,” for it is often the home of a loathsome disease. It is a body of weakness so that it finally dies. But, praise the Lord, the body of the believer is raised in incorruption. No decay will ever touch that resurrect­ ed form. It is raised in power so that no weariness will ever be known by the Christian in his new body of everlasting youth. This is based upon the teachings of the Word of God, not the vain vagaries of philosophies of men. Yes, we have a glorious hope of the future to which we can look forward in joyful expectancy and anticipation.

Charles Elliott, for 40 years presi­ dent of Harvard University, a dis­ tinguished scholar and chemist, was asked whether in his long life of 90 years he had ever gained knowledge of the nature of matter. He replied, “Nothing!” Science may be able to tell you how many atoms there are in the various things that make up a brick, but to know exactly what it is, even the scientist knows no more than the brick-layer himself. He may be able to reduce the brick to parti­ cles of atoms and electrons. The se­ cret of it all is with the Lord (Phil. 3:21). Here we find clearly that the Christian is going to have a body like Christ’s resurrected and glori­ fied body. This was a real substan­ tial body. He was seen in it; He spoke through it; He actually ate food before His disciples. He wasn’t a ghost but true flesh and bone. So, we shall be like Him as well (I John 3:2). The resurrection body of the be­ liever in Christ is intimately related to this present body. This body of human weakness will be made like

God changes people, not things.

A farewell program and reception was held recently in honor of Mr. A l Sand­ ers and family. Greeting Mr. Sanders and his wife, Margaret, are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welsh. Mr. Welsh is a member of the Biola Board of Directors. 6


to our former state and condition as was Adam before he fell. This is be­ cause of Christ’s complete and sacri­ ficial atonement on Calvary's cross. God is going to do exactly what He promised when He said He would raise up the body in the last day. When that will be we do not know, but we know it is assured. We talk about the resurrection of Christ to be followed by the believer one day when living and dead alike will be resurrected to meet the Lord in the air. Scripture employs the word resur­ rection with considerable frequency. The word is always used in the sense of bringing back to activity a body which was once dead. The whole chapter of I Corinthians 15 is the full discussion of God's revelation concerning the resurrection of the body of the believer. The soul or spirit does not go down into the grave. The soul and spirit of the Christian at death go to be with Christ which is far better than liv­ ing here on earth. As only the body is put into the grave, nothing but

T h e r e i s n o more interesting or important study for the believer in Jesus Christ than the resurrec­ tion of the dead. It is a wonderful truth which should cause every be­ liever to rejoice that he has salva­ tion in the Lord. Of course, all men die, no matter whether they be Chris­ tians or not. The real problem starts when a man dies. Where does he go? What happens to him ? Too often people try to answer these questions without any real authority. They merely reach into their own minds, trying to. figure out with the finite that which is infinite. In the Bible we have a singular revelation of what happens after physical death. The Bible teaches that believers, as well as unbeliev­ ers, are going one day to be resur­ rected, even though their resurrec­ tion will take place at different times. First of all, there is the believers’ resurrection. Then, there is at least a seven-year period after which time the believer, who has previously been resurrected to be with Christ, will come back with the Saviour to the earth again in what is known as the second phase of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Lord will then set up His kingdom rule in this world. This is the course of Biblical proph­ ecy in this particular aspect. We will not go beyond this in our present study. There are several reasons why there must be a resurrection. God honors the body of the believer. He places a great premium upon our physical frames. The resurrection of the body, and its continuance in eter­ nity forever, is the only logical and sensible conclusion of human life. Man is, as far as is known, the last, the highest, the richest, and the rip­ est fruit of God’s cosmic effort and creation. After man’s sin, God at the cost of the virgin birth of His only begotten Son made it possible in the course of time for us to be restored

In a recent chapel service Biola stu­ dents had the opportunity to hear Miss Eugenia Price, speaker and author of numerous books. She was introduced to the students by Mrs. Mollie McCall, left, president of the Biola Women’s Auxiliary. 7

son. At 3:00 one morning this great Bible teacher received a telegram asking him to preach the sermon at the funeral of Dr. A. J. Gordon, an­ other marvelous man of faith. Unable to sleep, Dr. Pierson spent the rest of the night searching his Greek Testament for what it might say about the subject of death. He made an important discovery. To the great crowd who gathered for the occasion, Dr. Pierson said to his own surprise he learned that after the resurrec­ tion of Christ the apostles never used the word “death” to express the close of the Christian’s earthly life. They always referred to it as the passing of the Christian to be at home with the Lord, or to depart and be with Christ. It was a loosing of the moorings to forever be with the Lord. This is a wonderful thing to contemplate and in which to revel. It will be a glorious day, and oh, how we look forward to its coming! THE CHRISTIAN’S RUGGED GOING It's the rough and rugged going That makes heroes brave and strong, Not the soft and easy sailing When men compromise with wrong, That will count when life is ended In the final great reward, And we hear the blessed greeting: “Enter heaven with thy Lord.” If you only seek for comfort For your body and your soul, While the masses stray from Jesus And the way to Heaven's goal, Letting Satan take them downward And you offer no protest, Don’t deceive yourself in thinking God will crown you with the blest. There are battles for each Christian As he goes the way of life; And he must fight against the forces That are filled with sin and strife, If he longs for heaven’s glory Where the saints and sages dwell, And to hear the blessed plaudit: "You have fought your battles well."

the body can come out of the grave. The Bible doesn’t teach anything about soul-sleeping whatsoever. The word resurrection signifies that the body is going to be restored to the highest possible degree of perfection in that day of its glorification. Sin wrought havoc with the body, but it will be refashioned after a new pattern (Rom. 8:28, 39). Paul here is talking about the body. God did not allow the devil to get possession of the body of Moses though Satan contended with all of his might for it (Jude 9). If the Lord didn’t allow the body of Moses to fall into the hands of the devil, neither will He allow the devil or any other power, to keep the body of the Christian from being resurrected, glorified and reunited with its soul and spirit at the coming of Jesus Christ. By the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross, the sentence is no longer death for the believer’s body, but simply sleep. In reading the New Testament carefully, note the number of times that the word sleep is used to describe death. “She is not dead but sleepeth.” “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth.” “S tep h en fell asleep.” “We as believers shall not all sleep.” “Them also which sleep in Jesus.” Hence, the early Christians called the burial grounds by the word cemetery because it means sleeping places. This was the place to deposit the body. When one goes to Rome, he visits the catacombs. Christians buried their dead under the ground in these long caves that extended block after block. This expression sleep with reference to the body of the believer who goes into physical death is sweetly significant for sleep is transitory. It implies a reawaken­ ing. It is only temporary from which there is presently a rising up again, just as we get out of bed in the morning. The body is said to go into sleep. It was Dr. Barnhouse who gave us an illustration about Dr. A. T. Pier- 8


Q. San Diego, Calif. — “I came across an expression I had never noticed before. I t is found in Ezekiel 38:16, where the Lord said He would be sanctified by Gog before the heathen. How would you explain this?" A. Keep in mind that God is magni­ fied, no matter what circumstances occur on earth. He says, "My glory will I not give to another” (Isa. 42: 8). This shows that Gog (the na­ tion), though it is rebellious against God, is nevertheless going to be an object lesson for all the world of our Lord’s zeal for His holiness. While He is certainly sanctified in holiness and in the display of grace, some­ times, sadly enough, for it is heart­ breaking to God, by the outpouring of His judgment on a wicked nation or nations, He is also glorified. “Even the wrath of men shall praise Him.” Q. Bakersfield, Calif. — “I would like to know i f you have any material on the National Council of Churches. I f you do, would you send it to me? Also, I would like to know if you are a member, or give any money to them in any way.” A. First of all, we are not members, nor do we give any money to the National Council of Churches. We do not support this group, or their programs and policies in any way, shape or form. There have been a number of editorials w r itte n in Biola’s KING’S BUSINESS Maga­ zine concerning our stand on this subject. We will continue to publish facts and warnings. For more help

in printed form, we would refer you to The Church League of America, Wheaton, 111., and to Dr. Carl Mc­ Intyre, Collingswood, New Jersey. Q. Torrance, Calif. — “I received a let­ ter from a relative living in Minne­ sota who was upset by some infor­ mation she had received. She asked me if I could check it out for her. She had been sent a letter from an ultra^conservative who predicted the fall of our nation later this year. The only ones to be saved would be the loyal patriots of the G.O.P. who would flee to the sanctuary in South­ west Colorado. Have you heard of this?" A. Not specifically; however, such human prophecies are not new. They crop up from time to time. That's why we need to stay close to our Bibles. Don’t be tossed to and fro by these recurring rumors and pro­ nouncements. The best antidote for this is to read the prophetic portions of the Word of God. There are many tragically ensnared in error today because they first listened to a wrong reckoning concerning the return of the Lord. Q. Sherwood, Ore. — “I f for reasons of disagreement, and not because of sin, is it right for a Christian to break off fellowship with another Christian, especially a minister with one of his flock?” A. Without knowing more of the background, it is very diflicult to give 9

a categorical answer. The general principle would be that believers should maintain fellowship with one another as much as possible. If there is known and open sin, it should be pointed out, following the Scriptural principles. A minister needs to be extremely careful about breaking fel­ lowship with any member of his con­ gregation. Sometimes an individual will make it impossible for such com­ munion to continue and in such in­ stances, the condition will still have to be handled with love and concern. Q. Salem, Ore. — “7 have a problem concerning the abode of the unsaved dead. Does the Bible say what condi­ tion they are in immediately upon death? Are they in darkness some­ where awaiting their trial? Does the Bible say a lost person will be alive forever, and I presume burn for­ ever? In Malachi 1:1 it says, ‘bum up and leave neither root nor branch .’ Does that mean what it sounds like?” A. The Bible has definitive answers to these important questions. There are three chief parts to every per­ son, body, soul, and spirit. Soul and spirit are often placed in the same category. There is the material as well as the immaterial part of man. At the time of death, these are sev­ ered. While the physical body goes to the grave, the real personality has gone elsewhere to a place of deten­ tion (see Luke 16:19-31). Hades is the New Testament word for this abode of the wicked dead who must await the final judgment of God. (Sheol is the Old Testament word.) (See Rev. 20:11-15). The unsaved one will be alive forever, but not alive in the sense of the saved. There is a resurrection of the just, and there is a resurrection of the unjust. The latter is a resurrection of condem­ nation, or as the Authorized Ver­ sion suggests, damnation. It is men­ tioned in Daniel 12, and very clearly pronounced by our Lord Jesus in- such passages as John 3:16-18, John

5:24, etc. That unbeliever will be in conscious torment, under fire, for­ ever. Keep in mind despite what some cults would want you to believe, that the Bible nowhere teaches the annihilation of the wicked; that is heresy. In the Word of God, we have what is known as the language of appearance. For instance, “the sun rises” ; any astronomer knows this is not actually what happens, but it is the way we look at it. No, the ungod­ ly will go on for eternity. That’s why this broadcast, our publication and the schools of Biola themselves are so vital. We want to snatch souls from the burning while the hour of salvation is still here. Q. Seattle, Wash. — “Should a Surtr day school challenge another Sunday school to a contest, whereby the loser pays the bill for a dinner for the winning group? Isn’t this the same as one group betting the price of a group meal?” A. Not necessarily is this the case. No one is profiting personally from such a program, but rather providing a stimulus for more people to go out and get the unchurched to Sunday school. While the objective is good and worthy, some may question whether this is the best method. Let there be agreement in the church so that in unity such a project of ex­ pansion for souls may be attained! Q. San Diego, Calif. — “Can a man who believes the Bible not be a Christian?" A. I t would be most sad to see any­ one in such a state. Keep in mind, however, that one is saved only on the basis of his personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour (Rom. 10:9, 10). We earnestly be­ lieve that the Bible is God’s Word from cover to cover. In James 2:19 we see that the de­ mons believe, but certainly they are not saved. It is possible to have a

was one of the strongest rebukes God could ever have given Saul! Q. Healdsburg, Ore. — “Do you think it wrong for a young person to go out for sports at school? My husband is against it, but my son desperately wants to." A. We would not dare to take upon ourselves to advise a young man to go against the will of his father. It is difficult even to comment, not knowing all the background of the situation. As a general principle, we are in favor of athletics, for our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit and should be kept fit. This is about the healthiest thing that a young person can do. We have a strong physical education program here at Biola. It’s a good outlet, too, for enthusiasm of youth. Q. Fullerton, Calif. — “How do you determine what is and what is not legalistic?" A. This question, in varying forms, is asked over and over. There must be rules of conduct for the believers. Don’t misuse the word “legalism.” Satan would endeavor to deceive us. A good standard to follow is by re­ membering that a thing is grace if it begins with God, is carried out by God, and is completed by God! Strict­ ly speaking, legalism is trying to get to God by the law. It doesn’t mean that when you see a red light, just because you’ve been a Christian for almost 20 years or so, you can run through it. You are living under grace, to be sure, but there are still rules and standards of conduct which need to be followed. In other words, when we are born again, we are new creatures in Christ and -our heart’s desire is to live for the glory of our Saviour. Q. Taft, Calif. — “When a falsehood is set to music, in the case of a song of worship, is the falsehood no Iona-

head knowledge of the Bible as the Word of God and yet not have a heart possession by humble faith. Faith is reliance upon Christ for one’s salvation. Q. San Pedro, Calif.. — “Can you tell me about the witch in the time of King Saul? Did Samuel really come at her request, or is that passage an error? I f it wasn’t Samuel who spoke, who did?” A. This is found in the last chapter of I Samuel. Because of his dis­ obedience, Saul has been rejected as king of Israel. Samuel is already dead. David has been hounded to the death. He is God's anointed man. Saul becomes more and more despon­ dent and melancholy. Failing to get an answer from the Lord when at­ tacked by the Philistines, he foolishly seeks some extraneous help through a fortune teller. His error originated in fear. God has told us repeatedly, “Fear not!” Saul was out of the will of the Lord. God didn’t answer him directly or through the priests and prophets. This medium professed to be familiar with the unseen world. (See the excellent note in the New Scofield Bible, page 354.) The woman didn't recognize the disguised king. She thought he was trying to get her in bad with the government. Saul swore that she wouldn’t be punished for her potential help. After all, he was the one who made the law itself. When she agreed, Saul said, “I want you to call back from the dead, Samuel; I must speak with him.” While she did her best, it was un­ availing for God Himself caused Samuel to appear. That spiritist was probably the most surprised person there. This woman did not bring up Samuel. Notice carefully what the Bible says, “When the woman saw Samuel.” There is no error here or in any other passage of the Bible! This woman had no power any more than any of today’s mediums. This

er false? In a song there is the line, 7 breathe His name each time I see a tree. On one He bought my soul at Calvary.’ Doesn’t this suggest a piety that doesn’t actually exist? Does the end justify the means if the end is a Christian endeavor?” A. Keep in mind that a falsehood is false whether spoken or sung. Sing­ ing doesn’t make something true. That doesn’t mean that we can’t sing songs which other people have felt or experienced in writing. In the melody to which you have referred, doubtless the composer was referring to an attitude of prayer which we all need to practice. We are singing someone’s personal testimony. At the same time, we know there are a lot of so called “religious” tunes which have no real theology or purpose in them whatsoever. But those, com­ posed by born-again Christians, may sometimes take poetic license. We do not need to be hypocritical in sing­ ing as unto the Lord in the Spirit. Let’s make sure that our own hearts are right before the Lord. A false­ hood is meant to deceive and this could hardly apply to poetic terms, even though exaggerated. Q. Eugene, Ore. — “Medical science has been able to transplant human hearts. In the case of a Christian, would this affect his or her relation­ ship to the Lord?" A. When the Word of God refers to the heart, it includes not just the physical blood-pumping station, but actually includes one’s whole person­ ality. It has a vital spiritual conno­ tation, and represents emotions, in­ tellect and will. The medical trans­ planting of a physical human heart has nothing whatever to do with the individual’s personal relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. Q, Bakersfield, Calif. — “Would you please explain Matthew 28:20 which says, 'Teaching them to observe all 12

things whatsoever I have commanded you.’? The disciples baptized in Je­ sus’ name. I understand the Godhead, but why doesn’t everybody baptize in Jesus’ name as the disciples did?” A. Our Lord Jesus told His disciples to teach and evangelize. Once an in­ dividual had accepted Christ, he was to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Notice the three names of the Trinity but one deity, or Godhead. Once a person is saved, he must be taught the things of the Christian walk so that he will mature in the faith. These commands to which Christ referred are found in the Gospel. The most essential is to love God with all the heart, mind, and soul, and then to love each other. This is what Paul meant when in Acts 20:27, “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” The disciples did baptize in Jesus’ name. Matthew 28:19 gives the for­ mula for baptism. The book of Acts gives generally an account of believ­ ers living in the law age who were passing through the Church or grace age. The difference was caused by the life, ministry, death, burial, res­ urrection and ascension of our bless­ ed Lord. The name of Jesus was used for these Jewish believers to testify that they believed that Christ was truly the Messiah of Israel. There was no question about God the Father, or of the Holy Spirit. The point at issue, was whether Jesus of Nazareth was the Son of David, the Redeemer. After His ascension, the necessity for identifying Him was past. Q. San Diego, Calif. — “I am a public school teacher who, married a sub­ mariner. We both love the Lord very much. However, I have been told that God respects only those who give themselves full time as missionaries, ministers, or as ministers’ wives. I don’t feel that all of us were created

to be in full-time or paid Christian service. Could you give me your views ?” A. You are absolutely correct. Some­ times that word “full-time’' is very erroneous. To not be occupied in some specifically recognized Christian min­ istry doesn’t mean that you are tak­ ing God’s second best. We need good lay leaders today more than ever be­ fore. The main concern of our hearts should be a total commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Make sure you are wording in a good Bible-believing church where your testimony can be revealed for the Lord, and that you personally witness to the unsaved. Q. Orange County, Calif. — “I have a little boy, 11, who is in a semi-coma. He has been this way for some years. I never seem to hear a word about healing on your programs. Don’t you believe that God can heal the bodies which He made?” A. Of course we do, and our hearts go out in love and prayer to this wonderful family. We do not by-pass such questions but answer them as they come up. Some people need to be careful about how they apply scriptural truths about this subject for anyone who is ill would naturally desire physical healing. No one wants to be in pain or to see his loved ones suifering. We have a right to come to God in prayer about these vital matters. Do not misinterpret the Bi­ ble's teaching on the subject. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean that the Lord is directly obli­ gated to heal you. Paul had a thorn in the flesh about which he prayed to the Lord for deliverance at least on three occasions. As far as we know, the affliction was not removed. Healing is in the hands of God first, last and always. In every instance, naturally or supernaturally, it is God who does the healing. It must always be in accordance with His divine will. Be assured that our prayer groups

here at Biola will be glad to remem­ ber such needs at any time. If it is His will, He can and will heal. He sometimes does and sometimes does not. It is not a matter of His power to do it but He knows whether it is best or not. We do not but we can pray for His will to be done.

Students in Biola’8 baccalaureate nurs­ ing program receive practical experi­ ence in hospitals, nursing homes, and related institutions. Miss Leoni V. Sou- birou, chairman of the department of nursing, checks over final details with Paula Faris as several of the young ladies leave for an assignment. The Chevrolet van was a gift to the college for this purpose. 13

A FATHER’S FAITHFULNESS I t was a cold, windy wintry night when a grief-stricken father sat with bowed head. He was in the front room of his farm house amid the rolling hills of the Big Ben River near Spokane, Wash. Clustered around him were his six small, bewildered children. They knew nothing about the dreadful finali­ ty of death. They were still expecting their mother’s return at any moment, although the heartbreaking truth was that she had just been laid to rest. One of the older boys frantically rushed out into the snow, seeking her in the woods. The father, aroused from his thoughts, hurriedly followed, picked up the lad and brought him back to the home. From that time on, William Jackson Smart became both mother and father to his five sons and one daughter. Years later that girl, now Mrs. John Bruce Dodd, quietly saw her faithful father entombed. The next Mother’s Day when 8he heard the minister praising all the women of the world, Mrs. Dodd thought of her beloved father, the only “moth­ er” she could remember. I t was then that the idea was bom. A t her urging, the third Sunday in June was set aside in memory of the one who had shared her growing years. This is how Fa­ thers Day came into existence. The man whose life inspired the observance of Father’s Day lived simply; a church­ goer who consistently went by the truths of God’s Word. Mrs. Dodd com­ mented, “He was always faithful in 14

public worship and the reading of the Bible. He never borrowed money; he objected if our clothing wasn’t orderly and clean.” So, as a result of the devo­ tion of this humble man in Spokane, Washington, has come the day on which we commemorate those fa ith fu l men who are, as spiritual priests in the homes, seeking to bring their children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

A sense of humor is what makes you laugh at something which would make you mad if it happened to you.

PERSONAL PERJURY Some of our country’s best minds today are rightly alarmed over the gen­ eral deterioration of personal moral standards. As an example, for many lying has become an unfortunate part of man’s existence. This is not only an individual practice but it’s also ram­ pant in the field of business. New York City’s District Attorney has reported an investigation conducted by Manhat­ tan’s Grand Jury. The case involved lying. There had been■150 witnesses who pledged to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Later, through thorough interrogation, more than 100 of them confessed to perjury; and generally without any re­ gret, for it was an expediency of the moment. The Apostle Paul prophetical

tion to leave home because the parents have so many problems and give her the feeling of being unwanted. There are many other motivating influences of marriage such as sympathy, loneliness, and disappointment. Actually, modem young people have little more romantic freedom (and much less success) than did their ancestors whose parents did the selecting. The only safe method is to allow the Lord to help you choose. He knows our deepest needs. He alone understands our unconscious motives and drives. The first step is to present our lives unreservedly to Him. Then, conscientiously, through the reading of the Bible and following the counsel of those whose wisdom can be trusted, dili­ gently seek God’s will. Keep in mind that the Lord will never disappoint those who truly desire to know and to do His will. Simply havihg a beautiful ceremony will not insure a happy mar­ riage. Truly happy homes don’t just happen, for “except the Lord build a house, they labor, in vain who build it.” USEFULNESS It should be a source of real encour­ agement to our hearts when we realize that in His earthly ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ used not only individuals, but also various other things, including animals. As an example, there was the young colt, who hadn’t yet been broken. Scripture testified, “The Lord hath need of him.” This new animal belonged to an ass and as such was considered cere­ monially unclean, not acceptable for normal sacrificial use. According to the law, the firstborn of a donkey was to be redeemed by the substitution of a clean animal. Otherwise it would have to be put to death. But the Bible de­ clares, “The Lord hath need of him.” There’s quite a wonderful analogy here. By nature we’re all unclean. We’ve all sinned and come short of the glory of God. The Saviour Himself is our per­ fect substitute. He who knew no sin became sin for us that we might be the righteousness of God in Him. I f the Lord could use an unclean animal like 15 Anxiety causes tension which could be compared to driving with the brakes on.

ly spoke of these times in the succinct statement that, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” How strange it is that people are willing to risk eternal punishment if only they can escape the clutches of human law or personal embarrassment. Even though it may not be popular, now as never before, we need to call sinners to re­ pentance, teaching them what Scripture has to say concerning holiness and right living. It’s quite interesting to see that the Word of God classes liars in the same category as murderers, whore­ mongers, sorcerers, and idolaters, add­ ing that “all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.” The world may like to for­ get it, but the fact remains that God hates every form of deceit and untruth­ fulness. As believers, we are told to put away lying that we may speak every man truth with his neighbor. Allow the Lord to search your heart! There is no room for half-truths, lies of expedi­ ency, or any other form of sin in a life which is filled with the power of God’s Holy Spirit. SECRET OF MARITAL SUCCESS Everybody loves a wedding and June is the month for beautiful brides and exciting activities. The first ceremony uniting man and woman was held in the Garden of Eden. The Lord saw that His masterpiece of creation, Adam, was lonely. Eve was formed as the most suitable partner. God always knows what’s best and should always be con­ sulted in such an important selection. In olden days, mates were brought to­ gether by a third party. Psychologists tell us that there is really no freedom in choosing marital companions, for we are all controlled by unconscious drives. As an example, they explain, a man who has been reared by a dominating mother will seek out a comparable in­ dividual, maintaining the same kind of relationship. The young girl who falls “madly in love” may have a romance which is nothing more than a justifica­ That preacher is blessed who has a fiery message coupled with a burning heart.

this ass, you can be assured that He has a real and vital purpose for your life. Are you willing to seek His will and then do it? That unbroken colt knew his Master when the Saviour rode upon him. It was willing to submit it­ self to His direction. I t fulfilled a di­ vine purpose and has been remembered on the pages of sacred writ as a result. Even so, your life has a purpose for God. The Lord is saying today, “I have need of you.” Will you willingly answer and follow His bidding? WHAT IS A GRANDMOTHER? (As seen through the eyes of a child) A grandmother is a lady who has no children of her own, so she likes other people’s little girls. A grandfather is a man grandmother. He goes for walks with boys, and they talk about fishing and tractors and the like. Grandmas don’t have to do anything except be there. They’re old, so they shouldn’t play hard or run. It’s enough if they drive us to the market where the pretend horse is. (They should have some dimes ready.) Of if they take us for walks, they should slow down past things like pretty leaves or a caterpil­ lar. They should never say “Hurry up!” Usually they are fat, but not too fa t to tie kids’ shoes. They wear glasses, and they can take their teeth and gums off. They don’t have to be real smart, only to be able to answer questions like why dogs hate cats and how come God isn’t married. They don’t talk baby talk as visitors do, because it’s hard to understand. When they read to us, they don’t skip or mind if it is the same story again. Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially if you don’t have television, because sometimes it seems that grandmothers are the only grownups who’ve got time. Many people want what they don’t need and need what they don’t want.

VALUABLE STAMPS Being an avid stamp collector, it was interesting to me to read about the estate of Louise Boyd Dale who died last year. Her holdings are to be auc­ tioned off. To give you an idea as to some values, there’s one envelope on which a r e affixed two one-penny stamps. The postmark is from M&uri- tius, a country off the African coast. The envelope is addressed to the Sec­ retary of the Bible Society in Bombay, India. It was purchased originally in 1897 for $250.00. Now, that’s quite an appreciation of two*pennies from its original postage use January 5, 1850. Today, nearly 120 years later, the en­ velope is purported to be worth any­ where from $150,000 to $200,000. That’s for just two one-penny stamps. Tremen­ dous is the value which man places on little scraps of paper. Yet did you know you have a paper which is even more valuable than these stamps? Whether published on India paper or newsprint, it is the Word of God which assures us that by faith in Jesus Christ we have a treasure of far more inestimable value. While these postage stamps are valued at nearly a quarter of a million dollar8, yet their owner is now dead. She couldn’t take them with her. No man can redeem his soul with money, with stamps or with any other com­ modity. Salvation comes only by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and through His shed blood. For without the shed­ ding of blood there is no remission of siA.

A person who is constantly afraid of saying something wrong will seldom say anything that is right.

CONSIDERING CROSSES Have you ever felt that your lot in life was really a great deal more to carry than other people you know? Our problems can seem so much more diffi­ cult. I t reminds us of the parable of a man who was so burdened down that he stumbled into a carpenter’s shop, putting in an order for a new cross. “This one’s too heavy for me to carry,” he complained. “I’d like to look over your stock of crosses to see if there

Man may make riches, however, riches will never make a man.


might he one which would fit me more appropriately.” A t the craftsman’s in­ vitation, he began going through the well stocked inventory, looking over each one carefully. The weary trav­ eller was sure any of them would he better than his own. He lifted and examined the wooden gibbets one after another. Some seemed quite light for a moment, but after walking a few feet for a test, they always became unbearably heavy, even more oppres- cepts of Jesus. As one cynical fellow offered, “I t’s doing unto others before they do it unto you!” The Word of God clearly teaches us that a real Christian is one who by faith has received Christ as personal Saviour. There is no other way to find eternal life. Man doesn’t add one fraction of his own effort to merit salvation. I t is absolutely a gift of the Lord. Listen to the verse of promise, “For by grace are ye saved, through faith and that not of your­ selves; it is the g ift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast” (Eph. 2:8-9). BLESSING OF PAIN I t comes as a result of a special survey conducted by doctors. The con­ clusive revelation shows that women can bear pain more easily and without complaining as much as men. That’s quite an observation by the medical profession. Perhaps you’ve read about the H-year-old girl over in England who mystifies doctors. Her problem is that she can feel no pain whatsoever. All of a sudden, without explanation, blisters and cuts will appear. Her par­ ents have had to be very careful with her ever since they discovered the diffi­ culty. For example, they have to make certain that she doesn’t get too close to fire. Without the sensation of pain, she has no way of discerning the dangers which surround her. In our audience are many of you who have suffered anguish and pain over the years. Did you ever stop to consider the blessing of pain? On the surface it may sound If you put a smile on your face in the morning, you’ll have nothing to lose but the blues.

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paradoxical. Sometimes it’s for our own good. James says that we should know that the trying of our faith works pa­ tience. We need patience, because this is what makes us more mature in our spiritual growth. It’s never pleasant to be hurt, but we can thank God for physical pain. The spiritual trials and testings which come can be used to draw us closer to Him. Scripture says, “Count it all joy when you fall into all kinds of tribulations. I f you lack wis­ dom about why trials come, ask God about it. He gives to all men liberally, without scolding, and it shall be given him.” GOD’S PURPOSE On the far reef the breakers Recoil in shattered foam, Yet still the sea behind them Urges its forces home; Its chant of triumph searches Through all the thunderous din . . . The waves may break in failure, But the tide is sure to win. Oh mighty sea, thy message In changing spray is cast; Within God’s plans of progress It matters not at last How wide the shores of evil, How strong the reefs of sin . . . Most people commit the same mis­ take with God that they do with their friends, in that they do all of the talking. When you carry your cares and anxie­ ties to bed, then you’re sleeping with an unnecessary pack on your back. The same God who emptied the tomb can deliver your soul from its depression and dungeon of fears. Every time you turn green with envy, you’re ripe for trouble. Our temper often gets us into trouble and usually our pride keeps us there. Children are the best possible aid to adult education. The wave may be defeated. But the tide is sure to win.


Today there are virtually hundreds of companies in our country who will match the gifts of their employees to a charit­ able, non-profit organization or to an ac­ credited college. Do you work for such a company? Ask your Personnel Office whether or not your company partici­ pates in this kind of program. You might be able to double the amount of your gift to BIOLA. For more detailed information, with­ out obligation, please check the appro­ priate item or items and mail coupon to BIOLA. ••••••• □ LIFE INCOME AGREEMENT □ GIFT OF PROPERTY OR SECURITIES □ BIOLA FELLOWSHIP PLAN □ GIFT OF LIFE INSURANCE □ GIFTS MATCHED BY EMPLOYER □ STUDENT SPONSORSHIP □ TRUSTEE ACCOUNT AGREEMENT Mr., Mrs., Miss ..................................... (check one) Address .............................................. □ REVOCABLE AGREEMENT □ INTEREST AGREEMENT □ A CHRISTIAN WILL

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