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This XO FLEX dental treatment unit is for you who strive to perform high quality treatments on safe and calm patients, while protecting your health and working with maximum productivity.




As a dental practice owner you expect a high return on your equipment investment. XO CARE has almost 70 years of experience with manufacturing of extraordinary dental treatment solutions. XO FLEX 2020 edition grows out of this long design and manufacturing tradition. We use only the best materials and finishes when we build our units. Further we offer three years warranty. That is your guarantee for high uptime and long service life. XO FLEX is equally suited for time-saving DUO work or for cost- saving SOLO work. The compact size makes it possible to fit the unit in a treatment room as small as 8 m 2 . That saves costs too. Ergonomy is a key element when we design units. With XO FLEX you sit, see and work well – all at the same time. Your guarantee for fewer sick days and a longer active professional life. As something completely new the XO Ambidex suction hose holder makes is possible for both right- and left-handed dentists to work optimally with XO FLEX 2020 edition. With XO FLEX you attract more patients. Not only because of the modern and clean design but also because the unit helps you give the patients a safe and comfortable experience. Finally, XO FLEX is the most important tool in providing the best possible dental care. You can focus on the task at hand without being disturbed. All day. Every day. For many years to come. Read this textbook and see more details. YOUR BEST DENTAL EQUIPMENT INVESTMENT

Best regards XO CARE A/S







Hands free Focus on your work in the oral cavity while managing the unit, unit instruments, patient chair, light etc. with the foot control. Instruments right at hand You maintain focus on the treatment as you do not need to look away to reach the unit instruments. They are placed over the patient’s chest within your and your assistants peripheral field of vision. Clear view of your work An automatic and efficient chip blow cleans and dries the work area each time an instrument stops. This feature significantly reduces the number of times you need to switch from a dynamic instrument to the syringe. You get clear visual control and more focus on the task at hand.



MANAGE QUALITY Quality management starts with your instruments

You adjust the performance of each individual unit instrument, allowing you to achieve your desired level of quality. When you, for example, work with a micro motor you choose between three speed ranges making it easier to select exactly the speed you require.

As a unique XO feature, you are also able to adjust the amount of spray water. Applying the correct amount of spray water is essential. Too little and you risk tissue necrosis, too much and your field of vision is disrupted.




XO ODONTOSON 360 A very effective yet gentle ultrasonic scaler with uniform impact on all tooth surfaces at all 360 degrees. Due to the circular titanium tip movement, you access all surfaces without twisting your hand or changing instruments. Use XO ODONTOSON 360 with antimicrobials or sterile saline supplied by XO Peristaltic Pump.

XO ODONTOCURE Is a new versatile LED polymerization light with very high output power yielding reduced curing time, three preset curing times and a soft-start feature.



XO AMBIDEX Place the new XO Ambidex suction hose holder where you want it and work right handed, left handed, SOLO or in DUO. After use the suction nozzles will automatically reposition in the suction hose holder.




An XO dental unit is not just a treatment unit – It is your individual working environment, reflecting your taste and your preferences for functionalities. The patient chair is supplied in white or in one of seven optional colors. The chair cushions are available in ten timeless colors/ finishes. Visit the color configurator at xo-care.com and discover the full range of possibilities and combinations. Fit your XO FLEX unit with up to six instruments selected from the large variety of instruments; choose between wet or dry suction systems; different types of hand instrument tables; quick connecters; HD displays and X-ray adaptors. See all details at xo-care.com.

Scan the QR code and configure your own XO FLEX colors.






Fighting cross-contamination With XO FLEX you maximize protection against cross-contamination. You manage all unit and chair functions hands free with the foot control. Everything touched by you and your assistant during the treatment can be detached and disinfected or autoclaved. All surfaces are smooth and easy to clean, and the metal parts of the unit feature an innovative antibacterial coating. Securing water and suction systems XO FLEX features multiple powerful solutions to protect against the contamination of water and suction lines. XO Water Disinfection prevents the build-up of biofilm in the water system. XO Suction Disinfection disinfects suctions and suction hoses. The automatic chip blow prevents retraction of liquids into the unit’s water lines. SAFETY FIRST



MAXIMUM PATIENT COMFORT XO FLEX is designed for an optimal patient comfort experience. Ideal support of the patient’s neck and arms makes the XO FLEX patient chair extremely comfortable. To complete the comfort experience, the unit is supplied with a patient tray where personal items such as keys and glasses can be placed during the treatment.



XO COMFORT XO Comfort fabric XO Patient Chair can be supplied with breathable XO Comfort fabric. Soft As an option, the upholstery comes in a soft version with sewn stiches and soft foam that adjusts to the patient’s body shape.



PATIENT CONFIDENCE Design that helps build patient confidence With XO FLEX you gain the patient’s trust as the unit instruments are out of sight, “parked” to the left of the chair before and after the treatment. Neither will the patient see the instruments during the treatment as they are placed out of view, over the patient’s chest. Please also see pages 42 and 43.







Sit in the upright, balanced position XO SEAT is designed to let you sit in the upright balanced position during treatments, with no unnecessary strain to your body, neck or head, hour after hour, day after day. XO SEAT can be upholstered with XO Comfort fabric that allows your skin to breathe. SIT WELL





XO operating light is based on 2 nd generation LED technology and provided with a reflector yielding a powerfull and shadow-free light. We developed the XO operating light with an extremely long articulating arm and suspended the light head with joints allowing the practitioner to maneuver the head along 3 orthogonal axes. This guarantees that the light beam is always parallel to the viewing direction.


A unique feature of XO FLEX is that it is possible to sit well while also seeing well. The dentist can work in positions from 9 through 12 o’clock with lots of space also for the chairside assistant. The patient chair neck rest makes it possible to place the patient’s head in six different positions. This, combined with the flexibility of working in positions from 9 to 12 o’clock, provides the operator with the best possible view of each tooth surface without bending or straining the neck, spine or upper body. SIT WELL AND SEE WELL – AT THE SAME TIME




The dental team works well when both the dentist and the assistant can reach the unit instruments without looking away from the oral cavity; when the chairside assistant can hand unit- and hand instruments as well as materials to the dentist and assist changing contra-angels and burs etc. while handling the suction. All this is possible with XO FLEX. One of the most important ergonomic features of the XO FLEX unit is the perfectly balanced unit instruments. No pulling or dragging. The instruments are “weightless”.





SAVE TIME AND COSTS True two- and four-handed operation With XO FLEX, you decide when you work solo or in tandem with your assistant. Either way, you have fast and easy access to instruments, suction and materials – all with maximum concentration and efficiency. This saves your time, increases your productivity and reduces your operational costs.



ATTRACTIVE Award-winning design

XO FLEX is the centerpiece of your clinic. The clean, timeless, functional design of XO FLEX reflects not only the quality of the unit, but also stands as testimony to your professional judgment and good taste. XO products have been awarded Danish and international design awards.




CE 2460 All rights reserved. XO ® is a registered trademark. © XO CARE 2019. Products shown in this catalogue are intended for use by dental professionals for human dentistry procedures. See updated technical and legal product specifications at xo-care.com. Subject to change.

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