Discrete SiC Power Devices Brochure

Powerful Proven Plasma

Delivering plasma processing solutions for high volume manufacturing of Silicon carbide (SiC) devices. With solutions for low damage etching of substrates to reduce defect density, controlled feature etch and surface passivation we provide device enabling results at the right Cost of Ownership (CoO).

We have developed an innovative set of plasma process solutions designed to enable maximum SiC device performance.

Are you creating the best silicon carbide substrates?

We're supplying leading-edge plasma systems to Tier 1 substrate suppliers for pre-epi surface quality enhancement.

Removing damaged layers

High control of edge profile and surface roughness limit concentration of electric fields and prevent low gate oxide breakdown. Process focus on controlling surface quality to obtain high interface quality with gate dielectric and minimize leakage.

Plasma surface etching

Chemo- mechanical polishing

Lapping & mechanical polishing

Wafer post-wire sawing

Ion implementation of n-type

Mask prep usually SiO 2 or PR PlasmaPro 100 PECVD & RIE

SiC wafer

Surface preparation PlasmaPro 100 RIE

, Al

Plasma Etch of feature

Ion implant p-type


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