Discrete SiC Power Devices Brochure

For further information about our systems, please contact your local Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology office.

Worldwide Service and Support Oxford Instruments is committed to supporting our customers’ success. We recognise that this requires world class products complemented by world class support. Our global service force is backed by regional offices, offering rapid support wherever you are in the world. We can provide:   Flexible service agreements to meet your needs   Tailored system training courses   System upgrades and refurbishments   Immediate access to genuine spare parts and accessories

Email plasma-experts@oxinst.com

UK Yatton +44 (0) 1934 837000 Germany Wiesbaden +49 (0) 6122 937 161 India Mumbai +91 22 4253 5100

Japan Tokyo +81 3 5245 3261

PR China Beijing +86 10 6518 8160/1/2 Shanghai +86 21 6132 9688

Singapore +65 6337 6848

Taiwan +886 3 5788696

US, Canada & Latin America Concord, MA TOLLFREE: +1 800 447 4717

visit plasma.oxinst.com

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