PlantHaven Greenhouse Catalog 2018-19

ABOUT PLANTHAVEN In our 21st year, PlantHaven continues to be inspired by our passionate independent plant breeders, who continue to deliver iconic, industry-leading nursery plants. PlantHaven is here to help, inspire, and assist you to a more profitable and exciting green future .

MEET THE TEAM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanette Bett - Licensing Manager Fiona Brennan - Finance Manager Geoff Needham - Director Robert Bett - Director and CEO Maureen Needham - Director Tarek Alyusuf - Plant Projects Manager Amanda Flint - Plant Projects Manager

MARKETING SUPPORT PlantHaven creates and dedicates market support for our key crops and programs. Marketing packages include industry leading: Website -, Printed Catalogues, Digital – Hot Selections, Social Media, Video, Photography, Logos, Tags, Printed Ads.


We look forward to assisting you with your premium portfolio needs. Contact us by email or phone at: • Tel: 805-569-9179

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