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June 2018

Double Trouble!

Introducing Lanie Grace!

most people draw it up. Lack of judgment notwithstanding, the one conceit Al and I allow ourselves is that at least all the postpartum torture is condensed into five short years. All kidding aside, we would not change a thing. We weren’t even sure that we would be able to have one kid, so with the addition of Lainey we are over the moon. The jury may still be out as far as J.B. is concerned. He has a ritual where each time that he walks into the room and sees Lainey he will give her a pat on the head (or sometimes face) while calling her “Baby.” For the most part it is really sweet, but every now and again he gets a certain look in his eye and delivers a “love pat” with a little more force than usual. I chalk it up to the overwhelming excitement he must be experiencing at the thought of having a sister. Our pediatrician says that it is completely normal behavior that should go away around age 25, so at least it is a short-term issue. With Father’s Day approaching, it is still such a surreal feeling to be a dad, let alone father of two. As any parent knows, there is nothing you can do to prepare you for being a parent. You just start doing it and try not to

screw your kids up too much in the process. That is all we can really hope for as parents, right? I am sure I will be a contributing factor to my children’s future therapy sessions; I just do not want to be the sole factor. In

At the end of March, Allison and I welcomed our second child into the world: Lanie Grace Thompson! Lanie Grace was born on March 27, and it has been nothing but joy and bliss since we brought her home. Double the screaming, double the diap ers, double the strollers, half the sleep. Oh, the miracle of life! Rearing sibilngs 16 months apart is not how “As any parent knows, there is nothing you can do to prepare you for being a parent. You just start doing it and try not to screw your kids up too much in the process ”

fact, if I had to lay out my parenting goals in sequence, they’d look like this: 1) keep them alive; 2) try not to cause major psychological or emotional trauma; 3) teach them to have empathy for the views and beliefs of others in this world; and 4) develop two world-class mathletes. If I can get three out of four on that list, I’ll feel pretty good as a parent! The consistent piece of parenting advice I receive from family and clients is to enjoy the moment because it’s gone in a flash. I imagine that is partly to do with the fact that we are all walking around comatose from sleep deprivation, but nonetheless I will heed this advice. I am going to enjoy the flash and I hope you all do the same.

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

-John Thompson

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