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September 2019

Starting Up Your Fall Routine And a Few Useful Tips to Help

With summer coming to and end, it’s time to fall back into a regular routine. Kids are getting back into school after a long summer vacation, families are done traveling, and everyone is starting to settle into their usual schedules. It’s a bittersweet time. Getting back into a routine can be difficult after the lazy days of summer, but there are many methods to help you ease into it. One of the most vital of these is not to overwhelm yourself with the change. Starting small is greatly beneficial and gives you the ability to set goals for yourself to stay motivated. Start by creating healthy habits, such as setting a bedtime for yourself or your kids, and stick as closely to them as you possibly can. Keep in mind that while you’re trying to get back on schedule, it’s crucial to give yourself some breathing room. It’s okay to take a break for a fewminutes to collect your thoughts. Coming to work or heading back to school right after a vacation can be difficult, even for hard workers. If you find yourself stressed about a project, or if your kid is becoming frustrated with their homework assignment, I advise stepping away for a fewminutes before coming back to it.

Reorganizing and decluttering your workspace is also great for minimizing any unwanted stress. Not only will this effort keep you organized once you start getting busier throughout the rest of the year, but you’ll also know where everything is. Keeping your calendar organized is also a great habit to get into. It helps you plan and prepare for future events and reduces any worry about accidentally planning two events at the same time. Evening out your eating habits is also important. Over the summer, it can be easy to snack throughout the day, but with class, work, and projects ahead of you, you’ll need

regular meals to keep you energized. Start by getting used to having a healthy breakfast in the morning, taking a packed lunch to school or work, and topping it off with a satisfying dinner. While you’re getting your schedules in order, it might also be the perfect time to take a look at your paperwork. Check to see if you have done all of the “homework” in your estate planning portfolio, and make adjustments if necessary. It’s also essential to finish or work on any important documents that you may have been putting off until now. Our firm gets quite busy between now and the end of the year. People want to make sure their estate planning is completed before the holidays come around, and many wish to fulfill their old resolutions before the new year starts. If you still need to get started on your estate plan, I recommend giving us a call and getting it done as soon as possible. I hope these useful methods in starting and maintaining a routine will help you throughout the rest of the year.

Thomas-Walters Estate Planning is also happy to announce the opening of our fourth office in North Texas! We’re delighted to offer our services to Southlake. If you live in the Southlake community and are looking to set up your estate plan, or you know someone who is, our team will be more than happy to help with the estate planning process!

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