Fairware Impact Report 2022

ADVOCACY Our Approach

Our co-founders are activists first, entrepreneurs second. Fairware has been built on the premise that to make real change, you must tackle the systemic barriers to change.

We understand that our voice as business leaders and as a company, by example, can lend perspective to policy and legislative discussions in our city, province, country, and industry. Like many things at Fairware, we’ve not tracked the many positions we’ve taken, petitions we’ve signed and causes we’ve supported. However, as a rule, if there is an opportunity for us to lend our voice to a cause that aligns with our mission, vision and values, we do. Our Actions Our efforts range from adding our name to petitions to closing our doors and encouraging our team to take part in the 2019 Climate Strike. Examples of issues we have historically advocated on include:

• Progressive climate action including support for the Climate Strike. • Paid sick leave legislation in BC. • LGBTQ+ issues in our community. • Supporting Living Wage for Families in upholding Living Wage Standards in Vancouver.

> CLEAN CREATIVES In fall of 2022, we signed on to Clean Creatives. Clean Creatives is a project for PR and ad professionals who want a safe climate future. While we have not worked with fossil fuel clients since almost inception (a few have snuck through over the years, but they are very few and far between), we have never had a formal policy.


Community Impact

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