A Taste of Chile - 2002

The shops along the pedestrian malls seemed full of merchandise and people were busily shopping and carrying bags of purchases with them The restaurants, cafes and ice-cream shops were doing a good business as well. We supported the local economy ourselves by having another delicious ice cream cone. Wehadn't eaten this much ice cream in years! The ice cream was good but their flavors are different from what we're used to even when called by the same names. They also have many unfamiliar flavors that were not particularly enticing to us like raisin ice cream, papaya, flavors with dried fruit nuggets in them, etc. However, their coconut ice cream was delicious by any standard! So we took our time and watched the world go by. Young Chilean girls and ladies seemed to favor very tight and revealing clothing, whether skirts, dresses or pants. Older women wear looser fittingand more comfortable-looking outfits. Shoes for women are different too. Almost all the women wear much higher heels than we see at home and they seem to like novelty type shoes Lucite heels with flowers or little statues in them, bright primary colors for the bodies of the shoe, and complicated straps around ankles and legs. We got back to the hotel about 5 PM and booked a car and driver for Monday and Tuesday so we could see some other areas in the country. We will be going up to a ski resort area in the Andes on Monday and to Valparaiso, Vina del Mar and Isla Negra on Tuesday. We had supper in the room so we would watch the Super Bowl (New Orleans Superdome with St. Louis Rams vs. New England Patriots); it surely seemed strange to be watching such an Yankee event on TV in Chile. Our feet were sore from all the walking we had done so room service was just the ticket.


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