A Taste of Chile - 2002

remove them. Luis was very careful to follow the custom of offering him a tip. Also here and there we saw musicians singing and playing instruments for tips.

Luis was driving a KIA van that would have seated 10 people easily so we could spread out very well. His English was adequate, though he was a little rusty, but between his rusty English and our halting Spanish, we did just fine. He seemed very anxious to please and tried to tell us about things he thought we would find interesting. He was very proud of his son, a civil engineering student in Boston. Though the KIA was comfortable we were pretty tired after we got back to the hotel around 5:30PM. Luis doesn’t run the air-conditioner very often so you get lots of road noise as well as the heat. A 200 mile roundtrip in the mountains in eight hours was wearing! So we walked around our neighborhood some more, in the El Golf area and had supper at Sebastian’s again, including another ice cream cone. The evening was absolutely beautiful with soft breezes and clear skies so we enjoyed sitting outside along the street at this friendly little café watching the Chilenos enjoying themselves in their pretty city. One really neat thing about the hotel that I forgot to mention is the key system—one of the credit card type keys. However, when you get in the door, you need to put the key in a slot that activates the electricity for the room. Without it, there is only one light that will work. That way, when you leave the room, taking your keycard with you, the electricity in the room does not burn all the while you are gone. Clever. (As an aside as I review this journal in 2017 - my how things change so quickly and so easily become common place.)


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