A Taste of Chile - 2002

Home of Pablo Neruda

So, shivering in our beachwear, we walked the sandy road to the house Pablo Neruda, Chile’s poetry Nobelist in l972. The house is situated on high bluffs overlooking the Pacific looking for all the world like Big Sur country. There were even golden hills beyond the beach areas to the east. Neruda’s house is a delight! It shows such childlike enthusiasm for bright colors, for collecting oddments, for humor and discovery. Neruda lived here from l939 until his death in 1973 and the house rambles quite a bit as he added to it during the years he lived there. It shows several sides of his character: his playfulness, his superstitious nature, his imagination, sensitivity and love of nature. There are such dramatic views of the Pacific that every room is oriented to the west so that the scene is always available. His collections included: seashells, colored bottles, beach glass, ships’ figureheads, masks from various cultures, interesting and odd bits of furniture. Some of the items are displayed in cases and shelves, but the figureheads and other statues are suspending from the ceiling, leaning out from wall sconces, standing in nooks and crannies.


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