A Taste of Chile - 2002

After enjoying the museum, we headed for Paseos Huerfanos and Ahumada to look for bookstores. We saw several and ducked into each one with an eager inquiry, “Tiene algunos libros en ingles?” And always the same answer, “No!” This was followed by, “Sabe Ud. a donde es possible comprar libros en ingles?” Some clerks would name a store and others just shook their heads. Finally, I stopped at an American Airlines outlet figuring someone there could help. Sure enough, the clerk there told me to go 4-5 blocks down Huerfanos and I would find a really big bookstore which was sure to have publications in English, La Feria de Libros. We continued walking and found the place with relief. I hurried in with my question and was promptly told that they did not carry “libros ingleses.” However, one of the clerks told me that there was an English bookstore around the corner from La Feria. So we went in search of that prize. This indeed was a tiny shop with only English books. And such a collection it was. We had a marvelous time just looking at the titles in wonderment. They carried little known titles by well- known nineteenth and early twentieth century British authors such as the one I bought, "The Trumpet-Major" by Thomas Hardy, and obscure books that it was hard to imagine anyone in Chile wanting to read like "The Mint" by T. E. Lawrence. Of American “best sellers,” there were hardly any. So the quest was not only successful, but also amusing. After “mission accomplished,” we walked around some more enjoying being outside in such a lovely and warm place. All that awaited us now was a trip back to the hotel to pack, a final supper at Sebastian’s and then a ride to the airport to catch our 10 PM flight to Miami where we arrived at 5:30.

What a trip!!!



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