A Taste of Chile - 2002


View From Our Hotel Window

Santiago Walk about Town Next we got outside and took a wonderful walk in the neighborhood of the hotel which is in the World Trade Center of Chile! It was such a different kind of day from what we had been used to hot, sunny, and dry with cloudless skies. There were lots of people on the streets moving around the tall buildings. In front of a modern church was a wonderful little cul-de-sac neighborhood with quaint apartments and single family homes tucked away amid beautiful big trees and flowers and, wonder of wonders, a Burger King on one corner. We kept on walking and found the Mapuche River that runs through Santiago with one of the many city a parks along its bank, the Parque Uruguay. There were magnificent weeping willows with twisted trunks and luxuriant foliage lining the banks and a fine biking/jogging trail through the green grasses. However, when we looked down from


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