A Taste of Chile - 2002

Lots of colorful and flamboyant murals, depicting scenes from Chilean history both mythological and historical. Though there was too much graffiti on buildings and walls above ground, the graffiti artists did not seem to ply their trade in the subway. From La Baquedado Station, we walked a few blocks, along with half the families in Santiago it seemed, heading for the funicular or the trails up to the Zoo and the Statue of the Virgin atop the Cerro San Cristobal Hill. Cerro San Cristobal Hill Many families were taking their children out for a Sunday adventure. The funicular was old- fashioned with four cars standing room only no seats. Everyone stands facing downhill and enjoys not having to climb the steep hill. The ride is cheap and the views get better and better the higher up we went. Just below the hilltop were the Virgin stands looking out over the city, a church is tucked into the hillside.

Mass was going on there and being broadcast over loudspeakers to the folks standing around in the area. Many went up to the statue and went inside to read the Bible verses for the day and say their own devotions. Others were enjoying the more worldly pleasures of the food and drink kiosks all over the hill. After enjoying the people


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