Lewis-Goetz UpTimes, July-August 2016

July/August 2016

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One ERIKS Safety Initiatives

This month we would like to introduce you to Daniel Syrko, the Director of Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHE&Q) for ERIKS North America. He will be using his experience to help combine our safety efforts throughout North America and globally as we move toward One ERIKS. Some upcoming global initiatives include the golden rules of safety and a global safety week in September. More details will be given as we get closer to rolling out these initiatives. Please welcome Dan to the ERIKS North American organization. Next you will learn about our new three-level gasket training program. This is an internal training program that will help you become an application Subject Matter Expert. Gaskets and sealing products are a great growth opportunity for our company and some of our locations could benefit from more technical knowledge in this product group. This training is a great way to spread our knowledge in this product group throughout the company. Read the article for more details on the training and contact your manager if you feel you could benefit from this training program. This month we have three Share of Wallet best practice success stories to share. As you read them you will see a common theme throughout, that our service and expertise helped us win business at all three of these customers. We know that to win and keep business we need to sell the value of doing business with our company. These three examples do a great job illustrating how you can win business through being more than just the lowest cost option. Please use these and our Sales Strat examples as inspiration when calling on your own customers. Also feel free to contact those mentioned for more information on how these sales were won and how you can use these experiences to win business at your own customers. Last but not least, please see the Sale Strat article announcing June and July’s contest winners. The second quarter winner will be announced in the next issue. Both of these winning entries are great examples of how we use our expertise to lower our customers’ total cost of ownership. Please use these and the weekly update email for examples that you can copy and paste into your own customers to prove our value to our customers.

Gasket Subject Matter Training

Share of Wallet Process Sales Strat

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