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July/August 2018

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What Do Physicians Know That You Don’t — And Should?

As you probably know, I treat a lot of physicians. You might even be one of them. In fact, my dental study-group buddies nicknamed me The Doctor’s Dentist, hence the name of this newsletter. When I left Columbia University and the Fort Washington Avenue Faculty Practice to practice in Midtown in 2004, I thought many of the Columbia Presbyterian-based physicians and nurses wouldn’t follow because of the inconvenience of getting to my new office’s location. I was very pleasantly surprised. Most followed and, 14 years later, are still patients. I am so gratified by their loyalty.

find on Google or Yelp, and can’t even know from a referral. That’s something you see in someone’s eyes, in their demeanor, and in their ability to listen. You experience it. We refer to it as “bedside manner,” but it’s much, much more. Doctors know that when you find superlative care — that special combination of knowledge, skill, and bedside manner — you stick with it. And if it means traveling, so be it, if at all possible.

I’m also grateful to you who have followed me around from office to office as I try to settle into a facility that supports my efforts to give you the best possible care.

Well, there’s going to be one more move.

I have spent the last year looking into options for a long-term location, and I’m happy to report that I’ve found a new home for us. It is Linhart Dentistry. Dr. Jan Linhart and Dr. Zachary E. Linhart prioritize patient care over technology, yet they have all the technology. They care about health and function and are among the best cosmetic dental practices in the world. People travel from near and far to have their mouths and smiles cared for here. They appreciate that the mouth is an important part of overall health and that the interaction is complex and ever-changing. They care more about doing the right thing and caring for people as individuals, with humanity and excellence, than they care about the bottom line, though they are very successful. Linhart Dentistry has attracted an outstanding group of dentists and specialists who provide nearly all possible specialty dental treatments under the same roof. They have an in-house periodontist (gum and implant specialist),


But, it raises the question I always ask ... Why?

Why would people go out of their way to see me?

Then again, I looked at my own behavior. I’ve traveled first to Allentown and now to Crown Point Indiana to see a dentist! And if I had to, I’d go anywhere I could to get the best possible health care.


The simple answer is trust .

orthodontist (braces specialist), and endodontist (root canal specialist).

Physicians, nurses, and dentists know that not all doctors are created equal. Contrary to what our government and organized dentistry might want you to think, they know that just knowing isn’t enough. They know that caring might actually be more important, and that’s something you can’t see on a resume, can’t

I’ve been blessed. If you’re reading this, then you have been a loyal patient. You’ve experienced the superlative care that permeates our practice. And to you, I am grateful.

They are committed to improving the profession. In fact, the continuing education program at NYU College of Dentistry bears Dr. Linhart, the practice founder’s, name.

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