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Dancing Queen Watching My Daughter Dance Competitively for Nearly 10 Years

As readers may have been able to guess from the April edition of the newsletter, my family’s springs and summers are jam-packed with tournaments and baseball games. But that’s not all we do when the weather warms up. We have additional practices, recitals, and competitions to attend too! My daughter, Gabriella, has been dancing since she was 5 years old. She would dance around the house when she was really little, so by the time she entered preschool, we figured dance classes may be something she would enjoy. Nearly 10 years later, I think it’s safe to say we were right. Gabby has been dancing with the same friends she made in those preschool dance classes for nearly 10 years now, and the company she dances with competes across New England each spring and summer. This year, she will be competing solo, in a duet, and with her various large and small groups, performing pretty much every dance style. My wife, our son, and I will be in the stands cheering her on with the same families we have been touring with since Gabby was in preschool. In fact, if anyone is Gabby’s biggest fan, it’s her brother; he’s usually cheering and clapping louder than any of us (not that he would ever actually admit that he’s proud of his sister)! Gabby has made me so proud throughout her dancing career, and I make sure to tell her that regularly. Before she competed, she was very shy, but dancing has brought her out of her shell. She regularly performs by herself in front of hundreds of people, stitching together the hours of dedication she has put into each routine for just a few minutes on stage. Some weeks are harder than others, and she’s certainly her own worst critic. But she never gives up. She takes the losses and pushes herself forward into the wins. I’ll always be amazed at her talent and persistence to be better. I’m not sure how

she can remember the 10–12 dances she practices for each competition, perfecting each move with precision. I’m already dreading a few years from now when Gabby is a senior and performing in her last competition. I’m sure it will be emotional for her to complete her last move with girls she’s been dancing with for so many years, and I know I’m going to be a basket case. I see the parents of the older dancers crying at their children’s final competitions, and I just know that’s going to be me in a few years. For now, I am loving every minute! I’m not sure what Gabby’s future goals or dreams are after she finishes with this company, but for now, she’s done an amazing job of embracing all the good and bad that comes with her passion and enjoying it while she can. As for the rest of our family, we’re taking a cue from Gabby and soaking up the joy of the insanity while it lasts.

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