TRANSFORM - Autumn 2017

Busiest summer ever for LLA

× Four fast trains per hour from central London

Passenger numbers up 7%

T he number of passengers using LLA this summer topped 4.7million—marking 41 consecutive months of growth. 2017 alsomarked the busiest summer in the airport’s 79-year history. In total, 4.7million passengers travelled through the airport between June andAugust, a 7% increase comparedwith the same period last year. 1.6million flewthrough LLA inAugust alone, a 6.8%rise comparedwithAugust 2016. Tomeet this continued demand, LLA is carrying out the single biggest investment in its history to transformthe airport and increase annual capacity by 50%by 2020. SimonHarley, Head of Business Development at LLA said: “This summer wewelcomed a record number of passengers to the airport, highlighting our continued popularitywith business and leisure travellers alike. We nowoffer 134 destinations in 38 countries, with 22 new routes added this year alone.”

D espite being the fastest growingmajor London airport, we are the only one without a direct express-style rail service. That’s why we’ve been working hard with partners to helpmake sure that the new East Midlands rail franchise agreement includes a requirement for four fast trains per hour from central London. The new franchise, due to begin in August 2019, covers the route running fromLondon in the south to Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester in the north, and includes Luton Airport Parkway station. The refranchising offers a huge opportunity to improve the journeys of the thousands of passengers who travel on the line each day, and to drive significant economic growth in the region and across the UK. Demand for air travel is at record levels – we have seen consecutive growth everymonth for the past three years. Despite this demand we are yet to see a final decision regarding a new runway in the south east. While we await a verdict, regional airports such as LLA have a vital role to play in providingmuch needed capacity.  It’s why we are currently undertaking the single biggest investment in the airport’s history to increase our annual capacity by 50%by 2020. Independent economic analysis shows that LLA’s expansion to accommodate 18million passengers per annumwill increase our economic contribution by £1bn per year and create an extra 10,500 jobs.

An opportunity we can’t afford to miss

Against a backdrop of Brexit uncertainty we need to grab every opportunity to fuel economic growth. But for these benefits to be realised, the airport must be supported by better transport links. Adding an express-style service to LutonAirport Parkway can be achieved withminimal input, through timetable change alone, yet the benefits to passengers, local communities and the UK’s economy will be significant. Improved rail connections will accelerate the predicted economic growth of the airport. More trains will also help to keep over 70,000 cars off the M1 each year. This will reduce congestion and cut expected CO 2 emissions by around 500 tonnes a year. It will also open up new opportunities, such as the government-sponsored airport Enterprise Zone announced in 2015. The benefits are clear to see and the Federation of Small Businesses, the Confederation of British Industry and easyJet have all expressed their support for four fast trains calling at Luton Airport Parkway. The public consultation has now concluded, and the Department for Transport is due to award the contract in Spring 2019. We believe they have a significant opportunity to improve rail links to deliver much-needed aviation capacity. Let’s hope they take this opportunity to benefit travellers, communities and our economy.

Cities and sun – LLA’s top ten C ity breaks to European capitals have once again proved just as popular as traditional sun spots with LLA’s passengers this summer. Amsterdam took the number one spot with 167,745 passengers travelling between June and August – a 6% increase on the same period last year. Traditional Mediterranean favourites Palma de Mallorca and Barcelonamade the top five, closely followed by Tel Aviv at number six. Passenger numbers to Israel’s second city have grown by 16% sinceWizz Air joined El Al and easyJet on the route. Faro in Portugal saw the biggest growth this summer with passenger numbers up 32%on 2016, with Ryanair the latest LLA airline to serve the Algarve airport.

Most popular destinations 1 Amsterdam, 6% 2 Budapest – 0% 3 Bucharest – 6% 4 Barcelona – 11% 5 Palma deMallorca – 0% 6 Tel Aviv – 16% 7 Faro – 32%

by Nick Barton, CEO

Why the new East Midlands rail franchise is so important to LLA and the region

8 Malaga – 12% 9 Warsaw – 7% 10 Dublin – 0%



It can be delivered at marginal cost

Up to £110m additional revenue for the rail industry

Removing 70,000 cars from the road


Autumn 2017


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