Connected Vision News - Issue #1


APRI L 2018

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Welcome to the first edition of the Connected Vision newsletter, a quarterly publication intended to improve communication and awareness among all Connected Vision Partners and staff. As Connected Vision continues to develop, it’s important that we share our achievements and create a broader awareness of activities that are building this brand. We believe our key strength is our people and our opportunity to learn from each other. When we started this journey, the purpose was to ‘deliver better outcomes for our customers’ and we knew that we needed to have a national presence, or partnership, to achieve this outcome. What we didn’t fully understand at the time was how we would learn from each other and gain the ability to redefine ‘industry best,‘ delivering these outcomes by drawing on individual experiences and information share. Peer level learning and alignment of process and standards is achieved primarily through the Focus Groups, which are outlined in this newsletter. Sales effort across the group is increasing and we are seeingmore andmore national and global business deals. Recent group activity on national opportunities means there aremore people working on the same opportunities together and that means better outcomes and reduced individual effort. Our global partnership is strengthening

with executive engagement as well as inclusion of the Sales Focus Group. Sydney continues to grow with the energy and frantic pace of a supercharged start-up with limited resources. Delivering outcomes for EA Sport, Cisco, White & Case, Di Data and AMGEN is setting an excellent foundation for this business and carving out a unique offering with Smart Workplace and Collaboration technologies in the Sydney market. On the partner front, we will be expanding into NZ and commencing a partnership with Paul Monaghan and his team at Provision Technologies (Auckland and Christchurch). Provision are a well-respected Integrator in New Zealand and we will be kicking that partnership of working together on a project for Aurecon. We have also agreed to cease our formal arrangement with Sound Advice. We understand how important communication is and we’re really excited tobe able to share in this publication. If you there is anything you’d like to see or any questions you’d like answered in future issues, please let us know. Enjoy!

GLOBAL UPDATE During February, a number of the Connected Vision team had the privilege of attending Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam. ISE is now the largest AV trade show in the world featuring 1296 exhibitors, 53,000 sqm of exhibition space and boasting over 80,000 visitors. Over 4 massive days, our teammet with suppliers, explored new technology opportunities and built new and existing relationships with key strategic partners. Though major manufacturers such as Crestron, Samsung and Biamp all had new products to share with us, some of themoreexcitingdevelopments came fromstartupsoftwarebased technologies which will heavily impact our industry over the next few years. In a big paradigm shift for the typical AV integrator, customers are focusing on improved and enhanced user experience driven by software, Apps and AI and have much less focus on the boxes in each space. Change is happening in our industry and there are some massive opportunities that have never been available to us before. We need to educate ourselves, change our conversations and ensure we remain relevant to our customers. As part of our trip, we had the privilege of visiting the AVI-SPL Frankfurt office and being hosted by Johannes Stehr and his team. There are many reasons that AVI-SPL are the global leader in our industry, but what stands out everywherewe go is the people. Smiling, helpful, capable and a genuine belief in what they are trying to achieve – a company culture that ignores borders. We continue to build very strong links with AVI-SPL and featured prominently on their stand at ISE too.


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