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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that “change is the only constant in life.” That’s pretty true for our firm right now. At the end of August, receptionist Donnell Duncan was released to pursue other opportunities. He was replaced toward the end of September with Leonardo Estrada, who’s been doing an amazing job keeping the phones running smoothly. At the end of September, Kathryn Ringo, our office manager, left to pursue the next stage of her life’s journey, and we wish her all the best. She’s been replaced by Amber Engelking, who is returning to us after having left earlier in the year. And, to top it all off, we switched case management software while all of this was happening! At least Account Manager Melissa Hayes has stayed with us to help maintain SOME continuity. I bring this up because a lot of the people we help in our work believe that the changes they’re facing by being involved in the legal system are so daunting that nothing they do matters. A calm, steady perspective on how to best steer through the difficult times is invaluable, and that’s a major thing you want in your legal representation. We remain ready to offer that perspective.

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Some people love Thanksgiving just the way it is, but others feel the annual traditions that come with it are stifling. If you’re dreading the inevitable conversation about whose house to go to, which side dishes to cook, and who to invite to the table, why not mix things up for 2019? Just because Thanksgiving falls on the same fourth Thursday each November doesn’t mean you’re locked into the same holiday routine. If you’re stuck in a Turkey Day rut, try one of these alternate celebrations and enjoy the spirit of gratitude in a new way. TV shows love to draw up stories about devastated characters forced to spend Thanksgiving without their extended families, but really, what’s so bad about making Thanksgiving an intimate affair? Big, boisterous Thanksgivings with every uncle, cousin, and stepsister certainly have their downsides. Slaving over the stove is stressful, and bringing people from so many different walks of life together can cause heated arguments. Why not skip the drama this Thanksgiving and enjoy a romantic dinner with your significant other or a cozy meal with your spouse and kids? You can cook together at home or grab a table at a restaurant with a Turkey Day special to leave the stress of cooking behind entirely. In the end, you may be even more grateful for those you hold dear. ‘JUST US’ THANKSGIVING

-John Razumich and Joe Delamater

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