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D id you enjoy watching the Super Bowl last month? It’s a fun event to look forward to after the holiday season has passed and a good reason to spend quality time with people. We got together with some of our friends and had a lot of fun cheering on the players and, of course, eating a lot of good food. It was a fun weekend. As we move into the spring, Russell is gearing up for his last season of city league baseball. He’ll be 15 this year, so if he decides to continue playing next year, he’ll need to try out for the high school team. I have memories of trying out for high school baseball, and it was a little intimidating for me to jump up to the next level with older, more experienced players. Fortunately for me, the town I grew up in was small enough that there wasn’t a lot of competition, and it was fairly easy to get on the team. For Russell, it will be a bit more competitive. I’m interested to see where the next year takes him with his interests in this next phase of school. For now, he’s looking forward to playing this season and having a great time on the city league. Spring is intricately tied into all things baseball for me, including cheering on Russell, playing the game myself, and watching the games. Most days, I’m catching some sort of MLB game on TV. My family members aren’t quite such diehard fans as I am.They enjoy the game, but it’s usually just me watching. This spring, I’m hoping to continue my mission to visit one new baseball stadium each year. I’m still not sure where that will take me this year — possibly to California or maybe Dallas. Going to Florida last year with my good friend was an amazing experience, and I feel lucky that I got to take that trip. I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures this year will bring. Later this month, Beth and I are taking Julianna to New York for her senior trip like we did for Evie. Over the last several months, Julianna has been thinking a lot about her plans for the next year. Originally, she planned to work for a year after high school, save up some money, and then go to college. Recently, though, she’s been planning to start college classes next year. She’d like to study business and Japanese.

Julianna really enjoys learning about Japanese culture, and she’s taught herself a lot of the language on her own. Now, she’d like to take some official language classes and learn the skills and knowledge needed to work in a company that does business with Japan. I’m excited to see where this dream takes her. It’s pretty wild to see our kids grow up. It happens so fast! First elementary school, then middle school, and now our second child is about to finish high school. Beth and I are so proud of each of our kids for making the most of the opportunities they’ve been given and for developing and pursuing the activities and interests that they have a passion for. What does spring have in store for you? –Dr. Elkins

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