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POSITIVE FOCUS Why Mindset Matters in Work and Life

In our July issue, we talked about our fifth core value: We Chase Mavericks. Here at AZCOMP, that means seeing challenges as opportunities. I won’t go over the full background of this value since that would be retreading water, but let me give you a refresher. “Chasing Mavericks” is a movie about surfer Jay Moriarty. He saw his neighbor carving the huge Maverick waves in Half Moon Bay, California. Jay determines that the insane challenge of these waves won’t deter him, they’ll only spur him on to further success. That, in short, is why we like to say that we chase Mavericks. Now that we have that review out of the way, I want to tell you about how we prepare our staff to chase Mavericks. Looking at challenges as a chance for success requires a positive mindset. If you can raise a person’s current level of positivity, then that person’s brain performs better. When you’re feeling negative or stressed, you simply cannot achieve as much. So, how do we cultivate positivity? One way is by beginning every meeting with team members sharing a “positive focus.” We go around the room and everyone tells us something in their lives they’re feeling good about. It might be resolving a difficult issue for a client, it might be their son hitting a home run in Little League, or it might be the killer recipe they nailed the night before for dinner. Everyone sharing something positive from their lives at the start of the meeting makes the entire session radiate with positive energy.

they become a lot easier to overcome. Negativity only creates reticence. Positivity makes the impossible doable.

I recently heard a speech by psychologist Shawn Achor that reinforced just how important positivity is in creating great results. His talk is called “The Happy Secret to Better Work,” and it focuses on the advantages of staying positive, which include improved productivity, cognition, and overall performance. “If we can find a way of becoming positive in the present,” Achor says, “then our brains work even more successfully.” According to Achor’s studies, external factors have a much smaller impact on happiness and positivity than the way you view the world. “We not only need to work happy,” he notes, “we need to work on being happy.” Now, nobody can be relentlessly upbeat. I struggle with feelings of frustration and stress from time to time myself. If I can take a step back, refocus on the positive, and begin to see those frustrations as an opportunity for improvement, I often tackle a tough challenge with renewed energy. that big waves are what brought you to the ocean in the first place? Here at AZCOMP, we chase Mavericks, and you can bet that the biggest challenge is the one we most look forward to. - Benson Bashford When you see a huge wave coming toward the shore, will you get scared, beat yourself, and head for dry land? Or will you remember

Challenges and problems are a part of work. We all face obstacles. If we face these difficulties head on — if we chase Mavericks —

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