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When Jonah Peretti founded BuzzFeed in 2006, he didn’t expect it to one day become a media giant. After starting The Huffington Post alongside Arianna Huffington, Ken Lerer, and Andrew Breitbart a year earlier, Peretti viewed BuzzFeed as more of an experiment than a content farm. “BuzzFeed started as a lab,” Peretti remembers, “where we could play with ideas.” Peretti became curious about the potential of sharable content years earlier, when an email correspondence between him and Nike went viral among his friends and colleagues at MIT. “It opened up my eyes to the possibility of the fact that media was shifting,” he states, “so that if people thought something was worth passing on or sharing, you could reach millions of people.” Of course, BuzzFeed didn’t become one of the world’s 200 most visited websites overnight. After securing $3.5 million in funding in June 2008, BuzzFeed focused on growth. They found their initial foothold by treating internet formats like gifs, memes, and lists as equals to traditional long-form posts. Another huge step forward

occurred in 2010, when BuzzFeed produced its first batch of sponsored content, paving the way for the native advertising boom of today. As it grew, BuzzFeed consciously devoted resources to creating a journalistic arm in addition to its focus on viral content. They opened up offices in Los Angeles and the United Kingdom, and then they stumbled upon the quiz format for which they are now most known. These quizzes are BuzzFeed in microcosm: fun, irreverent, and eminently sharable. As of 2017, BuzzFeed has reached over 200 million unique users a month, making it one of the most popular content sites on the internet. If you work in an office or log on to Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen their content on the screens and pages of your co- workers and friends. Not bad for a company that grew from the seed of one goofy email chain.

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