C+S January 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 1 (web)

Any kind of change and overcoming the inertia of the way things have been done, is always a challenge. We must work hard to overcome it, but it’s not insurmountable. With thoughtful communication, trans- parency, and laying out a strong, clear strategy and approach, we’ll succeed. C+S: What is the timeline on the formation of this new group? This is an exciting time with high potential, but nothing will happen overnight. There will be no radical shifts in the TYLI brand. We’re engaged in a thoughtful process aimed at close collaboration among companies to be able to deliver large, complex projects around the world. Collaboration among firms under the Dar Group’s Infrastruc- ture pillar, and across pillars, will allow us to compete with the largest firms for the largest global projects. C+S: When you have brought the companies together for an expanded, global presence, what would be the goal of the new entity? To deliver our specialized expertise across a broader global platform. To provide opportunities for our people to excel. C+S: Dar Group’s mission is to create sustainable communities world- wide. What does that mean to you and how do you go about realizing the mission? Along with all our people here, I take great pride in designing the beau- tiful structures and infrastructure in their communities. We live where the projects are built, and there’s a great source of pride in delivering on needed infrastructure that the communities and all our people value. C+S: You are, and have been, a global player. When you were at The Wharton School, did you see this type of future ahead of you? This opportunity combines the experience I’ve cultivated over my career of 30 years, my training that includes Wharton, my engineering background, and my entrepreneurial spirit. This is the perfect opportu- nity for me. At the foundation, I’m an engineer. I’m passionate about building a better world and building the infrastructure that our society and communities need. Wharton certainly pointed me in a good direction, but I didn’t envision everything playing out the way it has. As a mid-career engineer at the time, Wharton helped round-out my business, strategy, and leadership skills. It gave me the exposure I needed to realize you can do important things and change your path from technical to business leadership, and that’s been a valuable lesson.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge New East Span. Photo: Thomas Heinser

C+S: The press release announcing your position says you plan to “leverage the strength of and unite the various global infrastructure affiliates” beneath parent company the Dar Group. The parent com- pany employs nearly 19,000 people in 296 offices in 59 countries and has annual revenue of about $2.4 billion. Tying all this together would seem like a Herculean task. What kinds of resources, and over what kind of timeframe, must you deploy to make this happen? This is going to be an evolution. It won’t have a hard beginning with a hard end. It’ll be a journey with milestones along the way, measured more in years rather than months. It will be a thoughtful journey. We have great staff and leadership at TYLI and at the other firms. They will all contribute to making the strategy successful. C+S: As you assess the various companies in the process of bringing them together, what are a few of the key things you will be looking for – what do you need to find to make this endeavor successful? It all starts with people. Being new to the enterprise, I’m getting to know all the people and their leadership and capabilities, both within TYLI and our affiliate companies. To date, I have visited locations within the U.S. I’ll be visiting our Asia locations, and then Jordan, to discuss strategy with Dar leadership, followed by a trip to Europe to meet with affiliates there. It’ll be important to not only form a col- laboration, but to also ensure the success and health of each entity. I’ll also keep an eye on the health, prosperity and growth of TYLI, and the other firms, looking at the broader strategy of collaboration. The collaborative concept has been formulating over the years. We’re com- ing together to thoughtfully bring all the people and companies along using a well aligned strategy. I’m a connector at heart and feel strongly about forming teams and supporting collaboration among people. C+S: As you seek to bring the various pieces of the Dar Group to- gether, what is expected to be the biggest challenge to overcome?

RICHARD MASSEY is managing editor of Zweig Group publications. He can be reached at rmassey@zweiggroup.com.


january 2020


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