C+S January 2020 Vol. 6 Issue 1 (web)

Bigge Crane and Rigging lifted the 1.35-million-pound pier tables for each of the two towers into place. Bigge used Enerpac strand jacks to lift the pier tables. Photo: Port of Long Beach

scalable. The flexibility of the strand jack system allows Bigge to use this equipment on many other projects across multiple industries. Enerpac HSL 50006 strand jacks, each with 48 steel strands, were used to lift the steel framework pier table positioned around the base of the tower onto the four-column falsework. Synchronized control of the strand jack allows all four jacks to lift simultaneously, ensuring the structure remains balanced and does not tip. Each incremental lift was 18 inches, with the entire lift of the pier table taking 10 hours. Bigge synchronized the lift though a strand jack computer.

“The lift was straightforward. However, maneuvering the pier table into its final resting position on the falsework was a delicate operation — the final alignment was coordinated with the strand jack and visual feedback by engineers on the piers,” John Levintini noted. MIKE BERES has been with Enerpac for 19 years and is currently the Business Director for Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology in the Americas. He is respon- sible for helping to matching up unique lifting products such as strand jacks, gantries, and jack-ups to a Client’s unique problem creating opportunities to “lift really big things.”

An Emerging World WGI Names Lisa Nisenson as VP for New Mobility & Connected Communities By Richard Massey

Lisa Nisenson consumes a lot of media about smart infrastructure and innovative parking solutions. She travels a lot, talks to plenty of people and, most importantly, listens to what they say. At home in front of a city council or in a room full of West Coast tech junkies at a conference in Portland, Nisenson is positioning herself to do at least two things – solve a problem and even predict the future. She’ll have plenty of chances to do both. Nisenson, after decades in the field as a consultant, researcher, activist, entrepreneur, and planner, was recently named VP for New Mobility & Connected Communities at WGI, a firm with huge aspirations for the future.

Lisa Nisenson, of WGI, says the smart-city grid here in the US is still in its infancy, and a lot of problems must be solved before the curbsides and sidewalks of the future are figured out. Photo: W Creative Services, a division of WGI


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