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May 2020

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Is Social Security Disability Right for You? A Reality Check in the Face of Job Loss and COVID-19

Social Security disability is not … • A short-term fix to replace income temporarily • A solution for someone who plans to return to work in the next 12 months

You don’t need me to tell you that we’re living in crazy times right now, but I’ve truly been feeling it lately. A lot of things in my life have changed over the last few months, some of them hard, but I’ve also been reminded of how blessed I am. My family is safe and healthy, and I’m able to keep helping my clients from home. In fact, I’m writing this newsletter from my back porch, and the sunshine itself is a blessing. That said, this pandemic has not been as kind to many other good people. With businesses closing or reducing their hours, a lot of hardworking Americans have lost their jobs in the last few months and are looking for other ways to bring in enough income to make ends meet. If you’re in that situation, my heart goes out to you. Maybe one of the things you’ve been considering is applying for Social Security disability. That’s totally understandable — after all, Social Security disability is one way to get a steady income without working. However, it’s also a program meant to help a very specific group of people and won’t work as a solution for everyone. If you’ve lost your job and are wondering whether Social Security disability might be a solution for you, consider these tips from me, a guy who works with the program every day.

If, after reading those lists, you’ve realized that Social Security disability might be a solution for you, please reach out to me by calling 575- 300-4000. I’d love to help you get through this pandemic. If those lists revealed that Social Security disability isn’t right for you, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully with this new knowledge, you’ll be able to go on and find a solution that does work for your situation. I’m optimistic that our government will continue to pass stimulus packages, including things like expanded unemployment, to help take care of us, our friends, and our loved ones. There are resources out there for you, and I know you’ll find them if you keep looking. Life is a struggle right now and we’re all worried about the future, but I have faith that things won’t always be this way. There is a lot of fear in the world at the moment, but humanity is resilient. We’ll bounce back, we’ll look up, and things will get better. Don’t lose hope. “If you’ve lost your job and are wondering whether Social Security disability might be a solution for you, consider these tips fromme, a guy who works with the program every day.”

Meant for someone with minor medical issues but is otherwise in good health

Social Security disability IS … •

A solution for someone who was working but was already struggling to do their job for health reasons before the pandemic hit Meant for someone who, even if a job came knocking tomorrow morning, would wonder if they could take it Meant for someone whose doctor was already encouraging them to stop working Meant for those with major health issues that will likely not improve in the next 12 months A long-term solution for seniors near retirement whose health has kept them from getting to the finish line Meant to help those with a consistent work history and documented health problems

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