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December, 1940



the Lord Jesus and lead some one to Jesus? (Dan. 12:3). [ Verses selected from the above list could serve as December memory work.] The Christ Child » By G o rd o n E. H o o k e r To the manger from afar, Guided by an eastern star, Came thé wise men Him to see In His sweet innocency. ’Twas the star that guided them To the town of Bethlehem. There they found the Holy Babe— At His feet their treasures laid. We like stars are meant to be To the souls out on life’s sea, Telling of a Saviour’s love, Pointing them to heaven above. So may we like stars that shine In the night and all the time, Point to Jesus those who roam, Those who now are far from home. For He loves them, every one, And He died that all may come, Men and women, children, too. Is He making use of you? . New K. Y. B. C. Members The following have read through the Gos­ pel according to John and are now members of the Know Your Bible Club: GEORGE, IO W A : Sylvia and W i l m a B lau ; Lillian deBoer: Martin Eben; Hattie Jurrens; Eleanor K rull; Irene Reemtsma; Floyd Schneiderman; Clarence Venenga, and Harm Winters (Mrs. A. T. Reemtsma, leader). HASTY, A R K .: Vivian Baufman ; Frances B ell; Irene Bowling; Bonnie Davidson; Es­ telle, -Fern, Opal and Wilma Gregory; Georgia and Gladys Jones; Lola and Nancy L ee; Alice Sisco, and Edith Thompson (Flo­ rence Billings, teacher). HOLTON, K A N S .: Jill Cochrin; Bernice, Kathryn, and Max Kehler; Robert Krauss; Hervie Little; Dale and Max Oden, and John and Mary Ann Schlodder (Paul Krauss, leader). LOS ANGELES, C A L IF .: Sunley Ander­ son ; Harold Davis; Alexander Duckworth; Patrick Hurley; Thomas Randall; Herbert Vervalin, and William Williams (James A. Winton, teacher). ; NICODEMUS, K AN S .: Alvina Bates; Le- land Clark; Donald, Nathaniel, and W il- ford Moore; Vernlta and William Henry Napue ; Earl Jr.,;and Ernest Nivens; Gool- ige, Emroy and Maxine Sayers;- Freddie Jr., Harold, LeEverett and Lorene Switzer; Ruth and Alice Vaughn; Leland Wharton, and Alberta and Chester Williams. (Mrs. Katherine Henrie, leader). O R D W A Y , COLO.: Cleatus Newman (Mrs. Martha Runnells, leader). SELAH, W A S H .; Ruth Lundberg; .Lois Matson; Florence and Lola Nelson; Helen Samuelson; Betty Jane Tissel; Dorothy Valentine', and Delores Williams (Judith Fogelquist, teacher). How to Join the K. Y. B. Club To become a member of the Know Your Bible Clnb, read through the Gospel ac­ cording to John, using either your own Bible or a Gospel of John which will be sent upon request. When the Gospel has been read, and a statement to this effect, signed by parent or Sunday-school teacher, has been sent to the Editor of the Junior King’s Bus- iness, a K. Y. B. C. pin will be mailed. Sunday-school classes or clubs desiring to order ten or more Gospels or pins may wish to share the cost of these supplies, as the Lord directs: Gospels, postpaid, five cents each— in quantity, three cents; pins, without postage, two cents each. However, no one is to. do without a Gospel or pin because of lack of money. Address: Junior King’s Busi­ ness, 558 8. Hope Los Angeles, Calif.

in the next room. Peter-was asleep. But Penny could not sleep. She was thinking of the new baby and of that Other Baby far away in, Bethlehem. No, not far away either—but right here in her heart. She looked out at the moon, and beyond the moon—up, up, up to the very place of God. Then she closed her eyes and whispered: “Little Lord Jesus, I love You. I have made a place for You—here in the little white crib of my heart. You may rest upon the soft pillow of my love; I will pull the soft blanket of my thoughts up around You. You will always Have a home in Penny’s heart--” Then she blushed in the darkness. “I guess that is a queer way for a little girl to talk to God,” she murmured drowsily. “Perhaps He would mind. I wonder if—” But Penny was asleep. And I don’t think God minded at all. I think maybe He likes to have little girls talk to Him like, that. What do you think?

“When God came down to heal the world’s distress, And sought, in vain, man’s hospital­ ity, The kindly cattle harbored Holiness— These were the first to house Hu­ mility. “ So you may hang the holly on the walls, And deck the tree with Christmas candles fair, But I will take the still road to the stalls And say ‘I thank you’ to the cattle there.’’ Penny clapped her hands. “You say; it so nicely, Mother. But I felt it in­ side, too. Tell me more.” "And so,” Mother continued, “she brought forth her first-born Son and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shep­ herds—” But Mother could not go on. Suddenly Penny had burst into tears. “What’s the matter, darling?” "I can’t stand it, Mother. I keep thinking about all the nice things we have done to welcome our baby and to make it comfortable, and then I think about Him out there in a manger ‘because there was no room for them in the inn’—and I can’t stand it. Maybe He was cold.” Penny looked out at the whirling flakes and shivered. ’ The most important baby in all the world— and nobody made a plan for His coming!” ‘ God made a plan, dear, and His plan included a birthplace for the Lord Jesus.” “Do you mean -God wanted Him to be bom in a stable ?” ' » "I don’t know as to that, Penny, but I don’t think the stable mattered a gregt deal to God, for He had plan­ ned that the real birthplace o f His Son should be in the hearts of His people. Sometimes, I fancy that the Christ-Child goes again, at Christmas time, up and down the land, knocking at the hearts of men. And some will answer and say, ‘Come in, Bethlehem Babe, You may be bom in my heart,’ but some will cry, ‘No room in the inn,’ and send -Him away again into the night. I think that grieves God more than the stable. I think even a very little girl’s heart might make room for ’the Lord Jesus. What do you tliink ?” “I think it could, too, Mother. I know it will!” Penny’s eyes were shin­ ing. Mother kissed her. - * * * * * The snow had ceased falling, and, outside the window, the moon was making a pathway of silver light down through the bare branches of the trees. Alone in the darkness, Penny watched it. She had been in bed am hour, and she could hear Peter’s regular breathing

Heart Questions on the Christmas Story 1. “There was no room for them in the inn’.’ (Lk. 2:7). Have you given the Lord Jesus room in your heart by accepting Him as your Saviour? (Rev. 3:20). 2. “For unto you is borji this day . . . a Saviour” (Lk. 2:11). Is the Lord Jesus your Saviour? If not, won’t you make Him yours today? (John 1:29). 3. “Let us now go even unto Bethle­ hem” (Lk. 2:15). Have you by faith again journeyed to Bethlehem, there to behold the Lord Jesus, your Saviour? (2 Cor. 3:18). 4. “And when they had seen . . . they made known” (Lk. 2:17). Have you “made known” fo others the good news concerning Jesus? (Matt. 28:19, 20). 5. “And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God” (Lk. 2:20). Are'you praising God today for the Lord Jesus your Saviour? (2 Cor. 9:15). 6 . “We . . . are come to worship him” (Matt. 2:2). Have you really worshiped Him at this Christmas time? He is worthy! (John 4:23,24). 7. “Lo, the star . . . came and stood over where the young child was” (Matt. 2:9).; Will you be a “Christmas star” for

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