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LAST as this one. The chart below, reproduced from the one used in Dr. Talbot’s unique book, reveals the scope of its contents. At last those who are in Bible class work have a valuable textbook they can use with profit. Send a copy to your pastor or to some missionary, and thereby you will earn their undying gratitude. Have a copy near at hand so that, as the Gentile nations con­ tinue to be overturned, you may refer to Dr. Talbot’s study for a wonderful un­ folding of earth’s perplexity and tears. There are some books you must have, and this is one of them— Herbert Lockyer. the ¿P ro p h e t tisummottoa of the Times of the Gentiles.

H O W TO SECURE IT THE PROPHECIES OF DANIEL, in a substantial paper,binding, will be given to those who send a gift to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and request the book. For an exposition of the Book of Daniel, outlined by the chart below, send for this new, revised edition of Dr. Talbot’s book. These studies embody a series of radio mes­ sages 'delivered by the Pastor of the Church of the Open Door and President of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. The volume is well illustrated and contains 320 pages. The chart shown here appears in the book. Write to: THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES Incorporated 5S8 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, Calif.

"King of Kings and Lord of Lords" Rev. 19-16 , Chapter 1Z Continuation o f The Vision o f Chapter 11 • Daniel sees the even ts in conne c tion w i+ h t h e Great Tribulation

Chapter 11 The Final V is io n World Empire Pa sse s to Greece V erses I-4-. Wars o f the Ptolemies(Egypt) — a n d — Seleuadae(Syria) V s.S -3S

Chapter10 A n g e l ic M in is t r y verses World-Rulers of this Darkness Eph. 6 . 12-17 Conflict in the Heaven lies The ir Final E xp u lsion a n d Doom

Chapter 9 T h e

C h a p te r 8

t e r 7


Great Prophecy The 70 weeks (1) 7 Weeks-49 Vfears Jerusalem Rebuilt Vs2S s e t Nth.3-4-. (2) 62\M*ks-43tW s "Messiah Cut Off t Shall haveHähinq Verse 26

( i Horns)

ftTrresistible Media Persia >Strength

H eavy, Slow , Highér Horn Persia


Tight, Quick

Greece , wry swift

— a n d -t h e — O v e r th row — o f th e — . " A n t i - C h r i s t /

N o ta b le h o r n Alexander the Great- d ied su d d e n ly Empire divided into 4 Parts.....

Rome HSesfructive «rsai


from the Cross to the Rapture r e v e a l e d t o D a n ie l. Eph . 3 .H o l l

Th*Anti-Christcomestohis end inPalestine*»/*-^ ------- K tv. 1919-11. Israel is delivered. compart Jar. 30-7 Kingdom andGlory compart MaH:/3-fS Matk3£-.3*-4i Mat.4-3 L a + t - e r T im e .

TheKing "(Anti-Chrisi) VersescE -fE S e lf willed and God defying. His Antagonists in +ha Latter Time

(3)1 Week- 7 'fears A n + i-C h rists False C o ve n an t w it-h Is r a e l J er.30 -7 in +he L a t t e r T im e

Anti-Christ will rise o u t o f A lexanders Kingdom. in -the

Roman Em p ire Revived ¿■» he trist rules tie Horn) +H« r Time

T h e L a + t -e r T im e Rev. tz.

Latter Time

Geritile Dominion Qbolisheò

% is

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