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December, 1940


on Christian Endeavor By L Y M A N A . W E N D T *

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Illus.: Canada’s preparation last year Yor the visit of her king; the housewife “tidying up” for the “pastoral call,” etc. Additional references: Mark 13:34-37; 1 Corin­ thians 6:19, 20; 10:31; Colossians 3:17.

JANUARY 5, 1941 W H A T A M I L IV IN G F O R ? 2 P eter 3:13-18 Introduction The average young person reaches the late “twenties” with a feeling of the futility of life. Even Christian young people often wonder “what life is all about,” and, in extreme cases, “whether life is worth while after all.” The reason for this unfortunate situa­ tion is the absence of a real purpose in life! We need to remember that al­ though we do not have the mastery of our circumstances, we do have the mas­ tery of our purposes. Illus.: Paul, as recorded in Romans 1:13 (“let” ; cf. R. V. “hindered” ), pur­ posed to preach the gospel in Rome but was hindered. We need to know, then, how we may have a real purpose in life. It is an ob­ servable fact that our present life is in­ fluenced greatly by our views concern­ ing the future. For Those Who Have Topics For the Christian young man or woman this life should be: I. A TIME OF ANTICIPATION (2 Pet. 3:13). 1. Science believes that there should be another life: a. In order that man may outlive his works: The creator should be more enduring than the creation. ■b. Because of the incompleteness of this life:. We only begin to r e a l i z e our accomplishments —and are cut off. Ulus.: Raphael died at 37; David . , Brainerd at 29; Robert Murray McCheyne at 30. 2. God declares that there will be an­ other life (John 5:28, 29; Heb. 9:27; Matt. 25:21; Job 14:14; cf. 19:25, 26). Are you living in antici­ pation of the “life, to come” ? H. A TIME OF PURIFICATION (2 Pet. 3:14). 1. Present the force of a future life and the coming of our Lord Jésus (1 John 3:2, -3) as a motive for a ; “separated, life.” *Pastor, 'Caloaru Church. Santa ¿.na. Calif. ASlain. ’Six

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Is Secondary to Obe-

2 . Confront the group with this ques­ tion: What are you living for? What is your life purpose ? Discuss if possible. JANUARY 12 , 1941 H O W B IG IS M Y W O R L D ? R omans 1:14; G alatians 3:28; 1 C o r i n t h i a n s 4 :7; J o h n 10:16 Introduction Too often our young people’s societies and church groups become so involved in their own programs that our world, and our spiritual vision, , narrows to en­ compass only our own little denomina­ tion, or congregation, or society, or clique, or self. How tragic! Let us per­ mit God through this lesson to push out our spiritual horizon until we can “see” all who are yet in "darkness.” For Those Who Have Topics I. GOD’S WORLD IS AS BIG AS HIS PROGRAM. 1. He has provided a comprehensive, all-embracing remedy (John 3:16; Rom. 10:13 — “Whosoever . ., . saved” ) for man’s universal, all- including malady (Rom. 3:10, 23; Eccl. 7:20—“sin” ). Illus.: God has made a bandage (“grace” ) able to cover our hideous sore (“sin” ). Note Romans 5:20. 2. He does not view the world from the standpoint of race, color, social standing, etc. Man does (I Cor. 4:7, Jas. 2:9), but God does not! (Acts 17:26; Rom. 2:11). Ulus.: Give example of t)ie sin of discrimination (even among pro­ fessing Christians) toward Jews, Negroes, Filipinos, Japanese, etc., and show how this sin hinders our influence for Christ. H. OUR WORLD IS AS BIG AS WE MAKE IT! 1. Acdbrding to our obedience. a. The first motive for world evan­ gelism should be the command of our Lord J e s u s (Matt. 28:18-20). b. The. burden of proof is on us all to show why we should not be missionaries—somewhere!

HI. A TIME Pet. 3:18).


1. Efficiency in any field of endeavor requires training. There is no royal road to success. 2. Preparation for tomorrow must be made today. “What we are going to be, we are now becoming.” 3. Men everywhere are hungry for the “Bread of Life.” Are we pre 1 pared to “feed” them? Ulus.: Paul’s testimony in Romans ■ 1:15, “I am ready.” Not only did he have a responsibility (v. 14), but he was prepared to meet it as well. Additional references: 2 Timothy 2:15; 1 ‘Peter 2:2; Ephesians 6 : 10 , 1 1 ; etc. If time allows, this topic provides excellent opportunity to discuss such kindred thoughts as: a. "Christ First, Others Next, Self Last!” b. ' “ Out of the Will of God into ' Trouble.” For the Leader 1.

Do You Like Outlines? When it is YOUR turn to lead the Christian Endeavor meeting, what do you do? Do you know how to find in the Word of God enough material to give His an­ swer to youth’s problems ? Do you have p file of illustrations that really “give light” ? In the preparation of these notes, it has been felt that a con­ cise outline that merely suggests ideas—many ideas—to the speaker is the kind most needed. Is this view right as far as YOU are concerned? Please write your opinions frankly to the Editorial Department of T H E KING’ S BUSINESS, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. Your answer will help us—and YOU.



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