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December, 1940


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

fruitful life. Our dangers should not be ignored, but despoiled. J. H. Jowett states the challenge thus: “Perils may indicate our possible impoverishment; they equally indi­ cate our possible enrichment. How, then, is it to be done? By the studious and reverent regard to the supreme commonplaces of the spiritual, life . . . Neglected spirit­ ual fellowship means futility all along the road . . . The discipline of the soul must be serious and studious. We must practice exten­ sive soul culture.” Thank God for the truth that our ■resources are more than sufficient! A solemn task without its trials and temptations would not be worth hav­ ing. Perils, enemies, and allurements may be ours, but “grace abounds.” Thanks be unto God who giveth us the victory! To recapture and keep alive the evangelical passion, we must recover the evangelical experience. “Freshness in preaching,” s a y s James Reid, “springs ever renewed from a heart which is daily subdued to the wonder of God’s gracious, per­ sonal love to one’s own soul.” Well might we pray, “Lord, evermore give us this freshness.” [The End] Rodeheaver Selects Biola Worker As Representative Paul Moon, who has been associated with the Bible Institute of Los Angeles during the past three years as Cashier, then as Student Employment Secretary, and later as Field Representative, has been chosen by Homer Rodeheaver to represent the ' Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Company on the west coast. Mr. Rodeheaver, while recently con­ ducting meetings on the Pacific Coast, recognized thé advisability of establish­ ing a deposition for his publications in this section of the country. He felt that Mr. Moon’s experience in Christian work and song leading would well equip him for this position. In addition to his work for the Bible Institute, for the past two and a half years Mr. Moon has been associated with A. H. Ackley, interna­ tionally famous gospel song writer, serv­ ing as director of young people’s work and song leader in the congregation to which Dr. Ackley ministers. Those wishing to discuss their music needs or problems with Mr. Moon may feel free to call upon him without ob­ ligation. Mr. Moon is also available to direct a song service in a church, young people’s society, evangelistic meeting, or conference. A complete stock of all re­ cent Rodeheaver Hall-Mack publica­ tions is now carried in Los Angeles, and the 1940-41 catalog will be sent free upon request. Persons desiring Mr. Moon's assistance may write him at S60 South Hope St., Los*.Angeles, Calif.

PASSIONLESS PREACHING [ Continued from Page 462] pleted . . . In my humble opinion, the hobby rider is criminal in the discharge of his duty. The preacher is to captivate men for the gospel. He must storm the citadel of the intellect, that he may so reach the heart. Perpetual sameness creates nausea. There must be variety in theme. The gospel is one, but many in one.” Coming to a most positive aspect, let us discover how our perils can be avoided, how they can be made to min­ ister to a richer, stronger, and more

26. What Is the Explanation? “Ye are complete in him” (Col. 2:10). When the storms of life sweep over me and ruthlessly make evident the hidden sources of my weakness and my strength, will it be made plain that that life has been lived in Christ? . . . Is there apparent in my life a difference from the life of the world which can be explained only by the fact that" I am in Christ, or can my life be ex­ plained by my relations with the world regardless of Christ?—W. W. Stout. \W e regret that, becat ~e of crowded space, a few of the Devot ->nal Readings for this month had toi be omitted. Editor .]

Important Notice to the Christian Public The RUSSIA INLAND RELIEF MISSION, INC., formerly of 1265 Broadway, New York City, wishes to announce that for the purpose of better opportunities to continue its missionary work among the Russian people, after careful and prayerful considera­ tion the Board'of Directors decided to move its headquarters from New York City to the city of Los Angeles, California. This is a faith Mission called by God with the main objective of -promoting the Gospel message and rendering an extensive temporal relief work among the Russian people in Soviet Russia, United States, Canada and many other countries, where millions of these Russians aré scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd. The need for this kind of Missionary work is vital, and we invite all true Christian believers to remember it at this Christmas season in their prayers and by their Christmas contributions.

Please communicate with us at our new address : RUSSIA INLAND RELIEF MISSION, INC. Rev. John Johnson, Founder and General Director

357 South Hill Street

Room 522-K

Los Angeles, Calif.

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