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December, 1940

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THE TRUTH ABOUT JAPAN’S CHALLENGE TO GOO The Meaning of the Greatest Missionary Crisis in a Century

T EN years ago a railroad train in Korea, carrying a Japanese army officer, was passing the Union Christian College in "Pyongyang, and the officer was heard to remark to other military men with him, “We must destroy such schools before we can achieve our purposes here.” The destruction is now well under way. The American Christian public knows something of the demands made by Japanese authorities, that teachers and pupils in Christian mission schools make obeisance at the Shrines, thus acknowledging the deity of the Japanese Emperor and rec­ ognizing a mythical Japanese goddess as divine. But the issue has now spread beyond that of the mission schools, and all professing Christians, and Christian denomi­ nations, whether foreign or Japanese, in the lands governed by the Mikado are confronted by the question of loyalty to God and Christ versus disloyalty through obedience to a pagan, God-denying government Time magazine recently devoted more than a full page to what it calls “Christianity’s most serious crisis since Commodore Perry in 1853 opened Japan to missionaries." Is Shinto a religion or not? Is it mere patriotism, as some have contended? Some denominations conducting mission­

ary work in Korea have accepted the insincere claim at Japanese authorities that it is only patriotism, and have “saved” themselves by making obeisance at the Shrines. Many true Christians in Korea and Japan have steadfastly refused thus to worship idols and devils, and some have suffered persecution, even torture. Christian people in the homelands must know the facte about the brazen, blasphemous challenge to God that Japan has laid down. T he S unday S chool T im es has secured a series of five remarkable articles, covering the whole ground with scrupulous accuracy and astounding facts, by a well- known and much loved missionary who has labored for many years in Korea and who is now in America, Dr. J. Gordon Holdcroft. His articles are of thrilling interest and sober­ ing import. In a personal letter to the Editor he says: “News from the Far East is bad— so bad that we must look up.” Dr. Holdcroft brings together ominous facts, tragic facts, and glorious facts. His remarkable articles give information never before published. No intelligent Christian can afford to miss-these articles or be in ignorance of the facts. They will be published in T he S unday S chool T im es this winter.

Dame Christabel Pankhurst’s Latest Word on Prophecy A BRILLIANT Englishwoman was challenged by the World War of 1914 to study Bible prophecy. From that day to this Christabel Pankhurst, in recent years honored by the Crown by- being made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire, has delved ever deeper into the in­ exhaustible riches of the prophetic Scriptures. T he S unday S chool T im es will publish four articles giv­ ing her fresh study of: The History of the Future War and the Prince of Peace The Revived Roman Empire . Christ and Caesar She makes plain why it was a dar­ ing prophecy for the lowly Galilean to predict, in the heyday of the Ro­ man peace, that wars would come and would continue to the end of the age. She makes the terse statement: "The Roman Empire has long been- latent. It will be patent in thp last phase of the Age.”

Will There Be No Millennium? T HE vaporous dream of Postmil- lenniallsm has evaporated —two World Wars within quarter of a cen­ tury rudely shocked it out of exist­ ence. But another strange amd un- scriptual theory is vigorously taught by some Christian believers Who count themselves uncompromisingly ortho­ dox, and who are strongly opposed to Modernism, yet who would rob the Church and the world of the hun­ dreds of promises throughout Old Testament and New that Christ is coming again to establish his cove­ nanted Kingdom on earth and to reign over the earth for a thousand years. This impoverishing and de­ featist theology, known as Amillen- nialism (meaning “no millennium”) will be fully examined, its unscrip- tural foundations be clearly exposed, and the glorious promises of God to give his Son “the heathen for Thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for Thy possession,” will be revealed in a convincing way by Dr. J. Oliver Buswell, Jr.

What Is Meant by the Fundamentals of the Faith T HE Editor of T he S unday S chool T im es mentioned to a friend that he was a Fundamentalist. “Then you believe that the earth is flat?" asked his friend. No, the Fundamentalist did not believe that! ' Yet there are many intelligent people, even among Christians; who are strangely igno­ rant of what is meant by the Funda­ mentals. If you shoufd ask a member of a conservative church to tell you what the Fundamentals are, would you get an intelligent, accurate, Scriptural answer? There is nothing more vital to a well-grounded knowledge of the Bible, of the Gospel, of Christ, and of true Christianity, than a clear understanding of the Fundamentals. I « A s a help to this end T he S unday r S chool T imes has asked one of the f best-known Bible teachers of today, f Dr. William L. Pettingill, to write the following series; What Is Meant by Inspiration? What Is Meant by the Deity .of Christ? Why the Importance of the Virgin Birth? What Is Meant by the Atonement? Why Was Christ’s Resurrection Necessary? What Is Meant by the New Birth? The Meaning of the Second Coining The Eternal Future of the Saved and the Lost

Her article on Christ and Caesar is masterly and thrilling. “Christ, when first here, was scrupulous to render unto Caesar the things that were Caesar’s. . . . Next will come Caesar’s turn to render' unto • Christ the things that are Christ’s.”

I Dept. K, 325 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. I enclose one dollar (Canada, $1.10) for a 24-weeks trial *1 subscription covering all four series announced on this page. Name „— ^.,^T — .1......^___:_____ ___ —. , ,, ........... I Address ,-----—T—-T............ .— ......- ,

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