King's Business - 1940-12


T H E K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S

December, 1940

INSURANCE MINES, MacKEIGAN & BILKER, 448 S. HILL St. Los Angeles, Calif. Page 479. LANTERN SLIDES MARKET RALPHS GROCERY COMPAHY, LOS A3ÎGELES. Calif. Page 439. MISSIONARY EQUIPMENT MONTGOMERY WARD, EXPORT MISSIONARY Unit. Chicago. IH. ^»«»ge 476. x ____________ MISSIONS . AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Je^s. Inc,. 31 Throon Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y. Contents page. __________________ . THE INTERNATIONAL HEBREW CHRISTIAN Alliance, 2852 Eastwood Ave., Chicago, III. Page 491. ________ • ■ /. NEW YORK JEWISH EVANGELIZATION .SO* ciety, 56 Second Ave., New York, N. Y. Page 486. RUSSIA INLAND RELIEF MISSION, INC., 357 So. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 492. RUSSIAN GOSPEL ASSOCIATION, 64 W. RAN- dolph St., Chicago, III. Page 486. \ ' UNION RESCUE MISSION, 226 SO. MAIN ST., Los Angeles. Calif. Back cover. - MONEY-RAISING PLANS V MÉTAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION. PHIL- adelphia, Pa. Page 477,________ _________________ OBJECT LESSONS HADDON SERVICE, BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD, Conn. Page 477._____________'__________ '■ __________ OPTOMETRIST - DR. FRANK H. GUERNSEY, 604 W.. 61?H ST<> Los Angeles, Calif. Page 480. ^ _______________ORGANS • - • : \ BILHORN BROS. ORGAN CO., INC., 1414 Mc- Lean Ave., Chicago, HI. Inside back coyer, A. L. WHITE MFG. CO.. 1902 W. GRAND AVE.. Chicago, 111. Inside back cover._______- PASTORATE WANTED GRACE PREACHER WANTS PASTORATE. Ra- dio, rural, and city experience. Salary and loca- tion no object. John A. Mellen, Mentor, Ohio, ■ PHOTO FINISHING ; YOUR CHOICE—EXTRA SET REPRINTS OR one Hand Colored vyjth oils enlargement with each six or eight exposure film developed and printed, 25c coin; reprints 2c each. Stab-Merit, 3609 45th Ave. So.. Minneapolis. Minn. • “ • PRINTERS — ENGRAVERS ANDREW J. JOHNSON, 5308 EL VERANO Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 478. •/ " RILEY-MOORE ENGRAVING CO., 337 S. LOS Angeles St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 478. SHOE REPAIRING r ERICK PETERSON, .730 W. SIXTH ST., LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 486. . ; V o;^ SUNDAY-SCHOOL SUPPLIES v AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION, 1816 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 476. • BEREAN BOOK ROOMS. 405 S. HILL ST.. LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 481. ■ -■ ■ ; CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS, INC,, 1562 N, Third St., Harrisburg, Pa. Page 479, . ' ■ HIGLEY PRESS, BUTLER, IND. INSIDE BACK cover. ____________•_______________ y/ FLEMING H. REVELL CO., 158 FIFTH AVE,, New York?, N. Y, Page 474. ' THE 8CRIPTURE PRESS, INC., 800 N. CLARK St., Chicago, HI. Page 475. > ■ STANDARD PUBLISHING CO., 8TH AND CUT- ter Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. Inside back cover. 1 ______ -TRACTS ' FAITHFUL WORDS PUBLISHING CO.. 2116 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Page 492. SPREAD GOD’S WORD TODAY; TOMORROW might be too late, fifty gummed texts, assorted, or your favorite, 10c. “America’s Future,” other tracts, 10c. Edmund Nelson, R. 5, Columbus, Did,.- PILGRIM TRACT SOCIETY, RANDLEMAN, N. C. Page 480.______________ ; TITHEB, 721 TITLE INSURANCE BLDG.. LOS Angeles, Calif, Page 481,

BUYERS’ GUIDE and CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SECTION. Try a Classified A d for RESULTS at Low Cost. O n ly 5c a word— -20 words $1.00 minimum. M A IL NOW ! Remittance should accompany single insertion — all copy subject to approval. Closing date 10th of month preceding date of issue. Print or write plainly. THE KING 'S BUSINESS • 558 So. Hope St. • Los Angeles, Calif.

AGENTS WANTED BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASSN.-, 810 N. Wells St., Chicago, 111, Page 488. ________ GEORGE W. NOBLE. MONON BLDG.. CHI- cago^ 111. Page 480.______________________________ ORIENTAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY. 900 N. HO- bart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 488. AGENTS WANTED—MAKE MONEY IN YOUR spare time. Write to Westcrown Co., 87 Fifth Ave., New York. ANNUITIES AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY. BIBLE HOUSE, New York. N. Y. Inside front cover. ________BANKING (SAVINGS) EQUITABLE PLAN COMPANY. 704 S. SPRING St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 481.___________ BIBLE BINDING GRACE BIBLE HOUSE AND BINDERY. Bi­ bles repaired and rebound. Flexible leather cov­ ers a specialty. New Analytical Bible, best and biggest biblical library ’ within two covers. Grace Wnidden., 388 Cherry Ave.. Long Beach. Calif. BIBLES ________ THE MACMILLAN CO.~ 60 FIFTH AVE„ NEW York, Page 490._________________________. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 114 FIFTH Ave., New York, Page 479. WESTERN BOOK AND TRACT COMPANY, INC., 1719 Franklin . St.. Oakland. Calif. Page 471. BOOK STORES b i OLA B ook ruo M, so. ST.. l OS Angeles, Calif. Page 493.________________________ THE RELIGIOUS BOOK SHOP. 352 S. SPRING St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 488._______________ WESTERN BO(5 k AND tfRACT C O M P A N Y (Oakland’s leading Bible house). 1719 Franklin St.. Oakland Calif. Dr. H. A. Ironside. Presi­ dent. Christian literature. Send for our catalogs and receive frep booklet also. CHOIR AND PULPIT GOWNS DeMOUUN BROS. & CO., 1126 S. 4TB ST„ Greenville, 111. Page 478. FOR CHRISTMAS SERVICES: NEW CHOIR Gbwns, Pleated, Black Poplin, Academic Style, S3.75 each. Send for leaflet. Lindner, 425-R.P. Seventh Ave., New York.__________________■- - NATIONAL ACADEMIC CAP & GOWN CO., 821-23 Arch St,, Philadelphia, Pa. Page 485, CHRISTIAN BROADCAST CHAS. E. FULLER, P. O. Box 123, Los An­ geles, Calif. Page 476.________________- ________ CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS AMERICAN .PROPHETIC LEAGUE. INC.. 4747- 4751 Townsend Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Pages 474 and 478, THE AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, 21 W. 46TH St», New York, N, Y. Page 492._________________ BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE ASSN.. 810 N. Wells St., Chicago, ill. Pages 477 and 490. THE BOONE PUBLISHING CO., P. O. BOX 200, Des: Moines, Iowa. Page 485. CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS, INC., 1562 N. Third St., Harrisburg, Pa. Page 490. THÈ DANIELLE PUBLISHERS, 4766 NORMA Drive, San Diego, Calif. Page 482. B, L . EDDY, ROSEBURG, ORE. PAGE 478. HARVESTER MISSION PRESS, 6417 N. FIGUE- roa St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 474. ______ LOCKYER BOOK MINISTRY, 633 SPRUCE ST., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 492._____________________ CHRISTMAS GREETING BOOK, “ THY KING- dom Come.” Poem by Nancy H. Griffin. Scrip­ ture quotations of Past, Present, Future Prophe­ cies’. 40 pages; 45x7. Attractive Christmas cov­ ers, embossed glassine jackets, gift envelopes. Suitable for all. Single, 25c; 5 for $1.00; 12 for $2.00. “His Word:: Tract Society, Box 305, Pasa­ dena, Calif..

REV. FRANK A. MELLER, 125 S. AVE. 60, Los Angeles, Calif. Page 480. _____________ HOWARD W. NICHOLSON, 1406 Lagoon Ave., Wilmington, Caiif. Page 485. _____________ THE SUNDAY SCHOOL TIMES, 325 N. 13TH St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 495._________________ SWORD & SHIELD BOOK STORE, 38-40 WEST Huron St., Buffalo, N, Y. Page 474._____________ * UNION BIBLE SEMINARY, WESTFIELD, IND. Pages 476, 485, and 488. THE VOICE, 4000 WASHINGTON BLVD., ST. Louis, Mo. Page 474. ___________CHURCH MUSIC__________ THE BENNARD MJJ8IC CO.. ALBION, MICH. Page 476. _________ ___________ - ________ - GORDON E. HOOKER. 558 S. HOPE ST.. LOS Angeles, Calif. Page 481.__________ _____________ HOPE PUBLISHING CO., 5729-T W. LAKE ST., Chicago, III. Inside back cover, LILLENAS PUBLISHING C O M P A N Y , 2923 Troost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Page 485._______ CLARENCE E. RANCK, 817 N. HARVARD Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 479. THE RODEHEAVER HALL-MACK CO., 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago. 111., 124 N. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 489.________________ GEO. Q. ROSCHE & CO., 337 W. MADISON ST., Chicago, 111. Page 479. TABERNACLE PUBLISHING CO., 360 N. Waller Aye., Chicago, 111. Inside back cover. CHURCH SUPPLIES INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION S E R V I C E COM- pany, 1701 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. Page 480. ________ ■___________ . ____________ THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE, Box 1214, Li­ ma, Ohio. Page 478. COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS AMERICAN SCHOOL, DREXEL AT 58TH, CHI- cago, 111. Page 478. - ~_____; MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE, 153 INSTITUTE PI., Chicago, Dl. Inside back cover.___________ WHEATON COLLEGE ACADEMY, WHEATON, Ml. Page 486.____________________________________ _ COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS 100 ALL DIFFERENT SETS,..ONLY 3c TO Ap­ plicants for our U, S. or Philippines approvals. Inland Stamp Service, Box 5642, Chicago, 111. "DENTIST DR. RODNEY O. LILYQUI8T. STORY BLDG., 610-S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calif, Page 486. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HOOKER’S ELECTRIC SHOP, 700 W. SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 486._______________ ___ ________ EVANGELISTS_________ REV. P. CROWLE-U’RENN. 558 S. HOPE ST„ Los »Angeles, Calif. Page 480.____________________ GOSPEL FILMS C. O. BAPTISTA FILM LABORATORY, 325 W. Huron St., phicago, 111. Page 480._______________ ___________GOSPEL TENTS SMITH MFG. CO., DALTON, GA. Page 488. GREETING CARDS_________ FAITH, PRAYER AND TRACT LEAGUE, MUS- kegon Heights^,Mich. Page 480.___________________ HEALTH FOODS__________ P recisio n foods , i624 e . m a in , v e n t u r a , Calif. Page 485. «_________' - _______________ . __________ HOTELS SOUTHLAND HOTEL, 605 S. FLOWER ST., Los Angeles, Calif. Page 477._____________________ HOTEL WILLARD, 536-540 S. HOPE ST., LOS I Angeles, Calif. Page 481.

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