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December, 1940



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revelation of the Father. The very word “Incarnation" means to embody in flesh. Christ, then, by His birth became God manifest in the flesh. And it will not be forgotten that Jesus not only revealed and reflected God—He was God. 2. Christ Came to Redeem Mail. He came to do a work of atonement, by means of which men, alienated from God because of their sins, might live forever in His holy presence. To make possible this blessed relationship, Christ, the Sinless One, came into the world to die. He could say, as no man could ever say, “I lay down my life. . . No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself” (John 10:17, 18). Nev­ ertheless, “the wages of sin is death,” and those wages must be paid. Justice must be satisfied. Penalties must be met. No mortal man could meet the requirements of divine law, but the Lord Jesus Christ, God incarnate, be­ came the sinner’s Substitute, and on the cross of Calvary the sin of the world was rolled upon Him. Since that day, God’s message to sinners has been to believe on Jesus Christ, who died for their justification. Strange though it may seem, never­ theless the truth remains, Jesus was born to die. He turned aside from the ivory palaces, not that He might be­ come an example for us to follow, but that He might die as the Sinless Sub­ stitute for sinners. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, that prince of preachers, de­ clared that his theology could be ex­ pressed in four words: “ Christ died for sin.” Jesus, then, clothed Himself with our humanity that He might take upon Himself the load gnd curse of our sin. He was born a Saviour. Mary herself recognized this stupendous truth when she sang, “My spirit hath rejoicfed in God my Saviour.” The question for you to answer, my friend, is clearly evident. Is this Saviour, whose entrance into our world was over 1,900 years ago, your personal Saviour? Although He came as the Saviour of the world, this fact will not avail on your behalf, unless He is your very own Saviour. He came to save from sin. Has He saved you ? Bom in? Bethlehem’s manger, has He been bom within your heart ? 3. Christ Came to Renew Fellowship, . Our Lord’s incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection form a triad of truth our minds never tire of meditating upon, We have already indicated the vital

bosom of the Father, he hath declared him” (Johri 1:18). In Old Testament days, men knew something of God. The psalmist speaks of the heavens as de­ claring the glory of God and of the firmament as showing His handiwork. But .,there is more to be known of God than can be grasped through this reve­ lation in nature. And Jesus, as He walked among men, brought that fuller understanding. He said, >n effect: “I am God uncovered; I am God unVeiled.” If one would know who God is, and un­ derstand something of His nature and work, he must study the four Gospels, for therein is Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, revealed as Emmanuel, “God with us.” - in the days of His flesh, Jesus could point to Himself and say, “He that hath ,seen me hath seen the Father.” If we want to know what God is like, all that we have to do is to study the words, works, and ways of the Son. Christ came as the culmination of the

W hy Christ Came At this time of the year, when men’s thoughts turn to the coming into the world of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is well f0r those who know and love Him to recall clearly just why our Saviour came to earth. What is the true-Sig­ nificance of His coming to earth? We know, of course, that He lived before He was born; by His ‘‘birth” we mean the beginning of His appearance in hu­ man form. Hundreds of years before the incar­ nation, the Holy Spirit drew portraits of the coming Messiah, the Christ of God. And these inspired word pictures, preserved for us in the Word of God, emphasize the purpose of Christ’s birth according to the flesh. There are at least three truths wrapped up in the glorious fact of our Lord’s incarnation. 1. Christ Came to Reveal God. ‘‘No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the

Plan to Attend the Sixth Annual TORREYMEMORIAL RIRLE CONFERENCE January 19 to 26, 1941


"Things Which Cannot Be Shaken 1 The theme of the Sixth Annual Torrey Memorial Bible Conference to be held at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles

T h e r e w i l l be morning, afternoon and .evening sessions. Prominent preachers and Bible teachers will present messages from the written Word from a variety of viewpoints. Full details announced next month.

•Bean, Bible Institute of Los Ángeles, 1912 to 102 *— an internationally known 1teacher of'.fhe "faith . . . once fot all delivered." Torrey Memorial Conference Committee THU BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES INCORPORATED 5 5 8 Sou th H o p e S treet L os A n g e le s , C a lifo rn ia

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