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Business Center: Your Business Center is where you are personally placed within the Sales organization. Commissionable Volume (CV): A point value assigned to each commissionable product. The Rewards Plan is based on the accumulation of these points. Group Sales Volume (GSV): The point value assigned to all commissionable products purchased by both Customers and ISRs in your downline. Qualifying Volume (QV): Also known as qualifying volume, is volume that is credited to you towards rank advancement. Customer: The individual or a business who purchases products, but is not an ISR.

Team Commission (Binary Cycle): An accumulation of CV that triggers a Team Commission for an ISR. An ISR cycles each time 100 GSV accumulates in both his/her Left and Right legs, and $20 USD is paid. Lesser Volume Leg (LVL) : The Team in your organization which has the least amount of GSV. Personal Sales Volume (PSV): Sales volume generated by your own purchase or your personal sales to Customers.

Active: One way to Qualify for Team Commissions is to make a purchase that meets the minimum requirement of 50 Personal Sales Volume (PSV). Another way to Qualify for Team Commissions is to sell product to a Retail Customers that meets the minimum requirement of 50 Personal Sales Volume (PSV). Note: ISRs must be active to collect Commissionable Volume. Commissionable Volume will flush after a 30-day inactive period. Binary Qualified: When you have a Personally Sponsored Active ISR on your Left and Right team and you have 50 PV on your account

that same month , you are BRONZE qualified. Commission Rank: Current rank in real-time. Recognition Rank: The highest rank you have ever achieved.

Commission ranks are evaluated on the 1st of each month based on the previous month(s). Please note that our month-end is calculated at midnight, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Missed Commissions: You must be Active and Qualified to cycle and earn Team Commissions. If you are Active and unqualified at the time the commission is earned, we will hold your Team Commissions for 72 hours. If you become Qualified within that time frame, you will retroactively be paid your Team Commissions. ISR: An ISR is a person who has the opportunity to participate in the Xtreme Rewards Plan and receives a marketing website, marketing materials, and a real-time Back Office.

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