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ShowMore + SayMore= Sell More

Video THAT

Works Griffin Communications offers a variety of production options and can deliver the end result in a variety of

Nothing tells a compelling story quite like high caliber video. It lets you show more, say more, even use others — like your own customers — to help say it for you. Video can carry a sales message, convey an image of quality and provide product instruction and education in multiple ways, through multiple forms of media. Writer/producer/directorsDwayne Shrader & Nick Griffin bring decades of video and packaging experience to every project. Because we’re communication specialists first, we understand your business and your needs. And because we’re video professionals, we knowhowtouse today’s leading technologies to best tell your story.

formats including web page videos, DVDs, trade shows, smart phones, tablets and more.

Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals MarC om Gold Winners

2014 Hall of Fame Jack W. Schwarz 2014 AICC Salute to Paul H. Vishny 2017 Hall of Fame A. Steven Young

Call Nick Griffin at (410) 296-7777 or email NickG@Griffcom.com or visit GriffCom.com to learn how video can work for you.

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