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september 2018

Labor Day may not get the attention that Christmas and Halloween do, but it’s always been one of my favorite holidays. I see it as a chance to have some fun before summer comes to an end. I also I appreciate it as a chance to celebrate the value of good, honest workers throughout the country. As a mechanic, I’d like to think I know a thing or two about hard work. Over the years, I’ve found that you can’t be overwhelmed by the size of the job.You just have to be diligent and tackle the task in front of you. I remember working on a ‘66 Chevy pickup. It was a mammoth project, one that required two years of consistent work.When I was in the weeds, it felt like I might never get out of them, but I kept plugging away. Once I made it out, I was very happy with the view.The first time firing up the engine was more than enough reward for all the hard work I put in. While the value of a job well-done never gets old, you have to be able to balance work and leisure time if you’d like to keep your sanity.This Labor Day weekend, I will be heading up to the mountains with my fiancé, Lily. We’re excited to unwind, ride the horses, and get away from it all for a few days.We haven’t had a chance to vacation this summer, so it will be an especially welcomed break. “Quality time working on household tasks is still quality time, but it’s not quite the same as taking a few days to enjoy each other’s company.” Labor and Leisure You Need to Have Both The reason we haven’t hopped up on waterskis even once this summer is because we recently bought a house. I’m super excited about it, but man is it a lot of work. If Dustin were to make an album about what I did this summer, he’d have call it “Movin’ & Remodelin.’”We packed

everything up from the old house, schlepped the boxes over, and unpacked everything. In the meantime, we worked on the old house, getting it into condition to sell. With the bulk of the moving done, we’re now turning our attention to projects at our new home.We’re on 20 acres, so it’s basically a matter of what to do first. I enjoy a good home-improvement project, so I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities. Just like at the shop, we’re going to have to take the project of transforming our new digs one step at a time. One thing is for certain:The horses are going to be well taken care of. But before we break ground on any new projects, it’s great to have a chance to spend time together with no projects or chores to complete. Quality time working on household tasks is still quality time, but it’s not quite the same as taking a few days to enjoy each other’s company. Labor Day comes at the perfect time of year.The weather is beautiful, and it always seems to come right when I need a little respite. I hope you have the chance to have some of your own this Labor Day weekend. After all, you work hard too, and you deserve the chance to rest for a weekend. -Nolan Brown

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