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OUR MISSION TO HELP Building a True Family Practice

When I was 16 years old, I went to the dentist’s office almost every day after school for three months straight. This would be stressful for any teenager, but my family had just moved to the United States from Vietnam. I didn’t speak any English, and in addition to trying to adjust to a new school, there was the added culture shock of visiting in the dentist. In

“At A+ Family Dentistry, our mission is to help and educate each person to a level that they never need dentistry in the future.”

Vietnam, you don’t go to the dentist unless you are in physical pain. It’s not surprising that my siblings and I all needed to get a lot of dental work done when we first came to the United States. It was a really neat experience to see the dentist transform my teeth and smile. At one point, my dad suggested that I could become a dentist myself. Like any teenager, I quickly rejected any suggestion that came from my parents. I wanted to go into medicine, but my intention was to be a doctor. I got as far as premed in college, volunteering at the oncology ward of a hospital. It was really depressing, and I realized the hospital wasn’t the place for me. That’s when I took a serious look at dentistry and began to really see myself doing it. I volunteered at a dental office and saw a completely different side to dentistry. It’s a combination of art and science. Dentists need the medical know-how to keep patients healthy, but they also need an artist’s eye in order to create beautiful smiles their patients will love. Both of these areas really appealed to me.

After I became a dentist, I wanted to take what I love about dentistry and build a true family-based practice. Throughout my life, I’ve been reminded of the importance of family. Our families are the people who will stand next to us through life’s challenges, and they see the good qualities that we sometimes don’t recognize in ourselves. Family is the building blocks that keep society together. When we say A+ Family Dentistry is a family practice, we mean it. My sister, Dr. Janice, also went down the path of dentistry. Today, I work with my sister every day at the office. We’ve worked with the same team members for so long, they really do feel like our family members. And we all made a promise to take care of our patients like we would care for our own family members. At A+ Family Dentistry, our mission is to help and educate each person to a level that they never need dentistry in the future. This is why we do so much preventative care. I know firsthand how important this kind of care is for your health. After years of dental problems in my youth, I have spent the last 10 years needing just dental cleanings every few months. It’s so much easier than needing major dental work every two years. There are some patients we see every six months, like clockwork. And others that we haven’t seen in a few years. But no matter how long it’s been since their last appointment, we’re always happy when patients walk through our

Plus, I liked the idea of getting to know my patients on a personal level and being able to help them feel better in a matter of minutes. I was happier and felt more at home in a dentist’s office than I ever did at the hospital.

doors again. We’re here because we know quality dental care is necessary for achieving optimal health, and that’s what we offer our patients every day.

–Dr. Justene Doan

April 2019 Edition

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