The Olive Press | 2020 Spring/Summer Catalog

A tasty blend of extra virgin olive oil with flavorful herbs and spices. These oils are a quick and easy way to add loads of flavor to your favorite dishes! DIPPING OILS

SRIRACHA HOT CHILI Your favorite Asian sauce in a simple spice blend! 1.3 oz. (3309) $8 PINK HIMALAYAN SALT Pink in color and loaded with healthy minerals. 1.3 oz. (3308) $8 CLASSIC ITALIAN A little heat and a lot of fresh flavor. 1.3 oz. (3305) $8 MEDITERRANEAN BLEND A versatile blend Mix these savory blends with your favorite olive oil and balsamic vinegar! HERBS & SPICE BLENDS packed with savory herbs. 1.3 oz. (3303) $8 NAPA GARLIC PEPPER Nothing says Napa like this delicious flavor combination. 1.3 oz. (3307) $8 The perfect blend of herbs and citrus. 1.3 oz. (3306) $8 FRENCH GREY SALT WITH HERBS DE PROVENCE Bring the South of France straight to your kitchen. 1.3 oz. (3302) $8 SONOMA LEMON HERB

GARLIC ROSEMARY Bright and savory featuring roasted garlic, rosemary and herbs. 250ml bottle (1163) $22

WHITE TRUFFLE A delicious blend of tasty truffles and savory shallots. 250ml bottle (1165) $25 BASIL PARMESAN Liquid pesto, the perfect blend of basil, parmesan, herbs and walnuts. 250ml bottle (1155) $22

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