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Testament and Oriental languages, calls attention to the prevalence of Egyptian words and phrases in the Pentateuch. He states that the nar­ ratives of the creation and the flood in Genesis are far older than the period of the Exile and belong to the age of patriarchs and to the civiliza­ tion of Ur. He therefore challenges the theories of the critics who deny the Mosaic authorship of the Penta­ teuch and asserts that the Assyro- Babylonian traces in these books are much fewer than was supposed. He adds that "there is also hardly any portion of the Pentateuch for which better and more comprehensive evi­ dence could be brought from the Egyptian monuments and languages than the Joseph and Exodus narra­ tives. In other words, the records of these five Old Testament books could have been written down in their pres­ ent form only by one who ‘was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians’ (Acts 7:22)." Summing up the value of the work of the spade, Dr. Yahuda expresses the case well: "It need hardly be emphasized to what a great extent archaeology has already proved it­ self to be a useful and trustworthy source of information and confirma­ tion of Biblical questions.” 1. Caiger, Bible and Spade, Lon­ don, 19U, P- 12- 8. For a list of these see Caiger, Bible and Spade, P. 68. 8. See Oarstang, The Hittite Em­ pire, London, 1989. 4 . Yahuda, The Accuracy of the Bible, New York, 1935, Intro. P. 86. 5. Ibid. Part II of this interesting discus­ sion. will appear i« the February is­ sue of The King’s Business. LAST

Treaty between the Hittites and Rameses II in great Karnak temple. Numerous corroborations of Bibli­ cal history have resulted from the unlocking of the Egyptian language. For example, destructive criticism long refused to recognize the exist­ ence of the Hittites, a people men­ tioned more than forty tinies in the Old Testment. Such references were considered “tales of Oriental fiction.” Here, as ofttimes before, the Bible weathered the test. One of the most important historical monuments ever encountered is the famous Karnak Inscription of Thothmes III, discov­ ered on a pylon of the Temple at Thebes in Egypt, and dated at about 1479 B.C. It contains the earliest ref­ erence to Canaan in the Egyptian royal inscriptions and mentions many places familiar to the student of Old Testament history.2 However, of su­ preme importance in this record is its reference to the Hittites. Prior to the decipherment of the Egyptian lan­ guage nothing was known of the Hit- tite people except that which was re­ lated in the Bible, and, of course, ac­ cording to the critics, this source was to be largely discounted. However, one discovery after another has en­ abled us to reconstruct the history of this long-forgotten people. The work of the spade has proved them to be a nation embracing at one time the greater portion of Asia Minor, and scarcely less great than Egypt or As­ syria.* Dr. A. S. Yahuda, an expert in lan­ guages who occupied the chair of Biblical History in Berlin Univer­ sity and of Semitic languages in the University of Madrid, who has de­ voted his life to the study of the Old JANUARY, 1947

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